I’m impressed, United!

Check out this email from United that was in my inbox this morning:

Dear Mr. Lucky:

We realize you fly United because you value high-quality and personalized service. We know we gave you less than that on May 04, 2009 when you experienced a delay from Washington to Tampa.

We know we’ve let you down on previous trips, too.

We continuously focus on raising our standards so you can count on a reliable and enjoyable flight experience, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

We need to be more consistent – and we will be. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to you by depositing 8,000 miles into your Mileage Plus account.

Thank you for your business and continued loyalty to United.


Customer Relations Team

First of all, this is the most “detailed” form letter I’ve received without complaining. Second of all, my Washington to Tampa flight was only a little over 20 minutes late, but my flights before that were all screwed up. Thanks United, I could get used to this! Does any other airline do this as consistently as United?

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  1. Lucky, congrats. I’ve gotten those from time to time before from UA as well, but don’t get used to it. Sometimes they completely surprise me when I get one b/c I would have never expected it. Other times, I get the same apology form letter, but no miles to go along with it. It seems random.

  2. Speaking of United, I received a targeted email that offered me Premier status for the next 90 days. I was surprised to see it since I’ve only flown 12k miles this year. In any case, horray for free status!

  3. Ben, you do know that the only thing consistent about United is inconsistency, right?

    I had a 2 hour delay on a connection in Denver for de-icing. Not UA’s fault by any means. I got a similar email and 5k miles.

    This past weekend my +1 had a 2 hour mechanical on LAX-NRT (after downgrading from the new config to the old config the night before.) This caused her to miss her onward connection to SIN which left 5 mins early! Why the hell would you leave 5 mins early when you can see that you have connecting pax (1K’s at that!) who have arrived and on their way to the gate?!?!)

    No auto-email and compensation for her.

    So it really makes me wonder what triggers these.

  4. “Thanks United, I could get used to this! Does any other airline do this as consistently as United?

    You mean screw up? 😉

  5. agreed with what Gray said,
    “We know we’ve let you down on previous trips, too.”

    My first thought is they must have a flag in your account…How often are you writing to !K voice? 😉

  6. I’m unimpressed.. these should come along either more or less often… and more consistently.

  7. Now this just raises the expectations for at least one letter and some miles for the 45 minute mechanical delay I had in Omaha last weekend. I think United should just make a tool that automatically dished out miles for mechanical delays, or maybe make a claim your miles from a delay tool for the website. It’s nice when these bonuses post, but United once again lives up to their reputation of consistently inconsistent.

  8. interesting, l got the exact same email a few weeks ago, but without the miles. I was acturally laughing about how useless it was.

  9. I knew it …UA always liked you better!

    Gee, they never write to me unless I write to them first.

    I guess I’m really not all that special to them ::big sniff::

  10. United is probably on to the fact that “Mr. Lucky” runs a popular blog…might as well put more efforts into keeping him happy. Just a thought…

  11. @ JLSocks — Tell me about it. I’ve had delays spanning several hours without an email, but then I get one for a 20 minute delay.

    @ Jackie — Congrats, hope you can take advantage of it!

    @ hobo13 — I believe I coined that term! 😀

    @ Gray — Isn’t that why we love flying United?

    @ BTA — If complaining more gets me more miles without asking, then I’ll have to step up my complaining!

    @ bmvaughn — C’mon now, what would be the fun in that?

    @ Bschaff1 — Anyone that flies United frequently knows better than to have expectations.

    @ Sam — I’ve gotten similar emails in the past without any offer of miles, although they weren’t quite as detailed and didn’t include the “we know we’ve let you down on previous trips” part.

    @ bk3day — Maybe your flights are usually on time?

    @ UAPremierGuy — That seems to be the case.

    @ DiscoPapa — While I’m flattered, we’re talking about United here. Don’t you think you’re giving them a bit much credit? 😉

  12. I didn’t receive a thing for the 45 minute delay that almost caused me to miss my international connection. They just like you better 🙂

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