JFK AirTrain now offers 10 trip card for $25!

The AirTrain has always been a great deal for getting to/from JFK at $5 per trip, but according to Fozz at Upgrd they are now offering a ten trip card for $25, so it’s basically half off. That’s quite a deal, even for those of us that aren’t locals. And while MTA’s website indicates that the cards are good for six months, Fozz says his card is good for over a year.

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  1. ok guess I jumped the gun with that post, sorry….

    But I’d guess the trip need to be taken w/i 6 mos is what rules per the MTA

    I think the 1 year validity probably means the actual card, which perhaps can be refilled.

    Similarly, if I buy a regular metrocard & put enough $$$ on it to buy 50 rides, and I don’t use all those rides up before the expiration date printed on the card, I’m SOL.

  2. The 10-trips must be taken within six months of *first use.* What Fozz is referring to is the expiration of the card — even if you don’t use it and start the clock, the card expires in a year (but the MTA will replace expired cards for free).

    The card makes sense if you’re going to do at least two and a half round trips between JFK and the city within a six month period.

    This card has also been around for quite some time.

    This is also a good time to give a shout-out to the FlyerTalk Wiki on the subject, which is the best guide to NYC Airport Transportation around: http://flyerguide.com/wiki/index.php/NYC_Airports_to_Manhattan_Transportation_FAQ

  3. It’s $5 to enter the AirTrain from the subway (where you’ve already paid $2.25 to get on), and $7.25 to exit, assuming you’re getting back on the subway. Does anyone know how this 10 trip/$25 works in regards to that? As far as I know, to exit the AirTrain station at Howard Beach, you swipe your card once and it costs $7.25.

  4. gluedtothewindow:

    The separate AirTrain 10 trip card is used only when entering or exiting the Air Train station.

    So using Dan’s example above:

    $2.50 AirTrain (using Air Train 10 trip card)
    $2.25 using regular Metrocard for the subway

    $4.75 Total

    afaik, they don’t sell combo 10 trip AirTrain/Subway MetroCards.

    fwiw, since they look similar, by accident, I once tried to use my AirTrain 10 trip card in a regular subway turnstile and I got an error message telling me to see the Attendant. That’s when I realized I used the wrong card.


  5. If you put more than $8 on your metrocard, you get a 15% bonus. So to get $10 for two air-train rides, you only need to put in $8.70. This means the 10-ride deal is only worth it if you make 6 rides.

    Annoyingly, the vending machines at Jamaica have preset options for $5, $10, $15, and if you choose these you end up with extra money on your metrocard that may not be useful to you. To get exactly $10 or $15, you need to take 13% off and then enter the amount yourself.

  6. @Ron, if you, or any readers of this Blog have money leftover on your card, I know a New Yorker (cough) that will make good use of it.

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