I’m flying TPA to IAD in first class this weekend!

Yes, Ted is slowly dying. How do I know? My TPA-IAD flight this weekend is scheduled to be a mainline Airbus 320. That means I’ll be in first class with approximately eleven United employees (give or take one or two). On the down side, I notice that the flight is listed as having no meal service, despite being a 9AM departure. I’m guessing that’s either a glitch because the system hasn’t been updated to reflect a meal service, or more than likely United isn’t catering meals in Tampa, meaning they won’t be able to serve a meal since the plane is overnighting in Tampa. I hope it’s the former….

Either way, sitting in a first class seat out of Tampa will me exciTEDing!

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  1. According to UA’s seat map, my 9am departure has 12 in E+, while the back of the bus is just about filled to the gills.

    Speaking of Ted dying, I got a photographic example yesterday on IAD-TPA. I’ll post a URL when I get the pics loaded.

  2. Well I guess the spirit of Ted still lives on in some ways with no meal service. I am in F on a 757 from MCO-IAD at 11:30 am and there’s no meal service either. If they’re going to make a flight seem like ted with the lone exception being F class, I suggest we lobby United to “Bring Back Ted”. Ted was the part of United that I fell in love with and now I have to sit in F with the best option out of MCO if food is served being a cold cuts and cheese swine flu infected platter. Bring back Ted and put me in 12A, none of this downgraded first class. Additionally, I would suggest a fleet of 747s and 777s configured as Ted, which is without a doubt the best airline ever to fly the sky.

  3. Would there normally be meal service in flights of that length? SEA – SFO is of comparable length with no meal service, whatsoever.

  4. @Gray, that was going to be my questions as well….the flight is only ~800 miles and food should be served in F?

  5. Additionally, I would suggest a fleet of 747s and 777s configured as Ted, which is without a doubt the best airline ever to fly the sky

    @bschaff1: Way back when, there used to be an airline like this called People Express.

    +1. I don’t think mco-iad or tpa-iad are of sufficinet length to qualify for meal service. Unfortunately it’s pack your own egg McMuffin or lunch box.

  6. I flew ORD-JAX last weekend on the last flight of the day and the FA told me that the breakfast for the next days flight was already on board since they don’t cater in JAX. So apparently, meals can spend the night on the plane. This was the same FA who went to the dry ice to pass out the hot towels, so maybe the dry ice keeps the food cold overnight.

  7. @Mike: I believe ORD-JAX is RJ service, and the food service in F is a gratis BOB box. The shelf life of those BOB boxes are ‘forever’.
    @Lucky: Oh I remember the days when I weekly did IAD-TPA and back. A hot dinner on the 5pm IAD-TPA, and another hot dinner on the 6pm TPA-IAD. Oh bring it back UA!

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