I’m F0’ed!

Against my better judgment I decided to book a transcon this weekend on a United A319 in order to make it to San Diego in time for our live Upgrd Podcast recording. No, the better judgment part isn’t because it’s an Airbus (I’m not much of an “if ain’t Boeing I ain’t going” kind of guy), but rather because United configures their A319’s with only eight first class seats. While that makes for an impossible upgrade on a hub-to-hub flight, I’ve never missed an A319 upgrade to/from San Diego on United. When I booked a couple of weeks ago there were even six seats left in first class.

Well, I checked back about a week ago, and all the first class seats were gone. It makes no sense to me, since United loves not releasing upgrade seats till the last minute, especially on A319’s. Which leads me to only one conclusion — did someone, or in this case six people, actually pay for first class? If so, I feel like I need to buy the first class passengers gifts of some sort. Either an hour long session with a psychologist or some real food to compliment the shrimp salad they’ll be served, or maybe a gift card for a foot massage for those stuck in row one?

Anyway, this is even stranger because Economy Plus is rather empty and there’s no one in the exit row (which is a pretty good indication that there aren’t many Premier Executive or 1K members aboard, at least in coach). So who knows, maybe one or two first class passengers won’t make the flight and I’ll get the upgrade. But otherwise I’ll have to sweat out the 5h28min flight in the back of the bus. Of course it’s not so bad, and I fly coach all the time, but in this case I’ve requested an upgrade. It stings more to request an upgrade and end up in coach than not request an upgrade and end up in coach. Here’s to hoping for an empty middle seat, at least. Oh, and I guess it’s time to decide which snackbox I want. 😉

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  1. Someone is starting to feel a little bit too entitled. I just found ou that due to policy change at work, I have to fly to Hyderabad in coach – two 9.5 hour overnight flights…in coach.

    Boy, UA economy + would be heaven.


  2. Nah…I’m giving you crap…I’ll be going to HYD in BA’s WT+ (which has the pitch of domestic first). It won’t be as bad as it could have been.

    You’ll get the upgrade. No way someone paid for 8 seats.

  3. Not that this means much, if anything, but currently (12:11p UA WHQ standard time) your mystery flight shows seats 1A and 1D as unassigned. Those making “true” F-pax bookings would probably have taken the time to pick-out an actual seat.

  4. @ua_to_ord: Not necessarily, IMO. If booked through another airline (Star codeshare) or through a travel agent, perhaps the seats are not necessarily assigned automatically. Just a thought though.

    I still think Lucky will end up getting the upgrade because he’s, well…Lucky.

  5. I’m watching my transcon 1P upgrade chances disappear for Sat 10/3. Outbound from ROC-ORD-LAX is fine. With an available upgrade LAX to IAD I’d only be out 1 e500. Just a few days ago the 757 had 13 of 24 available. That number is now down to 8 open seats and F6 and my name isn’t Lucky. I suppose I should have just planned for the redeye (767) and added a flight or two to keep the connections all within 4 hours. Next time.

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