IHG’s Amazing 4x Points Promotion Extended

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In late October, IHG Rewards Club revealed the details of their current global promotion, which is incredibly lucrative. Well, the booking period for the window has just been extended (though the stay period hasn’t).

Let’s take a look at the details.

Earn Up To 4x Points With IHG Rewards Club

IHG Rewards Club’s promotion offers up to 4x points on stays. The way the promotion is structured, you earn:

  • 1,000 bonus points for your first stay
  • 2x bonus points for your second stay (up to 200,000 points)
  • 3x bonus points for your third stay (up to 200,000 points)
  • 4x bonus points starting with your fourth stay (up to 200,000 points)

When the promotion was initially published, you had to register and book by December 15, 2019, and travel by January 31, 2020. However, that has now changed — now you can book by January 15, 2020, and still qualify (and you still need to complete the stay by January 31).

With IHG Rewards Club you earn 10x points per dollar spent at most brands (5x points per dollar at Candlewood Suites and Staybridge Suites). So at most brands you’d be earning 40x IHG Rewards Club points per dollar spent starting with your fourth stay, even as a non-elite member.

You are however capped at 200,000 bonus points at each tier, so that means you’d earn an extra 30 points per dollar for the first ~$6,700 spent during the promotion period.

These bonuses don’t include:

  • The bonus points that IHG Rewards Club elite members receive (Gold members receive a 10% bonus, Platinum members a 50% bonus, and Spire members a 100% bonus)
  • If you signed up for the IHG Card under the recent offer you earn 40x IHG Rewards Club points per dollar spent for the first 12 months

Combine This With Other IHG Promotions

This promotion has huge earning potential, though on top of that you can combine this with some other promotions being offered by IHG:

Bottom Line

IHG’s current promotion is incredibly generous, and I’m happy to see that the booking window for it has been extended.

With this promo you can earn 40x points per dollar spent at most brands starting with your fourth stay. You can even combine this with IHG’s other great promotions, which will mean that some members are earning 100+ IHG points per dollar spent.

Have you been taking advantage of IHG’s 4x points promotion?

  1. Trying to signup for this promotion on the site but cannot because the page asks for a ‘promo code’ in addition to IHG member number. Anybody know of this code?

  2. Does it have to be 100% cash (no points, no certificates) to count as an ‘IHG stay’ for promo purposes?

  3. @ Ben — Your headline surprised me since I initially didn’t think this promo was so great. However, I an extra 30 points per night at ~.35 cpp is 10.5% back, so that’s actually pretty good. I NEVER put any IHG spend on their credit cards since 10x (3.5%) back is weak for hotel spend. (Of course, those who got in on the recent intro offer of “40x” should definitely put their stays on their new card.) I’m gonna spend a lot of paid nights at ICs regardless, so I am happy to get more free points!

  4. This counts for existing reservations, yes? Or is it only on reservations made after registering for the promo?

  5. If you used his link then it wont’ ask for a promo code, otherwise the code is in his URL, like he said.


  6. So those who just got the card would get from the 4th stay
    40+5+10+15 = 70x right?
    That is incredible.

  7. Unless you are practically living in (the right) hotels, and spending a small fortune anyway, offers such as these are not exciting in the least.

  8. For anyone who signed up for their credit card with the “40x” offer the total earn starting on the fourth stay would be 30x + 40x = 70x. That’s 40x from this offer plus an incremental 30x because the “40x” from the credit cards includes the base 10x plus the 5x for Platinum.

    Still 70x assuming a value of $0.05/pt is a return of 35% on whatever rate you are paying.

  9. I was targeted even though I don’t hold the card and though I’ve only spent three nights at IHG properties so far this year (one at Kimpton, two at Holiday Inn). I registered, as I have two up-in-the-air vacations left this year and I might wind up at a Kimpton or IC depending upon which cities I choose to visit. We’ll see.

  10. @RobPHX

    The 4x points post along with the regular points for the stay. Look closely at the stay details online. It will have a separate “4x” line.

  11. I have signed up for this promotion as well as the Excelerator promotion, and I’m also a Spire Elite and ambassador and I use my IHG® credit card whenever I stay at their hotels. so there’s all kinds of Multiplications going on here I can’t really keep up LOL. But one promotion with the XL or a promotion is that if you stay at three different IHG brand hotels during that. You get an additional 14,000 points. And that’s on top of that double triple or quadruple points to get and etc. etc. So so far, I’ve stayed at in IntercoNtinental (Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas), and I stayed at Kimpton and Toronto, and so I’ve just got to get my third for the 14,000+ Accelerate award and the triple points.

  12. @Joseph N,

    Thanks, found it. I had to check the full desktop version of the IHG rewards website. The mobile app doesn’t break out bonus points in great detail.

  13. Assume no issue with using an ambassador cert and getting these points? On a related note anyone know how to book an ambassador cert through Ebates?

  14. I have some lengthy stays coming up so would like to activate the “4x points” before then. Is it possible to use award nights to hit the 1x, 2x, and 3x tiers?

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