Just joined e-rewards…. worth it?

I got an email today from BMI offering me 250 miles for registering with e-rewards.com and taking a survey, so I went ahead and did it. I usually try to avoid these types of sites, since I have an account with basically all of the survey/points earning sites, but rarely have the patience to follow through and actually get a decent award.

So, for those of you that have any experience with e-rewards, is it worth it? I see one can earn redeem $25 e-rewards dollars for 500 BMI miles, and at the same rate redeem $50 e-rewards dollars for 1,000 BMI miles, and also $100 e-rewards dollars for 2,000 miles, but it seems like Hilton is a better deal, at least when redeeming in bulk. With Hilton you only earn 1,000 HH points for $25 e-rewards dollars, but the redemption values get better with 3,000 HH points at the $50 level, 4,500 HH points at the $75 level, and 7,000 HH points at the $100 level.

Just for taking the initial surveys I earned $6 e-rewards dollars (in case you’re wondering like I did, this doesn’t equate to $6 USD, it’s much less), so I’m wondering how much time it’ll take to earn $100 e-reward dollars, enough for 7,000 HH points?

Am I in for a huge time-waster, or is it worth sticking with it for the reward?


  1. I’ve been an e-rewards member for about a year. It’s slow but I’ve accumulated over 2000 AA miles so far. Time spent on their surveys is less than 10 minutes a week.

  2. not a bad deal for when you have some free time. Occasionally if you qualify for some surveys, the payout is pretty good.

  3. II’m for anything that gives extra miles but i’ve stopped doing erewards.

    ime, the surveys were just too long for the amount of time and ereward dollars awarded.

    My biggest gripe is that you get an email for a decent dollar value, start the survey and then find out after MANY questions later that you only qualify for partial credit (usually 50cents)

    Personally, i find emiles with the quick 3 clicks for 5 miles a better time/miles value.

    of course YMMV

  4. lucky:

    you might want have a look at the BMI e-rewards earning thread at http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=683901

    The hilton points are the better value (and you can redeem once a quarter which is nice). If you have enough points – hell make both BD and Hilton Redemptions.

    Your problem might be scoring sureys – but patience is a virture – I’ve managed to score at least one redemption (1000/2000 mile values) per quarter. Not a lot – but every little helps

    Just be mindful of the expiry policies – Draco would had aproved of them!

  5. I used to do e-rewards but stopped. It was poor value, and a time-waster, compared with other programs (such as e-miles).

  6. I still have e-rewards, about $150 accumulated. Have tried a few times to convert them to something of meaning, and usually that option is currently not available.

    If I have nothing better to do, I will catch up on them, but not really worth the time.

  7. I do Emiles for Continental and got a few redemptions so far. But honestly I dont know if erewards is really worth it… the junkmail, and then I never qualified for the big surveys that really bring some value.

    Rather rent a 25$ Hertz weekend Thursday until Sunday for 1700 BD Miles 😉

  8. Well, initially I was hesitant with e-miles since there weren’t any partners I really liked, but now that I’m a NW Plat I figure that’ll be a good place to start building up miles. Have joined e-miles, and so far so good!

  9. I’ve been on e-rewards for over a year now and I find it useful for keeping my mileage accounts active. I don’t fly often, so this is a free (albeit slow) way of generating some activity in my FF accounts.

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