I’m about to book a longhaul segment in United First….

….someone please convince me otherwise! And this is for an award on which my brother will join me, and he’s a wine snob. What has gotten into me?!?!

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  1. “someone please convince me otherwise”

    Flight attendants are PRIMARILY there for your safety
    Charlie Trotter

    Shall I continue?

    Glenn Tilton
    Lounge dragons

    Ok, I’ll stop now. Seriously though, can you not book NH,SQ,LX,LH,TG or similar?

  2. Four words: You will regret it.

    Seriously Lucky, after your experiences in F on other airlines, how can you even consider wasting your miles like that? Is UA the only carrier you can use to reach your destination? I guess if your point is to just sleep on one of the newly configured planes it would work. Otherwise accept the fact that the service, food, or wine you will get for your hard earned miles will be subpar.

    That said, I do fly International F on UA from time to time because there is no other alternative to my destination. However, I go in knowing that the service, food, and wine will be subpar.

  3. Out of curiosity, what is the route? For example, I live in SFO, and I’ve though of booking SFO-IAD-DXB on UA metal before…

  4. Where are you going, perhaps if we know the competition, we can help you correct the error of your ways / understand why you are going to fly UA!

  5. I just hope it’s on a 747 or 767…then it will be only MILDLY crazy. If it’s on a 777, then you’re REALLY crazy!

  6. Kevin – fly to DXB on Emirates. I flew from SFO in December, and it was one of the best experiences I’ve had (in C) in a long time.

    The new 744s and international 763s on UA aren’t bad. The food and service clearly don’t compare to foreign carriers, but the seats are comfortable and the AVOD is pretty good. I’m flying SFO-PVG-SFO on a UA 744 in C in June and don’t think it’ll be so bad. Better than Air China, at least!

    I flew from DXB to IAD on a UA 772 and it was pitiful to what I experienced on EK. A 16-hour flight without lie-flat seats in C?!

  7. I have found UA service and food to be relaibly fine. I travel for liesure only. I am a 1k UA flier and fly only UA and Star Alliance and I have never had a bad experience on F or B on any of them. I certainly don’t expect food on a plane to be as good as I have at home nor do i expect hotels to be bettter than my house either and if they ever are then I need to improve my home food and living quarters.

  8. I am a million miler, close to 2MM. I only ever fly UA First when upgrading from C. For award redemption I avoid it like the plague, no contest food and beverage wise compared to LH and SQ. Just flew SQ in F and UA in F a couple days later to NRT and the difference was like night and day.

  9. Is this really the most important problem in your day? If so, you transcend most humans with your ability to worry about such trivialities.

  10. @LAXNRT – Because sometimes it’s interesting to have a non-sycophant perspective to keep things alive and diverge from the sheep posters.

    Different “lifes” perspective keeps things interesting.

  11. Ignore the haters. They obviously don’t get it. IF it is merely a means of transportation, one might as well book Economy.

  12. No – flying E isn’t really that big of a deal, which makes flying UA F really not that big of a deal – certainly not worth an overly-dramatic (attempted) tongue-in-cheek blog post that falls far short of any sort of humor and fishes for compliments and reinforcement from the pander-ers. Not worth the false alarm.

  13. The amazing thing is that this kid, who *doesn’t pay for all his travel* despite what he says, and his blind followers, swallow long and hard the gimmicks the airlines feed them. Really? Domestic first for thousands so eventually you can fly first internationally? Just buy it if that’s what you need.

  14. @LAXNRT

    When you decide to post on the web be prepared for opposite points of view and not just blind followers, um, like yourself. Welcome to the Net.

  15. Wow, who knew Lucky was a cult leader?

    @Super 80 and @Flyer33, how about posting a link to your blog[s] so we can offer opposite points of view to your blind followers?

  16. @Flyer33 and Super80:

    Jealous that you don’t get to travel in First Class?

    Your comments reflect a jejune and nescient outlook on frequent flying.

    I sometimes wonder if JOSH and Flyer33, the anti-JOSH, are the same trolls…


    First is first, but you mentioned you wanted to try SK or OS in Business. I would do it if space is available!

  17. @AJ – You make a very convincing argument. I’d love to hear more of your brilliant rhetorical strategies. Do you have a newsletter to which I could subscribe?

    Come on – with most of these people, they could give a shit less about the actual destination. It’s all about the artificial ego boost and the belief that flying first class and having lounge access equals actual status and recognition in life.

    Yeah – there are some who don’t buy the hype and would rather seek validation in life thru accomplishments adm relationships, rather than fleeting interactions with flight attendants and customer service agents. I’d rather have real interactions and fly economy than base my recongniton in life on whether some FA was funny when serving the crap UA meal. Geez.

  18. To the haters, our hobby is about getting the most out of our money and miles. It’s a hobby, just like anything else. Maybe a few get an ego boost out of flying premium cabins, but I don’t. I’ve met tons of great folks who have the same hobby/obsession, and none of them have had super ego’s. In fact, they’ve overwhelmingly been the most interesting, kind, generous group of people I’ve met in all the hobbies I’ve had over the years.

    Get over yourselves and stop trolling.

  19. What route are you thinking of booking in UA F lucky? Would it be to SYD by any chance? I could possibly see this use of UA miles as the only other option is NZ C which is supposed to be quite good.

  20. @MATTHEW, I was mad at you earlier saying that, you were insulting me but then I forgive people like you who has no life and no brain.


  21. @Super80: As someone who considers himself a friend to both Ripper and Lucky, I can assure you that I am real.

    Further, anyone accusing Lucky of being motivated by ego boosts has clearly never met him and has no clue what makes him tick. I can’t think of very many people I’ve ever met (if any) with a lower ego to justification ratio.

  22. Ben,

    If you have not flown F on certain *A carriers, I would seriously considering redeeming F awards over UA.

    OZ is great, and AC cross the Pacifics aren’t bad either. If you have not flown CO’s 777, then try it out and give us your review.

    After reading your Turkish experience, I am looking to book them later this year. I am also trying to diversify flying experience to Europe this year by looking at OS and SK.

    Try different products while you still have the miles and time to do them.
    Let us know what you decide.

  23. @John Lam: You may be a pathetic kid, but I was actually paying you a compliment above. Allow me to help: you idolize Lucky–that’s great. There is also a certain cretinous poster on this blog who seems to be bitterly jealous of Lucky and finds a need to criticize him for the absurdist of reasons.

    When I called him the anti-JOSH that meant that he is not like you. And personally, I’d rather see your obsessive posts and plane stalking than his tomfoolery.

  24. Back on topic. If the UA flight fits your schedule and your needs/goals well, then I say go for it. My partner and I are flying UA first SFO-LHR later this week, and I am looking forward to it. Yes, it’s not LH or LX, but who cares? Even the old 777 first seats are very comfortable for sleeping, the food isn’t that bad, and the FAs are great if you are nice to them (those little “You’re a Great Employee” vouchers work wonders!).

  25. Well, it’s not that elicits opinion from short post, it’s just who the hell cares? It’s one segment of a trip! Worry about something real.

  26. @super80 You know, for somebody who preaches to “worry about something real,” you sure seem to be spending an awful lot of time here…why?

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