This JW Marriott Doesn’t Want To Upgrade You To A Suite

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As a former SPG loyalist I’m not at all happy with Marriott’s takeover of Starwood. One of the things that irks me about Marriott is how inconsistent they are.

For example, Platinum members don’t receive complimentary breakfast at EDITION or Ritz-Carlton. Actually understanding the welcome amenities at various hotel brands requires a degree.

Furthermore, Marriott just isn’t as good as Starwood was when it comes to honoring elite benefits, plain and simple. In the past it was fairly easy for Marriott to do so, given that they didn’t promise a whole lot. But now that they’re promising more (suite upgrades, late check-out, etc.), this has proved to be a challenge for the brand.

When Starwood hotels didn’t comply with rules, Starwood was good at holding them accountable. That’s something that Marriott has struggled with.

There are a countless number of hotels just doing whatever the heck they want, with no real punishment from Marriott… here’s the latest case of that.

When you go to a hotel’s booking page on, you’ll often see that they list “notices.” This typically includes things like the hotel being under construction, a pool being temporarily closed, etc.

The JW Marriott Guanacaste Resort & Spa has such a notice, but that’s not what it lists. Instead it says:

Please note – Marriott Rewards upgrades based on availability at check-in. Upgrades are granted to next room category not to suite.

Marriott’s terms explicitly state that upgrades are to be to the best available room, including standard suites, subject to availability.

Does this hotel care? Nope, apparently not.

In fairness, there have always been hotels that play games with upgrades. I guess I sort of appreciate how transparent this hotel is about not upgrading, so that I can just avoid the hotel altogether?

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  1. “Marriott’s terms explicitly state that upgrades are to be to the best available room, including standard suites, subject to availability.”

    Doesn’t the “subject to availability” caveat basically mean that any specific hotel can limit any specific rooms from upgrades for any reason?

  2. Anthony: sure. But if the same room is available for sale, then there’s potential to shame them into giving the up via Twitter or other social media chain representatives.

  3. > Doesn’t the “subject to availability” caveat basically mean that any specific hotel can limit any specific rooms from upgrades for any reason?

    No, it doesn’t, at least not in the State of Maryland, United States, where the Terms & Conditions are governed, construed and enforced.

  4. I am lifetime platinum at SPG/Marriott and have found myself moving to Hyatt because I think their points are worth way more and because, while I have minimal status with them, it doesn’t matter – Marriott doesn’t honor my status anyway. (On my last trip Marriott refused to let me check out an hour late in a half empty hotel, and the Park Hyatt Siem Riep let me check out at 6pm!) I have Diamond through Hilton credit card if I want something guaranteed. It’s weird how quickly SPG went from my only preference to my 3rd choice.

  5. M &SPG hotels are not following any rulebook regarding upgrades and SNAs.
    I’m also a SPG Loyalist, 12 years Plat, LT Plat and Plat Prm for 2018.
    (I do resent MR denying my LT Plat Prm until sometime in 1/2019.)

    Recent examples of properties that had higher category rooms and suites available during my check-in.
    Westin Singapore- Denied SNA, but, gave upgrade.
    JW Baku- Accepted SNA with upgrade to 1500 sq ft suite!
    Sheraton Frankfurt- No upgrade
    Westin Seoul- Denied SNA, no upgrade!
    Marriott Tbilisi- No upgrade
    Westin Osaka- Denied SNA, no upgrade!

    Another year with 1/2 my SNAs hitting the trash bin.

  6. This is my review on a recent stay at the JW Marriott in Cancun.
    The hotel is excellent. The remodeled rooms are very nice, and the most important thing, the personnel that work at this hotel is amazing in their politeness, attention, and friendliness. Everybody that I had contact with was very nice and seemed to do their job with pleasure.
    Now, in a deeper level, I think the question that should be asked is why I chose this hotel and not another one where I am sure the service and facilities can be similar (or better)? As an SPG/Marriott premier platinum member (89 nights this year), I chose this hotel because I want to be recognized as such. And this is where this hotel matched neither my expectations nor past experiences at other JW Marriotts, Luxury collections hotels. I was contacted one week before my stay by Mr. Luis Chan welcoming to the hotel and asking if anything could be done for my stay. I wrote a long email and I am still waiting for an answer to that email. This should have been a red light right there that my expectations as a Platinum member (for many years by the way) were going to fall short. Others hotels respond right away. Anyways, I tried to use 5 of my remaining Suite Nights awards to upgrade my room to one of the suites, and even though they were available a week before my stay (when I wrote to Mr Chan), they were not granted. Nor was granted any type of upgrade when I checked in, and a request to extend breakfast to my kids (I told several times to Adrian, who checked us in, that not only me was a Platinum Premier member ut my wife also is a Platinum member by herself, staying with me in the same room). The request was denied and only two continental breakfasts were extended (By the way, a very sad continental breakfast with no hot item, cold cut, cheese, etc). Having stayed in multiple JW Marriotts (more recently in Hong Kong in the fall) where full buffet breakfast is offered and access to lounges etc, this is a joke of a benefit in your hotel. I can count with the fingers in one hand Hotels that I have stayed where the rule of minimal continental breakfast is actually what happens. I understand that is the rule, but as I said at the beginning, the ultimate question to be asked is why a Platinum Premier will stay at your hotel? If there is no reason (no upgrade, no breakfast for the family, no buffet and no late checkout, which I had to beg for it to be extended) then I will simply go to a different facility where my status is recognized. Even though this hotel is amazing in rooms, personnel, and facilities, it fails miserably in really recognizing your most loyal customers.

  7. Based on the volume of complaints, one would say that SPG properties also used to play exactly the same sort of game with upgrades. The only difference is that in the case of SPG, travel bloggers simply invented a favorable room (suite) upgrade policy that had no basis in reality, but they repeated it so often that they ended up falling for their own fiction!

  8. Ben: as a long time SPG Platinum loyalist, I think this vignette about inconsistency is indicative of something far wider and darker that is unraveling behind the scenes at Marriott.

    I recently learned that eight qualified 2018 nights booked directly via the website were mysteriously never credited to my account: could not get anyone on the phone who could help; no dedicated Platinum line; no reply from the SPG research email despite all stays / folios provided.

    I am seriously considering abandoning this brand in 2019 despite again having invested during 2018 to re-qualify for Platinum status. The old SPG magic is simply gone and no longer merits the required investment. I fear 2019 will bring many departures from the Company at the executive level on down.

    Could we please ask that you keep up your excellent, informative posts on this very important topic during 2019?

  9. This is not the only example. I’ve looked at a dozen of different reasons last week for bookings in 2019 and that notice was very common. They were all non-US resorts

  10. I recently stayed at two Marriott (Prague and Budapest). With three people in one room (I am Platinum Elite), I got a suite upgrade in Prague but no upgrade in Budapest. I sense that it is hotel by hotel and perhaps even personnel to personnel. I have decided not to chase the Marriott status and got the new Hilton Aspire card couple months ago and will try to stay with Hilton more in 2019.

  11. @Lucky – and because it’s a JW *Resort*, no free PLT breakfast, right?

    I love the JW brand (far more than RC), but the only consistent thing in the world of Marriott is inconsistency. RIP SPG

  12. If Zakhar is correct – could this be a preview of what is coming in the new program for 2019 ? Or are property owners pushing back against the benefits they are supposed to be offering in terms of upgrades and breakfast ? @Lucky – any comment from corporate ?

  13. My husband was a Platinum Elite member for years. He was very sick at the end of his life. Our last couple of trips were to Bonn Marriott and they treated us excellent. Probably the best customer service we ever received anywhere. The last trip we made was to his hometown to a Marriott that was not corporate owned. My husband was in a wheel chair. We called ahead to see if they had one available. We get there and it was not one he could sit in comfortably. The manager on duty was snarky and condescending. He told you try to sit it. her report was “I don’t need one.” She would never have fit in it. We on our own arranged to get another one. Then we asked about a stool or chair for the shower. They had no such thing. I was mad at this point. We left to attend a family function. When we came back the front desk staff and the maintenance person (who was in the wheel chair my husband couldn’t use) were making fun of my husband as we were coming back into the hotel. His brother wheeled him up to the room. He came down and blasted them for what they did. I came down and got the general managers information. I emailed him about the incident. He said he would address it when he came back into town but we never heard anything back. My sister even contacted corporate Marriott and they claim to have tried to reach out to us but we never heard from the them. We ended up moving to a Hilton for the rest of our stay as I couldn’t subject my husband to that any longer. he ended passing away less than a month later. The points transferred to me but I lost his elite status. So I am thinking of asking Hilton to match the points and see what they can do for me. I lost all respect for Marriott after what they did to him. He was an platinum premier elite and army veteran and deserved better.

  14. Here are the T&C for Upgrades for Platinum Members:

    “ii. Complimentary Enhanced Room Upgrade for Platinum Elite Members. Platinum Elite Members receive a complimentary upgrade to the best available room subject to availability for the entire length of stay at the time of check-in. Complimentary upgrade includes suites, rooms with desirable views, rooms on high floors, corner rooms, rooms with special amenities or rooms on Executive Floors. At The Ritz-Carlton, suites are only included for Platinum Premier Members and rooms with direct Club access are excluded. Enhanced Room Upgrades are subject to availability and are identified by each Participating Property. The Complimentary Enhanced Room Upgrade for Platinum Elite Members is available at all Participating Brands except at Marriott Vacation Club, Marriott Grand Residence Club, Aloft, Element and participating Vistana properties.”

    Note that upgrades are “subject to availability” and are “identified by each participating property.” This seems super vague to me and suggests that properties can pretty much say suites or any other kind of desirable rooms are “unavailable” for upgrades at certain times. Doesn’t mean that these hotels will make suites unavailable (especially in competitive locations), but the T&C does seem to offer hotels a lot of leeway here. I’m not saying Marriott is right or correct to allow this to happen, but its hard to argue these are blatant “rules violations.” For those seeking a more robust suite award framework, Hyatt may simply be better

  15. “Note that upgrades are “subject to availability” and are “identified by each participating property.” This seems super vague to me and suggests that properties can pretty much say suites or any other kind of desirable rooms are “unavailable” for upgrades at certain times. ”



  16. I recently made a reservation at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and when trying to apply an upgrade certificate, the website said that the hotel won’t honor them. Something along the lines of the hotel being “ineligible.” What a disappointing waste…

  17. This is why I am migrating to Hyatt more and more. And to Hilton on some levels (for mid market stays). I get nothing anymore with Platinum. Why? Simple. Too many Platinums now. Too few suites or upgrades available as a result. It’s fairly simple math. With the merger and the growing number of lifetime Platinums there is nothing special left.

    As well, like the airlines, hotels are competitively pricing suites to sell them and providing less for upgrades. Check-in at any high end property and you can nicely negotiate a discounted rate at a suite. I did that last week at the W Miami Beach and moved from a standard room to a full on Mega Suite for $100 additional per night. This after they told me no Platinum upgrades were available. I am just not going to bother arguing with them anymore. And try to get full status with Hyatt in the meantime.

  18. I stayed at the JW Marriott Guanacaste in October. I can confirm they are stingy about honoring elite benefits. Was not upgraded despite many higher rooms being available for sale (hotel was largely vacant during my off-season stay). When I inquired they said nothing available. I was not offered a welcome gift, despite my Platinum status. Ironically, my room key was in a Platinum sleeve that said “Your upgrade awaits. Our best available room is waiting for you.”

  19. I am in my room at this JW right now. I put in my 5 night suite request long ago, did not clear. They are fairly weak on elite recognition. I get free breakfast for two, but not in the main breakfast place, in a limited service area they put all of us. It’s good enough with omelet bar and stuff, but still disappointing. I think it’s less about saving money and more about punishing elites until they feel like paying for the full breakfast. I fail to see how running a full second operation saves them money over me eating a little ceviche at the full breakfast.

    They said two kids are $10 each for the limited breakfast… so not even getting them for free.

    Overall they are weak for elite recognition… sometimes these resorts give you some small activity or benefit for free. Nothing from them which I think is dumb.

    That said, I love the hotel… it’s pretty new, huge pool. The beach is gorgeous and there is world class surfing a 10 minute walk down the beach.

    I paid 35k points, with a cash holiday rate over $700… I am not crying about not getting my suite… I just got two cents a point, a decent breakfast for two and a lot of surf.

  20. A couple weekends ago I had a SNA clear at the St. Regis NYC. I am in full on points burn mode and switching to Hyatt if things don’t turn around fast. It’s bad when even the legacy SPG platinum line reps moan about now being Marriott. Here’s hoping that the “new” Starwood hotel group grows fast and well beyond Princeville 😉

  21. Your average person doesn’t give a crap. Just give up already all you entitled “elite” travelers. Take your business elsewhere if you really don’t like a company’s policies.

  22. Haha, I stayed at this hotel last year for almost a week. Great hotel but very expensive. Def doesn’t feel like a Marriott, but more like a boutique. Great property but this doesn’t surprise me.

  23. Is it possible this has something to do with resorts being treated differently? At least under old SPG rules, there was no guaranteed late check-out at resorts. Maybe Marriott has decided resorts don’t need to offer upgrades to suites now?

    Not that I view that as an excuse, just seems like it might be an explanation for what’s going on.

  24. There is no much difference between Marriott and Hilton, except:
    1) Marriott promises more but does not delivers
    2) Marriott is more stingy with promos
    3) Lack of customer service both at corporate level and the individual hotels.

    It is rather foolish to expect that Marriott would adopt the best of SPG Program but at a larger scale. As the next step, expect a massive award devaluation and, perhaps, the award pricing like Hilton. Just wonder what Marriott loyalists would say then…

  25. I am wondering if @John might be on to something- last month we were told by a Ritz Carlton that “as a resort” they were exempt from upgrading PPEs. It isn’t true yet, but could that be on the horizon?

  26. There is also an ever growing exclusion list for no free breakfasts. I was fortunate to discover before booking that the JW in New Orleans was on that list. I had to book the Hilton instead to get my free breakfast.

  27. I was lifetime plat with both chains. Now lifetime plat prem elite.

    The only ones I stay at anymore are those with a long history of treating me well. Other times, I’m at Hyatt’s and much happier. Here in a suite in London at the HR Churchill. Fantastic breakfast too. Suite confirmed two months in advance (I’m a Globalist).

    This is nothing new for Marriott. I jumped ship as soon as the merger was announced as I knew Starwood would get trashed.

  28. @Lucky – have you heard anything from Marriott? If this was a rogue statement , I would assume they would have reached out to disavow the property statement .

  29. It’s amusing to see DCS, that paragon of independent thought on hotel loyalty, having some free jabs at the expense of Marriott.
    Ultimately, this problem is largely one experienced by SPG elites. Previous Marriott elites had a considerably worse program. The merger with SPG actually raised the bar for benefits for them. The problem is that benefits are now substantially worse for Starwood elites. A mediocre program making benefits a bit better makes their customers happy; a great program becoming much worse makes their customers very unhappy. Accordingly, SPG elites are the ones complaining because they’re suddenly receiving worse treatment.
    I do have to give Marriott props about making it painfully clear that they don’t care much about the customer, though. I dislike the sentiment, but can’t say that they’re still lying about taking the best from both programs. As a result, I’ve moved my hotel stays back to Hyatt and my SPG card spending has dropped off a cliff. If a company, any company, makes clear that they couldn’t care less about your business, you should take your business elsewhere.

  30. @Christian-spot on ! It appears that Marriott legacy properties are pushing back against breakfast benefits and suite upgrades .

  31. @ Christian… except the SPG return on spend was a joke. I will take more points/return (Marriott) than anyone else over benefits I rarely use. But everyone has their tastes.

    Lots of points, free breakfast and a late checkout is mostly all I need. And I generally get those things.

    Hyatt CSUGs are legit though, I value my status there a lot.

    This JW is outstanding, few loyalty hotels on the world with world class surf and this is one.

  32. @Christian sez: “Previous Marriott elites had a considerably worse program.”

    That is total B.S. Marriott Rewards was a stable and mature program, not unlike Hilton Honors, that has been degraded and devalued because they tried to do the impossible and appease SPG loyalists who thought they had the ‘best program’, while is reality what SPG offered was no better than what all the other programs offered. I know because I debunked every claim pertaining to SPG’s purported superiority. Unless you believe in the ‘demise of the fittest’ or ‘Reverse Darwinism’, you’d have hard time explaining why SPG went belly up if the program was as stellar as it was touted to be…

    What Marriott needs to do is to go back to the mature and stable program that they had before they tried to appease SPG loyalists…

  33. As a Marriott loyalist, the program worked very well until the merger. I was always thanked for my loyalty and I always was upgraded according to the terms of the program. While this was not as good as SPG, it was consistent and I like Marriott and it worked

    Since the merger there is 0 and I mean ZERO acknowledgment of loyalty (and I am Plat Premier so just under the ridiculous 100 night, 20,000 spend “Ambassador” new level they created). I may as well be checking in at an hourly hotel when at the front desk.

    Thank God they still carry craft beers in most of their hotels. I did ditch them for Hilton last night and it was AWFUL. The hotel was dated and the price ridiculous (Hilton Meadowlands it is not 1988 anymore I don’t care how close to the stadium you are).

    What does that leave? Holiday Inn?

  34. Stayed at three Marriott’s the past few weeks. Was upgraded to a larger room at 2 and a suite at one. At two of them, a hot breakfast is no longer included for Platinum status. I could upgrade to a hot breakfast for $5 per person per day.

  35. To everyone complaining about various hotel programs – how about maintaining basic status in a variety of programs (easy to do with credit cards) and picking the most appropriate hotel for each stay based on location, quality of hotel, elite benefits, any promotions going on at the time, price, etc? That’s much simpler.

  36. Ah, DCS. Quoting yourself again rather than outside sources? You used to hate SPG because it offered more than your beloved Hilton, while simultaneously denying that SPG offered more. Now you say that it offered too much. Pick one. Well, Happy New Year anyway!

  37. @Anthony – Free agency? A lot more people are doing it lately as loyalty has become more one sided. Hilton is probably the best about holding status with actual value just by having a credit card. That’s how I go with them. IHG Platinum has gotten me some room bumps as well on occasion. Ultimately, what works for you is really what’s best. Happy New Year!

  38. @Christian – Get a grip. I never ‘hated’ SPG. I just thought that it was a subpar program that was inexplicably placed on a pedestal by self-anointed travel gurus, and I have been proved right. SPG offered garbage. It was essential a one elite-status program, like HGP, that offered garden variety benefits that were never close to being what they were touted to be. On the contrary, the program was structurally weak so it collapsed, just like HGP, leaving Hilton Honors standing as the lone and dominant program. Can’t rewrite history, especially when it’s still current!


  39. This is partially FAKE NEWS. Once again, Ben has claimed the upgrade policy is limited to “standard” or “select” suites. THERE IS NOTHING that limits an elite upgrade to an entry-level suite. The terms and conditions specifically state best available room, including suites. Period.

  40. Time for everyone to email Marriott. Let’s fill their inbox on NYE:
    Arne Sorenson, CEO
    David Flueck, senior vice president of loyalty
    Justin Biermann, director of loyalty product strategy
    Guest Experience Supervisor Escalation

  41. Well! hasn’t this topic gotten the Greek Chorus nashing teeth? LOL. Ok take a breath guys. This ain’t global warming, N Korea or Kompromat. LOL.
    With that, I have to say I’m in agreement in backing off from SPG because of Marriott. I liked the old SPG quite a bit, especially of course the Saint Regis, but also the W. I got the Ritz-Carlton credit card which came with a lot of goodies at the beginning, but I have since canceled it. It’s just not my hotel, though it is luxurious.
    In terms of the major hotel brands, I am going with Hilton where I have diamond status, and where I almost always get a good upgrade and entry into the clubroom if they have one. I just recently stayed at the Hilton in Sydney and the food for breakfast was amazing. A huge buffet including Japanese cuisine and Paleo crunchies LOL. I had five nights free stay with points; we did upgrade for a small fee from a very satisfactory deluxe King To what was described to me as “the best room in the house” with a huge spa bathroom, two persons Jacuzzi bathtub with windows overlooking the city and a flatscreen TV, a separate shower and etc. I also stayed at the new Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, formerly the Mandarin and currently under transition, but really classy Las Vegas with amazing views at the bar, No Casino, and one of the best and cleanest spas anywhere. And the best thing is that you get all of those recharge credits on the Hilton aspire card, including At Waldorf Astoria and the Conrad, and a $250 credit annually if you stay at any Hilton resort.
    I’ve also been using the ihg properties, including Kimpton and indigo. IntercoNtinental seems to be a mixed bag with the properties- some are superb, others are down right Dated. But I love the whole Kempton vibe— their casually elegant and fun properties. Going out to Palm Springs tomorrow for two nights at their hotel that opened this year in downtown Palm Springs which has become glamo central of Palm Springs. And right after New Year’s day is the Palm Springs film festival where all of the mega stars come out to nab an Academy award nomination and party in the desert. And with Kimpton, you can bring your dogs! You should see the lobby LOL. But I am a platinum ambassador and just got spire status. I hear if you say a secret codes to the receptionist at the Kimpton they give you something very nice. I look forward to telling You tomorrow. the IntercoNtinental lisbon, and San Francisco, Are really very nice.
    I’ve always liked hyatt but when they move to their new program I pulled back from them, although I am re-engaging for the reasons people mentioned.
    Lastly, I am starting to explore smaller hotel group programs like the small luxury hotels group and the discovery hotel group. They include hotel chains like PanPacific, Kempinski and Omni, as well as beautiful unique boutique properties that definitely take us from brand sameness.
    So for 2019: Cancel AMEX SPG Lux, Keep the AMEX Hilton aspire, keep the IHG credit card,keep the Hyatt card. Use the Citi for free 4th night. Try to stay at Sofitel more. Mercure, (Sofitel) just added Fairmont into their stable of hotels, and since I’m migrating from United to Air Canada as my Long haul of choice I’ll be making stops in Toronto regularly. Oh, and because I’m an investor in a still being renovated Mercure ocean resort hotel, Sesimbra (1 hour from Lisbon on the Atlantic), where I own 2 units. Not a timeshare, but I can get it for you wholesale!

  42. Don’t you people have any dignity. Begging for hotel breakfast for your children on points stays etc. I just want what I payed for and nothing more. And the points I earned. Just completed a week stay at the New York edition. Minimum contact with staff . Did not ask for anything, nice room , great bar and let me check on at 7 am . Got what I payed for. Hopefully these policies will shake out the people with STATUS and the ELITES I constantly see at the front desks begging . Oh and this blog is getting a bit petty and bitchy lately with real information drying up. When the ritz left the customer card in Ben’s room recently with the note of being picky they are just purposefully telling you that you are difficult and flight crews are clearly finding you creepy ala 4 worst flights.

  43. FYI. This hotel is managed by Real Hotels & Resorts, which also manages the J.W. Marriott Bogota, Marriott Bogota, and Marriott Cali.

  44. @Lucky – I tweeted both you and @TPG last week when I had a SNA confirmed at the Westin Nashville, only to have it yanked back. The first reason I was given was “Our GM came up with a policy we don’t honor SNA’s on Government rates.” Later, I was told the room was already sold. This was a complete and utter disaster, where the hotel just clearly decided not to honor the SNA and ran both my Ambassador (who I believe you and I share), and myself around in circles for hours.

  45. I am booking Marriott London county hall for next year. I am platinum elite. Totally not planning any upgrade to be offerred… I am paying upfront for the room I want. That way, I am not disappointed. I will insist on lounge access, the only perk I want. If I am upgraded in any way, I will totally post. Will also mention I am an Ambassador with intercontinental hotels…recently stayed in Hanoi and still have no idea if room was upgraded..did not have lounge access either. Enjoyed the snack in room. Point? Even with status across brands, you are not guaranteed diddly.

  46. Speaking of suite upgrades, I checked in at Hilton Pattaya for a 5-night reward stay that was shortened to 4 nights due to a late departure of the TG flight that took me from VTE to BKK. By the time I got off the taxi in Pattaya from BKK it was after midnight (I’d called from BKK to inform the hotel that I’d be late, so that they would not think it was a no-show.

    Anyway, at check-in I requested a suite and got a split decision: no suites were available for the first 2 nights (30th and 31st) due to the NYE festivities, after which I could be upgraded to a suite for the last two nights. I accepted. The first 2 nights were, in fact, also an upgrade to a King Deluxe Seaview (“a premium room”), with a full frontal view of the Gulf of Thailand, which positioned me optimally for an incredible view of the NYE fireworks! After the first two nights I got a call informing me that my suite — a King Ocean Suite — was ready if I wanted help moving.

    My last Hilton stay this status year is at Conrad Hong Kong in about a week, and like I my chances to be upgraded to a suite PROACTIVELY. Stay tuned!

  47. I stayed at the court yard and was very disappointed. Had booked a suite and was bumped to a double actually booked 2 suites for my families christmas. When i arrived they stated on my bookings through my brother in law who works for mariott hotels on the family plan well i noticed that there was a wedding going on so i figured they needed the room. I just wanted to have a nice time with my sons and thier families. But was very disappointed with the hotel pool was ice cold and the bar kitchen area was closed did not open when asked for something they were rude and that is if you found someone they were in a room behind the front counter. I really wished i checked the room out before i payed but its the mariott. We had 2 people per bed and one slept in the chair i looked like a fool because i told them we were staying in suites not double rooms

  48. Tracey: Do not stay at the Marriott London County Hall. Yes, the location is great for sightseeing but the area is completely overrun, 24/7 with tourists. Seriously. Plus, it’s the same number of points per night as the J.W. Marriott Grosvenor House, which is a much better hotel; more similar to a Ritz-Carlton. At the Marriott London County Hall’s M Club lounge, you are limited to three, one-piece appetizers each night. If you want more or something different, you have to pay for it.

  49. I write this from the JW Marriott in Los Cabos, MX.
    They have a nice “boutique hotel within the hotel” called the Griffin Club that’s much more than a Club level and I paid an extra $299/night for my family to stay here. Services are nice but I was NOT able to use my Suite Night Upgrades nor was upgraded as a Lifetime Platinum Elite member. I asked about the availability of suites and was told only the Presidential Suite was avail during our stay. Of course, I asked them for that upgrade and was told no. I even emailed “Angel” who offered us the opportunity to stay in the Griffin Club and didn’t get a response.
    I appreciate where we’re staying to avoid the snow in Chicago but I honestly don’t feel like I’m treated any differently than any other guest here.

  50. @Matt
    “I recently made a reservation at the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and when trying to apply an upgrade certificate, the website said that the hotel won’t honor them. Something along the lines of the hotel being “ineligible.” What a disappointing waste…“

    I just completed a 2 nights stay at RC Tokyo in early Dec., got upgraded to the Carlton suite. Not impressed, the bathroom is relatively small for such a big suite (and only 1 toilet), most of the space just feels empty in the room. On the return trip, Andaz Tokyo, standard room but the bathroom was larger and just feels more convenient. That’s just my wife’s opinion, who with the exception of the sleeping bed, probably spend more time in the bathroom than the rest of the hotel room.

    You’re not missing out on the RC upgrade.

  51. The real issue is that some platinum guest are rude and feel entitled, they also throw fits when they don’t get a suite. That’s the main reason some don’t get upgraded. It also depends how long the stay is as well. It’s hard to upgrade guests to suites when they’re staying 1 week, as it blocks the room for a long period.

  52. I’m Marriott Platinum and I never get upgraded rooms. Never.
    Last time I checked in and asked about an upgrade. I was told there weren’t any better rooms available. And they don’t have suites. This was at the Puerto Vallarta Marriott. Really? You don’t have suites???
    Late check out are iffy. About 50% of the time I’m told late check out isn’t available.
    I’m not sure why I’m loyal to Marriott now that I think about it.

  53. Lucky doesn’t seem to answer my questions, perhaps someone could ask him if his “contacts” at Marriott ever read this blog.

    Another mystery question launched into OMAT cyberspace……

  54. Lucky:
    I’ll give you two tips.
    1) Want a suite? Pay for it.
    2) Want breakfast included? Stay at a hotel that offers it.

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