I’m a Flyaholic, Get Me out of Here!

Today marks the one week anniversary of me not being in a pressurized cabin. Now, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot to most. About five years back I flew maybe two or three times a year. As recently as last year there were some months I only stepped on a plane once. But since March of this year, there hasn’t been any seven day period where I haven’t traveled, at least as far as I can remember (memory seems to be the first thing to go when traveling this much).

There are some symptoms of withdrawal, though. First, and foremost, I’m remarkably well rested. I’m not yawning all day and my eyes don’t look like UFO landing sites anymore. That’s the only good news. Unfortunately I’m starting to have nightmares having to do with flying. Yeah, those bad graphic dreams involving planes doing bad things. Next, I’m going to bed super late. If I can’t be on a redeye from the west coast, I’m at least going to stay up till boarding time (not that I want to, but I just can’t sleep). Lastly, and most importantly, I’m starting to run out of airline snacks I stole from the Red Carpet Club! I’m down to the last dozen packs of Harvest Premium Snack Mix. What can I say, I went all out last time I sat at the SFO RCC for seven hours.

Either way, I’m ready to get back on a plane, but I’m going to break my addiction. Fares suck right now, so the closest I’m going to get to flying is walking up a set of stairs or going to the airport to do some future ticketing (in my favorite shirt, of course).

Is anyone else experiencing similar symptoms?

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  1. I hear you. It’s been three weeks for me and I’m just itching to do a MR during this busy summer travel season. Fares just don’t justify it right now.

  2. just came back from tokyo last friday, and no trips booked till September!, and now i’m looking on every website i know for some good fares so i can get flying again.

  3. maybe you can write a book “Confessions of a Flyaholic”, by gathering up the things on your bolg, and then someone will make it into a movie.

  4. Oh.. i’m right there with you – and to make matters worse, I gave all my RCC snacks to my sister. Since I’m based on the west coast I spent my time in the dulles RCC and got walkers short bread (IMHO better than harvest snack mix.)

    I’m flying for transportation this weekend and next but they are just <500 mile short hops to SAN to visit family and SNA to hit disneyland for the weekend of the 4th.

    Will be travelling for business in August and can’t wait till I can book that as it won’t be on my dime. I prolly won’t have to pay for anything to make my 10k miles for this quarter’s CR1s!

    Is anyone else itching to see their EQMs post from the DEQM promotion?

    I’m bouncing off walls from not flying!

  5. I’m feeling the same way… a bit weird being landside, isn’t it? Nothing planned until Labor Day – let’s enjoy the summer!

  6. Oh I know the feeling, it’s been two weeks since my last long haul (HKG) and five weeks till my next (BKK)….

    So I’ve booked to go to Vancouver this weekend… from London… for a night… 🙂

  7. Hey Ben,

    It’s summer in Tampa & are you yearning for fluffy lap blankets? Are you trying to charge your IPOD in the pool float? Are you buying frozen dinners & carefully arranging on little plates? Have you been hitting the “small bottle” bin at BevMo? If the answer to any or all is Yes, then you are definitely an addict! In addition to doing a book to movie deal, throw in a pitch for a TV Reality Show: ATF Addicted to Flying. You can cull episodes from your travels & those of fellow FT’ers.

  8. I went through withdrawal symptoms last weekend and you know what, I was surprised at how fast I recovered into a seemingly normal daily life. I stopped checking fares 500 times a day. I got many things done with all that spare time around the house on the weekend.

    I am flying this weekend and will spend some time in the RCCs, so if you want me to pick up some snacks to tide you over, just let me know. 😀

  9. All of you are too funny! Anyone want to work my trip next week…lol….you should have been FAs. It’s actually easier to work a flight than sit in a coach seat, but I guess most of you are in FC right? Good Luck, Ben hope you find a good fare!

  10. I just came back from India last sunday and do not have a single flight booked. My Lufthansa account looks just wrong with no upcoming flight.
    I started to scratch on my CTOs door to make him approve conferences abroad.
    And what is really bad is that my friends/colleagues ask me where I’ll be next. It’s the first time since three years that I have nothing planned.
    I am about to book something for january next year so I just have something to look forward to.
    Good luck finding your fix!

  11. I have the last packet of Starbucks coffee of the 20 or so packets I picked up during my Starwood Hotels mattreess run last month brewing right now.

    My thought this morning was I need more hotel stays or else a trip to Costco.

  12. Glad to know I’m not the only one going through withdrawl. I finished all my MRs with a vacation to Kauai and returned last Tuesday (multiple delays on 3 segments – thank you United). I agree while I am more rested and getting things accomplished I am not checking the boards or airlines for flights. I got excited when I saw the Capt Denny post and then dejected for the cost of the fares! Waiting til August for my next flight!

  13. I keep thinking once I get to Sydney via HNL I’d be done too. But with each passing week I keep looking and adding. Should I go for 1K status or use the dollars to spend in 2010. Besides I’m out of vacation time for the rest of 2009. I got in on the IAD-Lima special for Feb and now the EWR-HNL deal in Jan is too irresistable. I was so excited I talked my brother into flying his whole family to Hawaii — makes sense living a few miles outside of EWR.

    Do you know how hard it is not to eat those little cheese packets in the RCC? My doctor may ban me from flying just because of that.

    Last week someone posted — “I’m a social flyer.” I suppose we could quit at any time, if we really desired.

  14. I feel somewhat better seeing others are grounded right now as well. It’s now been almost two weeks from me, and even that was just a business trip BOS-PHL. But now I’ve got nothing until the end of July where I spend some expiring vouchers, and then a weekend in MAD courtesy of the DL ES/CH “fare sale.”

  15. I’m in the same boat. It’s been 4 days since stepped off last longhaul trip and another several days until my next international flight. In the meantime I’m toying a last minute booking on a great sale on longhaul …

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