JAL Reveals New Narita First Class Lounge

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The timing of this is funny, since just a few days ago I reviewed the Japan Airlines first class lounge at Narita Airport from my visit a few months ago. As I noted, the lounge is totally fine, though also unremarkable, and in most ways feels like a business class lounge.

Well, over the past couple of months the airline has closed the lounge as they renovate it, and it has now reopened. Japan Airlines’ new Narita first class lounge has reopened as of April 1, 2019. The lounge can be accessed both by oneworld first class passengers as well as oneworld Emerald members.

Here’s how the new lounge is described:

Your next-level experience with Japan Airlines (JAL) begins even before boarding!

We are excited to announce that our renewed First Class Lounge at Narita Airport Terminal 2 re-opened on April 1st! Step into the calming atmosphere of the Modern Japanese-style lounge, designed to offer utmost comfort and luxury.

Meal services in the lounge have been renewed- in addition to the buffet which includes our original beef curry, we are introducing JAL’s Table: where chefs prepare your meal before your very eyes.

Moreover, in response to overwhelming demand, we now serve ramen! Exclusively enjoy Yuzu & Salt Flavoured Ramen from famed ramen shop AFURI, or indulge in JAL Original “TONKOTSU” Ramen. You will also find meals from various renowned restaurants including Soup Stock Tokyo, Maison Kayser, and more!

Your journey starts on land, and JAL strives to make your every moment comfortable- both on the ground and in the sky.

Here are some pictures of the lounge:

However, most of the pictures they’ve shared are actually of the food, so here are those:

The new first class lounge looks like a massive improvement. I’ve long preferred the JAL First Lounge at Haneda Airport, and stylistically this looks a lot more like that one now.

A couple of things to note, though, according to a friend who visited the lounge yesterday:

  • The new lounge is significantly bigger, which is great, since the old lounge often got crowded
  • While the pictures they show of the new lounge look great, it’s my understanding that the entire lounge wasn’t necessarily renovated by that design, but rather that’s an add-on area
  • A lot of the buffet options have been replaced by a la carte options

All things considered this looks like a nice improvement, and I look forward to checking out this new lounge.

If you have the chance to visit the new JAL Lounge Narita, please report back with your thoughts!

(Tip of the hat to rayray)

  1. My problem with these changes to more substantial food offerings is that they come at the expense of finger food. Despite having been in most of the top rated first class lounges, my personal favorite first class lounge food are the tea sandwiches that BA services in the LHR First lounges. Simple, quick to eat, tasty and hunger curbing.

  2. Lucky,

    This newly renovated F lounge used to be the shared Sakura and Firsr Class Lounge on the 4th floor. According to local news, this is just the dining section as the current F lounge on the 3rd floor was subsequently closed also the same day as this new one re-opened as the former will be renovated and scheduled to open around Fall. My guess is there will be a grand staircase similar to the Sakura Lounge to connect the dining hall to the main lounge. So this is actually an enormous improvement as the old F lounge have been like a market place during AM and afternoon peak times.

    More pictures of the new F dining lounge below as reported by local media (in japanese only)


  3. Looks like they only renovated the 4th floor section, and are now continuing reno on the 3rd floor. Interesting to see what’ll look like fully refurbished. Also, they’ve been putting restrictions on partner access to both lounges in the main building even though only first was being reno’d.

  4. Something I’ve always found baffling about the Asian carriers is the rubbish lounges they generally offer, even at their hubs, doesn’t correlate with the great onboard premium products. I exclude CX here as they have fantastic lounges. But it’s just something they don’t seem to put much effort into.

    I haven’t flown every Asian carrier in a premium cabin but out of those that I have for one reason (or reasons) or another found most of them to be a disappointment. I’ve mainly had access to the business class lounges (with the exception of JAL, CX and MH by virtue or Oneworld emerald and had access to the F lounges) but regardless of J or F lounges I’ve used I’ve just felt ‘meh’ at best disappointed at worst:

    ‘Meh’ – Singapore, JAL (F/J), MH (F/J), Eva Air, ANA.
    Disappointed – Thai, Asiana, Korean, China Southern, China Eastern.

  5. This is probably JL’s answer to ANA’s Dining H, an a la carte dining dinner service in their HND lounge.

  6. I will be checking this out next Thursday. Looking forward to it as the old lounge was very cramped. Even as an add on restaurant it looks appealing.

  7. @Duck Ling: I agree with you on the state of Asian carriers’ lounges not living up to their on-board product. I’ve never flown F, but have flown J a bunch and noticed that too. Specifically, EVA, SQ, Korean and Asiana.

  8. @Duck Ling : x2 on your remarks. Especially TG lounges. They are very very worn and dated. The lounge at BKK gate 63 is terrible.

  9. I’ll be flying LAX-NRT first class on JAL then transfer to another flight on JAL in business class (no 1st class cabin). My question, which lounge can I use at NRT? First or Business?

  10. Lucky, the restriction @Paulo posted seems to speak of codeshare only, so I imagine this means they are referring strictly to cabin-based access, but not status-based access? Or across the board for non-JAL flights? Did your friends who accessed fly on another OW airline, but happen to be Emerald?

  11. Flying SFO-HND round trip later this year in First, I dont suppose there’s a chance of improving the SFO lounge?

  12. I will be flying F out of there to LAX later this month. Look forward to seeing the improvements.

  13. I would take JAL F lounge at NRT over HND everyday of the week and twice on Sundays…just for the toro

  14. In Japanese article, it’s said that all passengers who take flights of AA, CX, QF, AY, IB, MH, S7 and UL are not eligible to use the (JAL) lounges during the construction periods (except codeshare flight under JAL flight number)

    It’s now under phase II construction period to update the first class lounge at 3rd floor in main terminal, so I believe unless you fly with JAL metal or codeshare flight under JAL number, no access to the JAL first class lounge even you have emerald status if you fly AA metal flight in J or F with AA flight number until phase 2 construction completed in sometime SEP/OCT 2019.

  15. I am here now, accessing using BA Gold status and on an MH flight. Really like the expanded space here and food options. Gives the ANA HND lounge a run for its money!

  16. Just walked in and was expecting the “old” JL F lounge and to my surprise I’m sitting across from a lovely hinoki sushi bar in a bright, calm, serene setting. Massive upgrade.

  17. Is the Narita first class lounge sushi station still “all you can eat”? The webs shows images of the sign that says “set of 3 only” now.

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