Report: Jet Airways Captain Slaps First Officer, Both Pilots Leave Cockpit

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It looks like Jet Airways flight 119 from London to Mumbai on January 1, 2018, which had 324 passengers and 14 crewmembers, was quite eventful. What a way to start off the year. Let me start by acknowledging that the media tends to sensationalize aviation stories, though there’s a statement from Jet Airways that at least somewhat legitimizes this (ridiculous) story.

Here’s what happened, according to Business Today:

According to reports the commander slapped the woman pilot, who came out of the cockpit and started sobbing. The senior members of the cabin crew persuaded her to go back to the cockpit. However, she came out of the cockpit once again, following which the perturbed cabin crew requested her to go back to the cockpit and complete the flight.

According to reports, the first time the commander also left the cockpit to persuade the co-pilot to return to the cockpit. Leaving the cockpit unmanned is a gross violation of air safety rules. They had another fight after which she left the cockpit for the second time.

While we don’t know with certainty that the above is accurate, a Jet Airways spokesperson issued the following statement, confirming a “misunderstanding” in the cockpit, and that the two pilots have been derostered, pending an investigation:

“A misunderstanding occurred between the cockpit crew of Jet Airways flight 9W 119, London – Mumbai of January 01, 2018. However, the same was quickly resolved amicably and the flight with 324 guests including 2 infants and 14 crew continued its journey to Mumbai, landing safely. The airline has reported the incident to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the concerned crew have been derostered pending an internal investigation that has since been initiated. At Jet Airways, safety of guests, crew and assets is of paramount importance and the airline has zero tolerance for any action of its employees that compromises safety.”

  1. A woman slapped a woman? A man slapped a woman?


    Whoever slapped should be in jail. Do you think they were lovers?

  2. time for OMAAT to review the herringbone business class from LHR to BOM or any other EU route jet flies on at present. I knoe OMAAT did first and the staggered J on 9W but has not done the herringbone J seats on 9Ws EU routes.

  3. @Lucky unrelated but, there are some great fares from the east coast to Peking(Beijing) in premium economy on Delta A350 rn only about 700-800 round trip throughout the spring. Would love a onemileatatime review of delta premium economy on the A350 especially on a long route where you(or Tiffany or Andrew) could really experience it.

  4. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India) has ordered an investigation and suspended their pilot licenses until the investigation is over.

  5. Jokes aside, Indian airlines seem to have some real issues revolving this kind of thing. They seem to have a total disregard to Crew Resource Management (CRM). I’m not sure if that is down to cultural hierachies or not but it is concerning. This even takes things to another level though – both pilots out of the cockpit mid flight?

    It seems that Indian pilots suffer ‘god complex’. Where they feel that they do not have to justify their actions no matter what they may be.

  6. Hi Lucky, on a side note I was wondering if Jet Airways is cutting ties with Qantas? I was looking for flights from Australia to India and I couldn’t find any that were codeshares with Jet Airways.

  7. I worked for Jet Airways many years ago as Senior GM Service Quality and was witness to a very funny incident regarding the so called ‘god complex’ that some pilots suffer from.
    The airline was looking at purchasing a Customer Service Training Program from Speed-wing.
    I was tasked to take their training coordinator to met the various departments within the airline.
    The Flight Operations spokesman introduced himself as ‘ Captain XYZ’ , to whitch the lady trainer from Speed-wing replied; “How fortunate that your parents had such great fore sight!” Totally confused Captain XYZ responded “I don’t understand what you mean?”
    She responded ” They must have known that you would become a pilot when you grew up, and therefore gave you the name ‘ Captain'”
    Even more confused and exasperated by now he replied ” My birth name is ‘ABC’ and not Captain, my rank is that of Captain.”
    “Ah, she responded, is it customary to introduce yourself by your Rank or Title in India? I always thought it was normal practice to use your name and not rank?”
    I intervened at this stage and suggested that now that they know each other so much better, can we get on with the Training needs analysis. He saw the humor in the situation and we had a laugh. We unfortunately never purchased the program.
    In my dealings with “Captain XYZ” after this incident he always insisted that I call him by his first name.The title “Captain Commander” was also frequently used in the airline.
    I have always had the greatest respect for the professional attitude of the Jet Airways pilots and this recent unfortunate incident must not be seen as a reflection of the airline in “General’. (Pun intended). Wing-commander Saifulla, Captain Marakane and many others always behaved with dignity and were open to ideas to improve customer service and safety standards.
    I had the opposite experience at a function hosted by the South African Consul General In Mumbai. He introduced himself as “Colonel XYZ” and when asked where he did his military service he was as confused as our unfortunate “Captain” He responded that he never received any military training and that he was previously a teacher.
    His mother for some reason decided to baptize him as “Colonel”
    Strange world we live in.

  8. I was on this flight. Nothing of this sort happened. I was sitting in first class and there was no commotion or event that happened outside the cockpit. Don’t know what happened inside though.

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