Is Marriage The Solution To Pilot Suicide?

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It looks like Turkish Airlines’ CEO has a possible solution to pilot suicide, in the aftermath of Germanwings first offices Andreas Lubitz downing an A320 in the French Alps. Via CBS News:

Turkish Airlines’ CEO has one possible solution to avoid another case like last month’s Germanwings crash: have pilots get married.

At an event Thursday, Temel Kotil told new Turkish Airlines pilots that the incident showed how critical their roles are.

“Our pilot friends, whether they are men or women, their lifestyles are very important,” he said.

Kotil cited media reports claiming Lubitz may have been set off by a falling-out with his girlfriend. “Therefore, I am guiding those who are single toward marriage from this podium,” he said, with a smile.

Alrighty then…


  1. When married and the pilot having financial difficulty, the pilot may be making a suicide crash to get paid by the insurance, which happened in the FedEx hijacking… Think again Mr. Lubitz

  2. Is gay marriage coming to Turkey?

    Or do gay Turkish pilots not exist, like something Ahmadinejad would say about gay Iranian pilots?

  3. Well, it must be a valid point consider he has a PhD degree from UMich and was a Professor at UIllinois (both are prestigious schools in aerospace engineering).
    I mean, there isn’t many aerospace engineering PhD served as the CEO of airline,not even mention work experience as Professor.
    He is definetly a smart person….

  4. @keith Don’t be silly, Turkey even has gay pride. Turkey is not really a Muslim country just like China’s not really a communist country… Turkey is quite open even though there are some conservatives (but then again, even in U.S., there are conservatives, right?)

  5. What a great idea! Because once you get married you never argue and no one has falling outs or gets divorced – what a dumb statement

  6. Marriage is the number one cause of Divorce, as for the gay thing, those guys will find marriage is not all it us cracked up to be, it is a team effort,…

    Marriage is another good reason to say no….

    As we get old, we do not mind the no….as much…..

  7. Not such a crazy idea. During the Apollo space programme NASA specifically selected married men, preferably with children, on the basis that they had something to return to earth for. As opposed to determined test pilots who just wanted to land on the moon.

  8. I would like to read the reaction of family and loved ones who are grieving the loss of a special someone from that flight. The medical profession does not have an answer to suicide prevention, but this clown does.

  9. If he’s that worried about the wellbeing of his single employees, how about having a team of (fe)male service providers, to look after the intimate needs? šŸ˜‰

  10. an old Indian joke is whats the difference of getting arranged married vs picking your spouse? the same as in would prefer to die via suicide or murder!

  11. I dunno… most of the married couples I know, especially those <35, are miserable and suicide might be a more pleasant alternative.

    That said, at my church married couples seem to be quite happy with each other, despite their relationships being less than perfect. Not 100% success, there are still divorces, but overall they seem to have found what works. We'll see…when I tie the knot later this year.

  12. My eye balls just popped out of my head. Stuuuuupid statement. I know more frustrated angry married people than single. I’d prefer a single employee over married. Dude has it wrong.

  13. Marriage is definitely the solution to traveling by yourself on miles. Look at the benefits: You can argue the entire trip, not just during planning, packing, driving to the airport…etc.

    As to the German Wings pilot, here’s my take: once he set the autopilot and descended more than a few thousand feet below his assigned altitude, there was no “going back” as he was certain to lose his job and either end up in jail or a mental institution for a while. In any case he was never going to be able to fly again. The more he descended, the more this became a certainty.
    Gee , I long for the days where I didn’t need a transponder and could get away with accidentally breaching controlled airspace with little or no repercussion.

  14. @Lucky.

    For some reason this story does not show up in your twitter feed? Technical glitch?

    As for the TK CEO, this only show that sometimes really smart people can have really dumb ideas.

  15. It’s 2015 and a Turkish business leader has come up with comments like this. I wonder if Attaturk is rolling in his grave now.

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