Video: JetBlue Makes You Wish You Had Babies On Your Flight

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I don’t envy parents who fly with babies. They have to fly somehow, and have limited control over how their baby acts, but that won’t stop other people from huffing and puffing when they see babies seated near them on a plane.

With Mother’s Day coming up, JetBlue has come up with a brilliant ad called “FlyBabies,” trying to encourage passengers to be more understanding of babies and their parents. Here’s how it’s described:

Flying with a crying baby is tough on all of us, but it’s especially hard for moms. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are giving everyone a reason to smile every time a baby cries.

Check out the ad to see the innovative way they reward flyers with crying babies on their flight:

It reminds me a bit of JetBlue’s recent “Reach Across The Aisle” social experiment, which was well timed given the current presidential election cycle:

Kudos on the innovative ads, JetBlue!

Which of the two ads do you prefer?

(Tip of the hat to Harrison in the “Ask Lucky” forum)

  1. Ben,

    I think a few blog posts about trip reports with babys / infants would be an excellent idea.
    We just travelled with our < 6 month old to Shanghai, Mauritius and Moscow in C over the past few months. And there is a big difference in airline product (hard & soft) in regard to baby travel.

    Might be an interesting topic that a few of your readers come across at a certain point in time

  2. Ya, it’s easy to reach across the aisle when everyone is getting something for free. I’d like to see Jet Blue re-do the social experiment but this time let half of the people get the tickets for free and the other half pay for everyone’s tickets. That would be more like what Congress has to manage when it is being asked to reach across the aisle.

  3. @QR: No I did not know. Thanks for the advice – but the trip reports for flights in premium cabin I checked where all trip reports without infant. The only one I recently came across was actually on UPGRD

  4. I’ve been on a plane with a crying baby about a hundred times so this new ad hit close to home.

    I wish more people would be understanding of crying babies on planes. I get that it is annoying but take that frustration you feel and multiply it by ten and you might start to understand how that mom feels.

  5. Erica –
    I agree. I feel for the moms with crying babies. They’re trying their best to calm then down, but the pressure on their ears is tough and there really is nothing mothers can do except wait. But a really fun idea by JetBlue. Too bad this is just a small promo and not a carrier-wide incentive — for obvious reasons.

  6. @ Erica: Fully agree. We need more tolerance and less sense of personal entitlement. It’s really sad how self-absorbed many people have become.

  7. i just don’t see how four 25% discounts equals a free ticket. that’s not math.

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