JetBlue & Emirates Boston Airport Lounge?

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I usually stay away from industry rumors, though here’s one that I think has some potentially interesting implications, and even if it doesn’t materialize, is at least an interesting concept.

LoungeBuddy has a post about a rumored JetBlue lounge that may be coming to Boston’s Logan Airport in the coming weeks:

According to this anonymous, but highly reliable source, this new lounge may open in as little as two to three weeks from today. Based on this very brief timeline, as well as the timely closure of Terminal C’s United Club earlier this year, it would seem pretty reasonable for us to go out on a limb here and say that this new JetBlue lounge will take over the vacant space adjacent to Gate 19 that has been left fallow for months now.

And that’s not all. What makes this really interesting is the post-security airside connector between Terminals C and E at Logan Airport, which makes it possible for passengers from one of these terminals to access the other with ease. Several months back, Emirates introduced their Boston-Dubai route, and while first class passengers were provided with free lounge access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, business passengers were left with a consolation prize – a $50 voucher for use within the airport terminal. Knowing Emirates and their well-deserved reputation for excellence in customer service, it is pretty clear that this situation is untenable in the long term.

So to recap:

  • The United Club in Boston closed earlier in the year
  • A “reliable source” claims that JetBlue will be opening a lounge
  • Emirates doesn’t have a lounge in Boston but has a partnership with JetBlue, so it could be a “joint venture” lounge of sorts


On one hand it seems kind of farfetched that JetBlue would open a lounge in Boston of all places. So far they only have Mint service to/from New York, so while it’s fairly likely that Mint will be added on Boston transcon flights eventually, it does seem a bit odd that they’d have their first lounge there.

Then again, this might be JetBlue’s opportunity to have the lowest “risk” lounge ever. Emirates could potentially be picking up a big part of the tab and the space is there and empty, so I’m sure they’d be getting a good deal from the airport.

Anyway, it’s just one of those rumors that made me think “wow, that’s creative” and “hmmm, that’s a bit odd” at the same time.

What do you think? Is there any chance of a new Jetirates Lounge in Boston?

I guess we’ll see in a few weeks…

  1. Actually, the rumor is that Emirates is going to be moving departures from Terminal E to Terminal C, not only due to increasing congestion in Terminal E, but also to make connections easier for passengers interlining from Jetblue. Is it possible this is actually going to be an Emirates lounge, and not a Jetblue lounge? Not sure what Jetblue would do with such a lounge in Boston, being that they don’t have Mint service from there and lounge access is not a benefit for their elites.

  2. Isnt’ jetblue far and away the biggest carrier at Logan? Could it be possible there’s money to be made in selling day passes? Plus getting the partner traffic? They partner with a lot of airlines that use Boston, Icelandair, Aer Lingus, BA, etc?

  3. I’ve been in this lounge before. It was very small, so I can’t imagine they open it up to a ton of airlines. Maybe Emirates will just open it for 4-5 hours a day. There’s also talk of Air Lingus moving to terminal C because their passengers pre-clear customs in Ireland, so they could potentially share it.

  4. EK is moving to Terminal C (no rumor), so it will be an Emirates lounge for sure! But EmiBlue would have had a nice ring 🙂

  5. As suggested above, Emirates flights from Boston are now departing from Terminal C (tho arrivals remain at Terminal E due I believe to the need for immigration and customs). The lounge mentioned has indeed opened in Terminal C and is being used by Emirates (and it did appear that Jet Blue would be using it as well). Checking in for my Emirates first class travel to Dubai in early October I was told I could only access the new lounge (and not the Virgin Clubhouse that I had been expecting and looking forward to). Other than having an middling food offering (no liquor), the small and minimally decorated lounge is far inferior to the lounges of US domestic carriers and very disappointing relative to what one would expect from Emirates. The lounge even lacked wifi service! (And neither the airport’s free service nor Verizon’s cell phone data service worked reliably there.) Emirates needs to make some improvements with regard to this lounge.

  6. Just confirmed it will be an emirates lounge, agent winked when I asked if jetblue would have a partnership, but couldn’t verbally confirm. Lounge is ready to go.

  7. Just wondering if JetBlue passengers are able to use this lounge? Ben also mentioned earlier being able to access terminal E from terminal C, is this post security? if so, then the Air France lounge in Terminal E would be a possibility with priority pass. We are flying JetBlue out of C, but every thing I have read says you have to exit the secure area and clear security again.

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