IHG’s Summer 2019 Accelerate Promotion

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For the past few years, most of IHG’s global hotel promotions have been customized. Everyone gets some type of offer, but different members get targeted for different versions of the offer.

The logic is that hotel loyal programs want to generate incremental revenue, so they’d like to get you to increase the business you’d otherwise give them, rather than just reward you for stays you’d make anyway. By customizing offers they can better encourage the behavior they’re looking for.

IHG has just revealed the details of their next global promotion, which launches in a couple of days.

IHG’s next global promotion is called “Make Every Stay Count” (it’s a version of their Accelerate offer), and it’s valid for stays between May 1 and August 31, 2019. To see the details of your offer, you’ll need to log in to your IHG Rewards account and then register. Registration closes on June 19, 2019.

My version of the offer is for up to 39,900 bonus points after completing up to five tasks.

My tasks include the following:

  • Stay More, Earn More — 10,000 bonus points (stay five nights)
  • Discover Our Brands — 14,400 bonus points (stay at three brands)
  • Stay at Crowne Plaza — 8,400 bonus points (stay at two Crowne Plaza hotels)
  • Saturday Stays Bonus — 5,600 points (stay two weekends, including a Saturday night and another night)
  • Spend On Your IHG Credit Card — 1,500 bonus points (pay for one stay with your IHG Card)

Typically these promotions also offer an “achievement bonus,” where you earn bonus points if you complete a certain number of tasks. There’s no such offer this time around.

While I generally appreciate these gamified promotions, this particular offer isn’t terribly lucrative for me.

In theory, I could unlock this entire bonus with just six nights, as long as I stay at three different brands, make two weekend stays of two nights each, and stay at two Crowne Plazas.

I’m not sure that’s really worth it for 39,900 bonus points, but it’s also not a bad offer.

What does your summer 2019 IHG Accelerate Promotion look like, and do you plan on taking advantage of it? 

  1. Hello @Lucky. Is there a reason why I am not eligible for this offer? I cannot register for it. Are you aware of any restrictions?

  2. I was able to register, and even received a confirmation email…However, the offer details are displayed as ‘We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try back soon.’

  3. @Stanley– same here. I get the following error: “Oh, no! Based on your current earning preference, you aren’t eligible for this offer. But here are others you might like: View other IHG® Rewards Club offers now.”

    Oh well, more Bonvoy for me.

  4. I have this same issue every time. Just check back later today or tomorrow. I think their IT is slow.

  5. Registered without problem. Easy to complete three nights offer will yield 37K points. Only three tasks, and half the points are for completing all three. Not completely convinced of the value of 37K IHG points but this will probably occur organically out of my regular travel.

  6. @Michael thanks. I thought I was the only one. I plan on staying with them soon, so I want to get it registered before the actual booking and stay.

  7. Last time I didn’t get an ‘achievement’ bonus as part of the offer* but this time I have so it looks like that part of the promo is variable.

    * in any case the cost of meeting the last element to get that bonus was less than the bonus so I didn’t bother.

  8. Got “not eligible” message, but then received an email saying I am successfully registered. However, all links go to a blank page, no promo tracker.

  9. I got 28,600 bonus offer on 4 categories…all of which I should easily accomplish. Not a huge reward but I’ll take the points.

  10. My offer is “Earn double points on every stay, starting with your second stay, up to 40,000 bonus points.” Not sure how best to max out this promo or if I should booking my stay elsewhere.

  11. My account: Oh no! You’re not eligible for this offer!! My wife’s account: Based on your earnings preference, you’re not eligible for this offer. In short, we are #BONVOYED

  12. I think if you are currently enrolled in the acceleration “Rewards nights faster” you won’t be able to register yet. Probably just wait a day or two and register again. The same glitch happened last time as well.

  13. Underwhelming for me but then again I should hit spire soon (can maybe get that first one):
    – Stay at 3 brands and get 10,800 bonus points
    – Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 5,600 bonus points.
    – Earn 6,600 bonus points when you book 2 Bonus Points Package stay(s) and get to your next reward faster.

  14. I’m a IHG Spire Elite member – as always with these promos eventually they penalise the loyal customer. They are only interested in new business.

  15. Meant to say, the message i got – We’re sorry, but you’re not eligible for this campaign.

    I’ve contacted them by phone and they will look into it.

  16. If you have two IHG cards, can you do it for each one? Do I need to make a separate signing for the second card? It should be arriving soon. I’m in the middle of making June reservations now so kind of need to know soon!! TYIA

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