Isn’t this interesting?

First and foremost, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those on the Yemenia Air flight that went down. As safe as flying is, I get chills every time I hear about any sort of fatal incident.

I’m shocked, though, by how little media attention this has received. There were about 150 people aboard, yet this is hardly being reported. On most news channels I’m watching it’s nothing more than a top of the hour ten second report. Most people I’ve spoken to today haven’t even heard of the incident. At the same time, when the Continental jet landed with two capable first officers, it was nonstop breaking news for about 48 hours.

Isn’t that kind of sad?

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  1. Maybe now that they’ve found a child alive in the water it will receive more coverage. Maybe.

  2. Did you already forget that MJ died last week? The US news networks aren’t done with that story yet.

  3. yeah, it’s sad, in the US news is a source of entertainment… a bunch of non-american-looking people dying just doesn’t bring in the ratings.

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