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For the past few years, most of IHG’s global hotel promotions have been customized. Everyone gets some type of offer, but different members get targeted for different versions of the offer.

The logic is that hotel loyalty programs want to generate incremental revenue, so they’d like to get you to increase the business you’d otherwise give them, rather than just reward you for stays you’d make anyway. By customizing offers they can better encourage the behavior they’re looking for.

Last week IHG revealed the details of their next global promotion. So while we’ve known what the offers were, the promotion is live for stays as of today, September 1, 2019. This is worth posting a reminder of because it could make sense to adjust your IHG stay activity to account for the new promotion.

IHG’s current global promotion is called “Make Every Stay Count” (it’s a version of their Accelerate offer), and it’s valid for stays between September 1 and December 31, 2019. To see the details of your offer, you’ll need to log in to your IHG Rewards account and then register. Registration closes on October 18, 2019.

My version of the offer is for up to 35,900 bonus points after completing up to four tasks.

My tasks include the following:

  • Discover Our Brands — 14,400 bonus points (stay at three brands)
  • Saturday Stays Bonus — 8,000 points (stay two weekends, including a Saturday night and another night)
  • Stay A Little Longer — 12,000 bonus points (book two stays of four or more nights)
  • Spend On Your IHG Credit Card — 1,500 bonus points (pay for one stay with your IHG Card)

Is it just me, or do these promotions keep getting worse, in spite of IHG points getting less valuable? In the past these promotions offered an “achievement bonus,” though starting with the summer promotion they didn’t.

This promotion offers the lowest number of bonus points of any Accelerate promotion I’ve had, and it also is the toughest to unlock, given that I’d have to make two stays of four nights each, as well as an additional stay (to stay at three different brands).

While I generally appreciate these gamified promotions, this offer isn’t terribly lucrative for me.

I’ll easily earn 1,500 bonus points for paying for one stay with the IHG Card, but that’s about it.

What does your fall 2019 IHG Accelerate Promotion look like, and do you plan on taking advantage of it? 

  1. My includes an achievement but do think it’s starting to be an exception rather than the norm based on the DPs on doctorofcredit.

    Here’s mine:
    8,400 Discover Our Brands
    Stay at 2 brands and get 8,400 bonus points.
    8,400 Stay at Crowne Plaza®
    Stay at 2 Crowne Plaza® hotel(s) and earn 8,400 bonus points.
    5,600 Saturday Stays Bonus
    Stay 2 weekend(s), including a Saturday night and another night, and earn 5,600 bonus points.
    4,500 Stay for Less and Earn
    Book 1 stay(s) using Points & Cash and earn 4,500 bonus points. Points & Cash allows you to book Reward Nights with fewer points.
    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    Book one stay at any IHG® hotel using your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 1,500 bonus points.
    14,200 Your Achievement Bonus
    Complete 5 of the 5 offers and earn (an additional) 14,200 bonus points.

    I noticed my challenges are usually worse if I already have reservations booked in the challenge period when the accelerate offer comes out. But if not, I usually get similar challenges which is quite nice because I like mine other than the weekend requirements.

  2. @lucky – I had the exact same offer as you last time.

    This time around, and this is no joke, if I stay once, I get 1000 bonus points.

    That’s it. 1 of 1. Hilarious. Platinum IHG.

    IHG is good for Australia except for the lack of credit card. I wish Hyatt would just open up more hotels down here. Maybe in BNE and HBA?

    Still. Hilarious.

  3. @Dave C

    Mine is exactly the same as yours. I’m also Platinum but Japan-based. Wonder if living outside the US has anything to do with it?

  4. @DaveC and Weetanuki

    I live in the US and got the same promo.

    I don’t know if its because I hit all the promos under the last promotion.

  5. I only completed one of my last lot – 10,800 points for stays at 3 brands.

    This time I have the same 1000 points for 1 stay offer as others. I have a stay booked at the HIX Singapore already but that will be it for this quarter.

    What a joke. Its actually so bad I wonder if it might be a coding error!
    I recalled that once before some people had extra offers that appeared if they printed the page out. Gave that a try but nothing appeared for me.

  6. Worst. Offer. Ever.

    Less than 20k points available for 4 targets. No bonus at all for meeting those.

    It’s not going to make me book any extra stays with IHG.

    On HfP some are reporting offers of 1k points for one stay. Not per stay just for one stay!

  7. 8,000 Stay More, Earn More
    Get closer to the rewards you want when you stay 4 night(s) and earn 8,000 bonus points. Terms
    6,800 Corporate Account Bonus
    Stay 4 time(s) using your corporate rate and earn 6,800 bonus points. Stays booked through your corporate portal count toward the promotion. Terms
    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card
    Book one stay at any IHG® hotel using your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 1,500 bonus points. Terms
    5,000 Renew Your InterContinental® Ambassador Membership
    Earn 5,000 bonus points when you return to the luxurious side of travel by renewing your InterContinental® Ambassador Membership. Terms

  8. The point break is coming. Rumor has it that it will be good this time. Lots of Intercontinentials on the list.

  9. I am Spire Ambassador and live in the US….1 stay for 1,000 pts. I am soooo glad that IHG appreciates my loyalty…my former loyalty. Time to talk to my boss so we can start scheduling Marriott stay in the future.

  10. @Lucky. I got a total offer for 69.6k
    + 8k for staying 4 nights
    + 12k for staying at 2 brands
    + 8k for staying 2 weekends
    + 2.8k for staying at 2 different IHG properties
    + 4k for booking 2 stays with app
    + 34.8k achievement caucus

  11. Spire for quite a few years. 1 stay, 1000 points. Guess I officially will convert all my stays to Hilton now. No sense staying with these guys

  12. Wow. What an awful promo this time around. Usually I can earn a totally of 60-70,000 points, this time, it’s 32,000 and requires staying at 3 hotels and 3 brands. No thanks. I do have an achievement bonus, though.

  13. Comparatively, I got a pretty good offer and easy to score 29,300 points with two one night stays.

    12,000 for 2 brands
    4,500 for cash and points spend
    2,800 for 2 hotels
    10,000 achievement bonus

  14. Ambassador Spire Elite – 1,000 for one stay. That’s all.
    I consider that an insult. As I have achieved my status for next year already, there is little incentive to stay loyal as the IHG top tier ‘benefits’ are non-existent or not guaranteed. Points are the only thing going for this program.

  15. @Sigs99 While I can certainly appreciate your contempt for IHG’s (really pathetic) offer to you, regarding staying at Mariott(s), Be Careful What You Wish For. Mariott is a Heavy Duty TImeshare SPAMcaller. Their calls always begin with a recorded “Thank you for staying at Mariott hotels” announcement and then you’re transferred to a SPAMagent who instababbles non-stop for 30 seconds without taking a breath. I got 50 or more of these calls and the only way I got them to stop was by waiting for the instababbling to conclude, then asking (pointless) questions and then telling the agent, “as long as you keep calling, I’m going to waste as much of your time as possible on each call.” They finally took me off their call list.

  16. You’re not kidding. Its MUCH worse for this next set. I got the following…

    15,600 for staying in FIVE brands.
    5,600 for 2 weekend stays including a Saturday in the stay.
    4,500 for a single point & cash stay
    6,600 for 2 Bonus Point bookings
    4,000 for 1 stay over 4 nights

    Mine are all corporate stays, I’m Platinum, won’t do any others than the 4 day stay. Waste of time…

  17. Nothing to make me change my reservation pattern besides maybe at the margins, but at least better than the 1000 point offer others are getting. Just one offer too, though:

    Double Your Stay
    Earn double points on every stay, starting with your second stay, up to 40,000 bonus points.

  18. Spire Elite, re-completed for next year. Offer – 1,000 pts for 1 stay.

    Reloaded the page, signed in and out, figuring it was a mistake. Saw the comments here. Nope. Guess my fall travel will belong to Marriott or Hilton. IHG must be predicting a solid Q4 without it’s loyal members.

    As others echoed, one word: INSULTING

  19. Tiger, I hear ya. I had a bad IHG experience earlier this year, so I’ve stayed Hilton quite a bit. Figured the end-of-year promo would bring me back, it’s done the complete opposite. I’m qualified for Spire again next year, but I think my time (and many years of loyalty) is done.

  20. @DaveC.

    I don’t even have an offer! I’m also Australia based and Spire elite, ambassador but I think they are trying to get me to spend my points not accrue them! I stayed at an InterCon in Asia last week and absolutely no acknowledgement, gift, upgrade, nothing despite the hotel only being at about 60% occupancy! So, I’m in no rush to maintain Ambassador or Spire. Although I do like the look of that beautiful new converted property in Lyons. Worth blowing points on!!

  21. do these stays have to be paid with currency to earn the bonus points or can then be “paid” with points?

  22. I had another challenge – book 2 stays via the IHG app – plus a bonus if I completed all 5 offers (I also didn’t have to stay across multiple brands) so it’s really targeted.

    Here’s the thing, if I game the offer and book the cheapest Saturday night stays and book one points + cash for one night and do eveything else it’ll cost me about $850. I’m able to get a 100% bonus on purchasing points through tomorrow. If I purchase 85,000 points for $850 I’ll actually receive 170,000 points or if I only want or need the 66,000 points I could purchase 33,000 points for $330. It is a puzzlement.

  23. I just completed my Accelerate offer for 44,600 points. My new offer consists solely of “stay at Kimpton and get 100% bonus”. So, at best, few thousand extra points for a Kimpton stay. Far fall from 44k ;-(

  24. I got the 1000 point fizzler too. Platinum Ambassador in Australia. I agree the offers get worse and the points keep devaluing.

  25. @karl, IME, points (and cash + points, since you’re “buying” the points with the cash portion) stays are “non-qualifying” stays for almost everything. It’s one of the pet peeves I have with the program. Sure, they qualify for elite nights, but they’re excluded from promotions. I could be wrong, but IIRC, redemptions aren’t eligible for some in-hotel benefits, like upgrades, for IC RA and Ambassadors.

  26. Total possible of 40,800 – I might bother with the two single stay items. The rest don’t seem to be possible for me. Disappointing set here.

    28,800 Discover Our Brands. Stay at 5 brands and get 28,800 bonus points.
    4,500 Stay for Less and Earn. Book 1 stay(s) using Points & Cash and earn 4,500 bonus points. 6,000 Corporate Account Bonus. Stay 6 time(s) using your corporate rate and earn 6,000 bonus points.
    1,500 Spend on your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card. Book one stay at any IHG® hotel using your IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 1,500 bonus points

  27. @Lucky @DaveC

    OMG! What absolute crap! Also 1000 points for 1 stay.

    I’ve already hit Spire for next year….based upon points not nights. I’ve been Spire since the tier was created, usually retain via points and would probably only maintain Platinum by nights. But even so this is frankly a joke. Beyond a 1 night stay what incentive do I have to stay at IHG for the rest of the year.

    Time to discover some new hotels I think.

  28. Just to add a comment on lack of benefits. Checked in to Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport ( UK) last week. Thanked for my loyalty and offered a boiled sweet! Checking into a HI express the next day I got a chocolate biscuit and a pack of custard creams. Spire really is living the dream.
    As for the comments on Intercontinental, definitely the pits for any status recognition.
    Kudos to the Crowne Plaza Madrid Airport who always truly appreciate my loyalty.

  29. I wonder if it’s an error in the backend system. I am also Spire and only got the same stay 1 get 1000 pts. You’d think they want to incentive us to stay beyond holding our status… This is correctly put, “insulting”!

  30. Mine seems to better than most but still pretty poor compared to previous promotions. only 17.6K compared to the usual 60k to 90k, I have been Spire for 4 years now and renewed for next year already. If this carries on will be time to change brands.
    7,200 Stay at Crowne Plaza® Stay at 2 Crowne Plaza® hotel(s) and earn 7,200 bonus points. T
    6,400 Corporate Account Bonus Stay 8 time(s) using your corporate rate and earn 6,400 bonus points. Stays booked through your corporate portal count toward the promotion. Terms
    4,000 Stay a Little Longer Earn 4,000 bonus points when you book 1 stay(s) of 4 or more consecutive nights.

    I’ll easily cover the 1st and 3rd items but due to how our corporate booking system works wont see the middle one. so only 11.2k available.

  31. Is it known if the 25% off “Stay in the Moment” discounted rates qualify for the purposes of these offers? The program terms only state that there are qualifying and non-qualifying rates, but I don’t see anything which explicitly defines this discount as either. I just recently signed up for the IHG Premier card, which triggered a new member offer similar to these Accelerate offers. Obviously, the discounted rates won’t work for certain ones, such as having to buy bonus miles (because you can’t buy bonus miles with the discounted rate), but for the ones which just require a number of nights or stays, I’m curious if they will trigger.

  32. I cannot believe myself for the stay 1 night and get 1000 points offer. Thought I might give IHG another try, but no, more Hilton for me… Is it just Australiasia residents getting this kind of offer? Very intriguing….

  33. I’m Ambassador Spire and my offer is 8,400 points for staying 2 weekends, 4,500 for using points & cash, and 1,500 for using my IHG credit card. Bonus of 4,400 bonus points if I complete all of the above. I’ve requalified as Spire so I won’t be going out of my way for this “promotion”.

  34. Mine was actually much better than last quarter

    76500 bonus points overall

    36000 for 18 nights
    4500 for 1 cash and points stay
    5600 for 4 stays on the corporate account bonus
    5000 points if I renew ambassador
    25500 achievement bonus

    The cash and points and corporate account bonus are the two I missed last couple of promos so interesting to see them stick around

  35. My offer is 69,600 points in total, four challenges adding up to 34,800 and then an achievement bonus of the same amount again. A good offer for me and challenges look reasonably achievable.

    Only had one IHG stay this year so far, so if their intention is to lure me back to stay more, it may work (was looking at Hilton’s double points offer but this may be more lucrative, actually).

  36. Mine is “Double points on all stays”. No wonder I won’t have half the nights I had last year. Devalued, no perks no good promos.

  37. It sure would be interesting to see what factors trigger what offers. Mine is for 72,500, which I can complete with three stays totaling five nights across three brands, using an IHG credit card at least once, and booking one on points and miles. Relatively easy to do, and I canceled a couple of upcoming stays (IHG and not) and rebooked within those requirements. Doing the math, I’m spending about $75 more than I would have on the trips anyway to get the 72,500 points, so it’s a solid deal for me.

    As a data point, I registered for the last several promotions but never did anything to complete them, and have stayed with IHG erratically. Did the algorithm say it needed to sweeten the offer to get me back?

  38. Platinum Ambassador and I did not get any offer. Booking more Hilton stays as well as with other hotels. Not enough appreciation.

  39. Is there any way you can get the rewards if you have existing reservations (during the promotion period) made before registering and you’ve already downloaded the app?

  40. Got the generous 1,000 points offer after many years of loyalty and at a spire ambassador status.. to me, this simply means “go away, we don’t need your business or your loyalty”. Way to go IHG

  41. Spire elite from the beginning. Stay 100+ nights a year with IHG. Stay 40 other nights elsewhere. Received the 1000 points for 1 night stay. IHG doesn’t want the $15 K I spend with them, I guess. Off to my other brands. So long IHG

  42. 1000 point for me too.. Really? I hope they check this stuff and fix.
    If not, I will only stay the one night I have booked. WTF.

    I am able to book out at least 30-50k extra points every time.

    Will definitly be staying at less IHG hotels this fall.

    Oh well.

  43. Mine is a joke and actually turns me away from the brand.

    I am not kidding: 1 offer – stay one time and get 1.000 points

    This is it.

  44. Same here. >320k IHG points this year until now and 60 nights with Bonvoy so far.

    My offer is also:
    1 stay for 1k. Good bye IHG.

  45. I was offered just 1000 points this time, which I completed the first day. I have 148 qualified nights, 69 are rolled over from last year. I have also spent more than 80 nights with Hilton this year. I get more bonus points with Hilton but their points are significantly less valuable than IHG. Thinking of upping my stays with Bonvoy, but they don’t offer anything. They all suck now!

  46. Wow! All of this complaining! I have to envy YOUR offers. Despite the, “Make Every Stay Count” promo (blatant false advertising)–my ONE offer is, double points beginning after my SECOND stay,. I have an 18-night stay coming up, and will be moving to a Hilton property, where they appreciate loyalty.

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