Japan Airlines 787 returns to Boston after cockpit warning light

Via Market Watch:

A Japan Airlines Boeing 787 flying from Boston to Tokyo Thursday turned around over Canada and flew back to Boston after a warning light came on in the cockpit, according to published reports.

The flight had crossed over Quebec and part of Hudson’s Bay before abruptly turning around, based on a flight track compiled by flightradar24.com.

Poor Boeing. I think. I’m not sure at this point if I’m sharing this news because I actually have concerns over the safety of the plane or if I just find the impact of social media on new plane production to be so interesting. For example, I flew Chicago to Helsinki on Monday, and the day prior the plane dumped fuel and returned to Chicago, but we never heard about that since it wasn’t a 787. Regardless, that Boston to Tokyo flight sure doesn’t have a good track record…

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  1. What happened with the AA Chicago to Helsinki plane and why didn’t we hear about it? I will be on that plane in about a month….

  2. @ Linda T — No clue, but mechanicals/diversions are extremely common. We just don’t hear about them unless there’s something that can be sensationalized.

  3. Yeah, I’ve been on a few just in the last few months. And you are right. The media plays up the ones that make for a good news story. If you fly enough, you end up on one or more of these! Just yesterday I was on AA PDX to ORD and I was waiting to see if they would divert after a guy passed out on the flight and was laid across the exit row blocking the aisle for several hours…Never heard a word about it afterwards. That was after the same flight crew had dealt with an unruly passenger on the way to PDX and they needed 3 policemen to escort them off the plane. Never heard a word about that either!

  4. Stuff happens every other flight/ one summer I had folks arrested 9 separate times/ all on flights to from ANC.

  5. @Jorge: Correction… The first 767 went into commercial service in wait for it, 1…9…8…2. Just 3 decades (that’s thirty (30)) or so off, but good try.

  6. I actually heard that two of the AA 767s used to be George Washington’s AF1. Confirm/deny?

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