Instant “Loved” status with Small Luxury Hotels of the World

Small Luxury Hotels of the World is a group of over 500 boutique hotels that don’t otherwise belong to any hotel chain (you can see their locations here). They have a loyalty program, (not so) creatively called The Club of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

It’s actually a pretty lucrative program, because even just for joining you get room upgrades on your first stay. Then after your first stay you become a “Loved” member, which gets you room upgrades, complimentary continental breakfast, and late check-out. Then after five stays you become an “Honoured” member, which gets you (in addition to the above) a free night, priority room upgrades, and early check-in.

While these benefits aren’t earth shattering, reader Stephanie points out that if you register now you can become a “Loved” member with your first stay, meaning you’re immediately eligible for room upgrades and complimentary breakfast. Just sign up through this link.

There’s definitely some overlap between the hotels here and those that participate in American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts and Virtuoso, though there’s no reason you can’t benefit from both programs.

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  1. These small luxury hotels are amazing. I’m always looking for a Hialeah hotel that fits the bill. Thanks for the helpful info.

  2. Note that SLH is a more a marketing organization than a loyalty program. SLH benefits are only conferred when booking directly with SLH, which only offers full (non-discounted) rates. SLH benefits are not available when booking through other channels, even directly with the hotel itself!

    Other than continental breakfast, all on-property benefits are “subject to availability”; it’s not clear that you’re really getting more as a “loved” or “honored” member through SLH than you would just booking directly through the hotel.

  3. @Trevor, there are special offers for club members w/discounted rates or other benefits. The other thing to note is that you have to stay at at least 2 hotels to earn the free night after 5 stays.

  4. I signed up this afternoon and a few hours later, I got “Loved” status gratis. No need to even stay once.

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