IHG Rewards Club Just Keeps Giving Me Points!

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I’m primarily loyal to Hyatt and Starwood, and rarely actually stay at IHG properties. I get IHG Rewards Club Platinum status and an anniversary free night certificate every year through the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, which is the primary way in which I engage with the program.

IHG sent me an offer for 6,000 points after my next stay

Last night I got my monthly estatement from IHG Rewards Club (the email had the subject line “Benjamin, Your February IHG Rewards Club eStatement is Ready”). I almost never open these emails, though since I was literally sitting at an IHG hotel when I received it, I figured I should.

Near the top of the email was the following message, presumably for a targeted promotion (so not everyone will be eligible for this):

6,000-point bonus

Stay just once in the next 3 months, and you’ll earn 6,000 additional points. And as an Elite member, the points never expire.

There was a link to register, and while there wasn’t much info about the promotion, based on the URL I surmised that this promotion is for inactive Platinum members, which presumably is a lot of us with the credit card. If you want to try your luck with the offer, go to this page and enter your IHG Rewards Club number and the promotion code, which is 42993.

What’s funny about this promotion

On Wednesday I booked my first paid stay at a Kimpton in years. I was expecting I’d earn a modest number of points, thanks to the IHG Accelerate promotion.

Since this is my first paid IHG stay during the promotion period and I’ll pay with my IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, I expected to earn a total of 3,500 bonus points, in addition to the points I’d usually earn.

Then hours after booking I received an offer for 10,000 bonus points for my next Kimpton stay, which meant I’d earn 13,500 bonus points.


Then last night, just as I arrived at my first paid IHG stay in a long time, I got the offer for a further 6,000 bonus points.

That means I’ll be earning 19,500 bonus points for this one night stay, not including the base points. The funniest part is that 16,000 of those bonus points were offered to me after I booked. I’ll certainly take it.

If you also have the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card (making you reasonably likely to be an “inactive” elite member), check the above link and see if you’re eligible. If you can combine the Kimpton and inactive elite offers, you’re looking at a minimum of 16,000 bonus points for a Kimpton stay, not accounting for the Accelerate bonus or the points you’d usually earn.

That might make it worth staying at a Kimpton even if you otherwise wouldn’t!

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  1. I like IHG brand in general. Room are comfortable, the properties are well maintained.
    A bonus is that the receptionist are quite attractive in general 🙂

  2. I agree with @beachfan, the program is pretty weak especially because they don’t honor status on award stays. You work hard to get your points, and they deny your status.

    Funny how poor some of the marketing is. I remember when my 2 and 4 year old were given hhonors gold status with a promotion to earn 50k bonus points with 3 stays back a few years ago.

    Glad it worked for your schedule.

  3. I agree with @Jason in that IHG properties are generally clean and well maintained. It’s just a shame there’s no consistency regarding elite recognition across the program.

  4. I have an IHG stay in a month… and based on stacking offers, that one night will currrently earn me 39,800 points (+ the points for the stay itself and IHG cr card points). Here’s hoping I get some more offers in the meantime!!!

  5. I jumped on the Kimpton 10k deal this weekend in chicago. Having an awesome 2 night staycation for $209 total, tax included (super low rates; not many weekend visitors in feb here) w/ free happy hours. I will get 18k points back (10k, 4k accelerate weekend bonus, 4000 “regular” points w/ credit card) which will get me very close to two free stays at 10k HI Express properties (that i encounter alot driving to east coast for summer vacations with ~$100 rates). Basically pre-paying for future stays, which I wouldn’t normally do, except when it kicks in a fun free weekend downtown. i am also very likely to now complete a very easy 5 night accelerate (organically) whereas I wasn’t before (+20k).

  6. I think this is a valuable program and I’ve found myself staying at more IHG properties last year than I have in a while. They have such a huge portfolio of properties that the program is much more useful to me than others like Hyatt. And accumulating points is quite easy with all of the promos.

  7. I was recognized by desk staff twice for being a platinum member. Used points to book in El Paso and Albuquerque. Are you cheesed off because you didn’t get your 500 points or free drink at the bar?

  8. Just be careful since any points you have in your account may disappear on a blink of an eye since IHG uses archaic 4 digit PIN on their accounts and thousands have had their points stolen by hackers. Good luck in getting your points back. IHG customer service is terrible.

  9. A few readers have said IHG don’t honour status on award stays. I can say that this is not always the case. I book at least 4 award stays per year, and I can say that in every instance my status has been honoured. I have always received the in room amenity, always been upgraded, and always been permitted early check-in and late check-out. This has been in Intercontinental hotels in Hong Kong, London, Paris mainly, so I can’t comment on the USA based lower levels of the IHG group.

  10. Priority Club’s most attractive feature was just trashed by IHG, their Pointsbreaks awards for 5,000/night, so I’ve cut back on IHG stays

  11. IHG lost me
    They had me running from hotel to hotel to earn bonus points only to take them all away in a massive devaluation in the better properties
    They don’t promise benefits on award stays and some of the hotels purposely go out of their way to make sure your stay is rotten
    They don’t offer free breakfast to Ambassadors or Platinum’s in IC hotels of any kind
    And its been many years since they had one great IC hotel in North America with Pointsbreaks and now that too has been devalued
    I would say you could do better at any competitor Marriott, Starwood Hyatt Hilton etc
    They truly suck and now with the massive devaluation over priced to boot

  12. I used to like Kimpton – until they fully embraced the whole “urban destination fee” thing. Just take a look at DC. Practically every single Kimpton charges a bogus “facilities fee”. Same thing in SF. So that’s yet another devaluation to your points.

  13. I am getting this message:
    “We’re sorry, this offer is not available to you. A list of current offers can be found on the IHG® Rewards Club Offers page. We look forward to having you as a guest.”

  14. I’d be wary of using a code you haven’t been targeted for. This used to be a great part of the IHG programme but then they clamped down and started closing accounts. Now I only use codes I’ve been given.

    Their elite recognition is definitely patchy and suboptimal compared to the likes of Hilton – no breakfast and hit or miss for lounge access. Also inconsistent for recognising benefits on reward stays.

    UK card requires £10k annual spend for free night cert so you have (as ever) a corking deal with your credit card!

  15. I didn’t get this deal either and I have not received any points for awards stays, even cash + points stays did not count. I have stayed 4 nights in the last 2 months. I also have pre-booked stays for extra points from a promotion a couple months back. We’ll see if I actually get extra points for those stays.

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