I’m embarrassed and ashamed

Apparently you don’t get wiser with the years. I did something yesterday for the first time in my flying career. I’ll let my AAdvantage account summary do the talking:

How… how could I?

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  1. feeling ashamed ? lol

    Try to fly long haul in Y you will never fly again…

    will we have a report ?

    Btw I snagged the seats with TG F.

    see u

  2. @ Thomas — My upgrades cleared, it’s not the coach part that’s the issue. It’s something more subtle.

  3. Flying to the NY Frequent Traveler University? Taking the direct route vs a mileage run? Why not TPA-ORD-MIA-SJU-JFK-LAX-DFW-EWR?

  4. Matt’s got it, I think – AA378 is a one-stop direct flight from TPA-ORD-LGA. Even though he connected, you only get the miles as if it were a non-stop flight.

  5. American doesn’t fly TPA-LGA nonstop. I’m guessing this is a “direct” flight with a stop in MIA or ORD and you only get mileage credit for the originating and final city pair, so you lost out on the extra miles.

  6. Did you book this as a connection and just not notice the same flight numbers? Unless each segment is booked in a different inventory bucket, Sabre automatically combines individual segments of direct flights šŸ™

  7. I thought you flew direct–family duty, correct? I did last week and it almost killed me, but my daughter was not interested in flying all over the country with me nor did she have the time… However, I see that it was that old “same flight number so you only get the direct miles credited trick”.

  8. As another Gary said – so obvious.

    No connection!!!

    (To lucky, all trips are mileage run opportunities.)

  9. AA flew LGA-TPA in years back, moved to JFK circa 2007 I believe. All AA segments post as their purchased cabin (unless the agent doesn’t correctly or fully reissue the ticket once upgrade clears). Looks like lucky flew LGA-ORD-TPA

  10. Call Executive Platinum or Platinum desk and they will be more than happy to manually adjust your flight and give you two segments (instead of one). I do it all the time and it works.

  11. The last time I was on a through flight with AA, they credited it as two seperate segments. I took a bump off of a DFW-SFO flight, and I got booked on AA 1974 (SFO-LAX-BNA). I received credit for 500 miles for the SFO-LAX leg and then 1797 miles for the LAX-BNA leg. I wasn’t able to procure the same seat for both legs, so I had to deplane in LAX and reboard. I don’t know if that’s the factor that worked in my favor.

  12. @Frank repressed much? It’s ok, you can come out of the closet… Life’s too short for you to be hiding your true self!

  13. Just ran into the same issue on dl 621 msp-Sin direct today (aka msp-nrt-sin). Darn. Thankfully it’s only about 250 base miles less. Still, I should’ve been more aware!

  14. @Frank, you’ll be disappointed to know that in the three years I’ve been reading Ben’s blog, not once (seriously!) has he ever allowed himself to be baited by a reader. It’s one of the reasons I love his blog and respect him as a person. You, on the other hand. . .

  15. @Frank, if you hate him so much, why do you post some stupid comment on just about every single post? Jealous much?

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