Kate Moss Removed From Easyjet Plane, Calls Pilot “Basic Bitch”

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Kate Moss was escorted off an Easyjet flight from Bodrum to London over the weekend after allegedly being disruptive. While the exact circumstances seem to depend on who you ask, she apparently got in a disagreement with another passenger, and served herself vodka which she brought aboard. And perhaps the best part is that she called the pilot a “basic bitch” as she was being escorted off the plane.

Via the Daily Mail:

Kate Moss called the pilot of an easyJet flight a ‘basic b****’ as she was led off the plane after drinking vodka she pulled from her cabin luggage, fellow passengers have said.

The 41-year-old supermodel was flying back from Bodrum, Turkey – where she had been celebrating the 50th birthday of actress friend Sadie Frost – when the incident happened.

She was escorted from the plane by police at Luton Airport after becoming ‘disruptive’, causing the pilot to phone ahead and ask officers to meet the flight. No arrests were made.

A fellow passenger on flight EZY2232 has claimed Moss was refused alcohol and poured herself vodka from her cabin luggage before the incident.

She told MailOnline: ‘She called the pilot a “basic b****” as police led her off the plane, she was a little drunk and had a disagreement with another passenger on the flight as she was refused alcohol and then went to serve her own vodka from her cabin luggage.

‘But she was not aggressive to anyone and was funny really, the easyJet crew was acting out of proportion.’

So this didn’t seem to be a big deal in the sense that she wasn’t arrested. Though there is something funny about a supermodel flying Easyjet, serving herself alcohol, and calling someone else a basic bitch!


Why was she flying Easyjet? Well, it looks like the only other airline flying the route is British Airways, and they only operate the flight twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays. I figured she would have flown private, but I guess not…

  1. “there is something funny about a supermodel flying Easyjet, serving herself alcohol, and calling someone else a basic bitch!”

    EXACTLY what I was thinking.

    Is Kate Moss too “cheap” to get a private jet or does she just not care about flying with the plebeians?


  2. Love Kate Moss, but certainly she’s the basic bitch for flying Easyjet.
    In other news Mayweather was thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight for “making it rain”.


  3. People seem to like these posts, Lucky, and it’s clear you enjoy these stories. But, man, between you and Travis today, is restated Daily Mail stories about items of tenuous connection to the core of this blog really where you want to go? I mean, I get that there’s an airplane involved, but there are millions of places on the internet for clicking on these kind of stories. Your blog. Your call. I may be in the minority here, and I know your comments are a place for collecting all sorts of trolls who complain about anything you do. That said, my hunch is that even if I’m in the minority, it’s not a tiny one, and you’re starting to lose me a bit.

  4. @ Larry — Appreciate the feedback. I found the story funny, which is why I shared it, but will certainly keep that in mind in the future.

  5. No, keep the tabloidy posts! You’re the only outlet that offers them. It’s kinda a guilty pleasure if you think about it. 🙂

  6. Seems like this is a non-story. Sounds like she behaved alright and was nice to other passengers. Probably not doing any ads for EasyJet anytime soon though 😉

  7. She’s a known drug and alcohol abuser. The passenger who said it was “funny” should spend some time with addicts. It’s not funny at all.

  8. In Ms. Moss’s defense, the pilot is indeed a basic bitch. This is well known within the EasyJet community.

  9. For those wondering where the term ‘basic b****’ stems from, it’s a quote from a rap song.
    “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn
    It’s on YouTube

  10. i disagree with Larry – I was waiting for Lucky’s stance on this story! And seriously, the most surprising part of this whole story is Kate Moss flying EasyJet!

  11. I find the ‘basic bitch’ comment hilarious! How insulting to not be a premiere bitch. But yes, the entire time I was also wondering why Kate Moss was flying EasyJet.

  12. Oh man, more nonsensical “drama” from people more of us should care a whole lot less about! A bunch of spoiled, whiney babies all these “superstars”. Yawn…

  13. Surprised about all the easyJet comments but maybe that is US vs UK mentality – in the UK you’d be surprised by who uses easyJet if it’s the most convenient option, from celebs to politicans to CEOs to even members of the Royal Family. In the UK it is actually considered much more “basic” to be so insecure about your social standing that you avoid easyJet on short flights because you think it makes you look bad – a kind of inverse snobbery.

  14. I live in Alaska not familiar with easy jet, they must not fly here where we fly first or we fly cheapest, with a few Delta, United, and Alaska as the Big Dogs,

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