IHG Priceless Surprises Points Posting

The IHG Priceless Surprises promotion is underway and it’s definitely an interesting one. The idea of this promotion is that you earn entries into the Priceless Surprises instant win contest after staying at IHG hotels. Each entry gives you a chance to win IHG points or a few bigger prizes.

At least that’s the way it was probably supposed to work.

But since it is fundamentally a contest, there has to be a “free” alternate method of entry. In this case, you can write your name, address, IHG number, date of birth, and some other information on an index card and mail it in. Then you should eventually receive an email inviting you to play the instant win game.

On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward.

I love the games aspect of the miles and points world, so this was kind of right up my alley. But before I jumped in the deep end, I wanted to see how it worked in practice.


Quick Analysis of the IHG Priceless Surprises Promotion

There has been quite a bit of debate about just what your chances of winning actually are. Although I’m sort of the resident geek here at OMAAT, I think I’m just going to take the easy way out and assume that every entry is going to win something. That’s just what makes sense to me given the structure of the contest.

So for now, I’m going to just think about what I believe is the worst case, specifically that you win 500 points for each entry. Because hey, if we can make the numbers work in the worst case, anything else is just going to be bonus.

Ben values IHG points at 0.5 cents each, and that seems reasonable to me.

  • Assuming that every entry earns the minimum 500 points, that means we should get at least $2.50 worth of points each time we play the game
  • Although the entry is free, we’ll still incur the cost of a 49 cent stamp, and then a few cents for the envelope and index card, so maybe each entry actually costs us 75 cents
  • That means we should expect to net at least $1.75 per entry

It took me 2 to 3 minutes to complete each entry, so perhaps you could crank out 20-30 entries per hour, meaning you might be able to make at least $30-$50 per hour, assuming you don’t mind getting paid in IHG points. This promotion is rather scalable in that you can submit 94 entries per account. If you do that, you should expect to receive at least 47,000 points. And a sore arm.

My IHG Priceless Surprises Trial Results

I wanted to do a bit of research to see what would work and what wouldn’t before committing to 94 entries.

So I did a small test by submitting two entries for myself, and two for my wife.

  • For my two entries, I used our printer to address the envelopes with both the address and return address
  • For my wife’s, I hand addressed the envelopes
  • In both cases, I hand wrote the index cards and used #10 business envelopes

My penmanship is not the greatest, but I was fairly careful to at least get the IHG number and email address to be legible, thinking that those were probably the most important fields.

Here is the timeline of my trial along with the results:

November 15

I mailed two envelopes for myself and two for my wife.

December 11

We received four emails notifying us that we had received a Priceless Surprise. The subject line was “You qualify for a Priceless Surprise®!” I wonder how her shoe came untied? 

IHG Priceless Surprises notification email
IHG Priceless Surprises notification email

December 13

I played the game by clicking the link in the email. I think I just clicked one of the elevator buttons and then a message appeared telling me what I had won. Then I was able to play again and again until I was out of chances.

Priceless Surprises contest page
Priceless Surprises contest page

December 29

All of our points posted.

Priceless Surprises points posted to my IHG account
Priceless Surprises points posted to my IHG account

My IHG Priceless Surprises Results

Between my wife and I, we played the game four times and won three 500 point awards and a 2,000 point award. That means we averaged 875 points in that limited trial.

Most importantly, both the handwritten and machine printed envelopes were accepted. For the sake of science, I wish I had included some machine printed index cards as well!

Interestingly, my wife also had a revenue IHG stay in December to complete her Accelerate promotion. (She only needed one stay to hit all of her goals — lucky her!) That stay earned her 1,000 points since it was her first stay during the Priceless Surprises promotion. Those points posted four days after the stay, which was much quicker than those from the alternate forms of entry.

If she were to stay again during the promotion, she’d receive an entry for each stay, and presumably that would reduce the number of entries we should submit by mail for her.

My IHG Priceless Surprises Plan Going Forward

Given that my trial was a success, I plan to submit the maximum 94 entries for each of my wife, myself, and my parents. I’m going to continue printing both the address and return address on the envelopes with my printer. My mom, who is retired, has graciously offered to write the index cards, and of course she and my dad will benefit from some of the points. Then I’ll sit back and hope to receive a bunch of emails.

It will definitely be interesting to look at the distribution of results from the 94 (or 376) contest entries. In my very limited sample size, we averaged 900 points per entry, almost double the minimum. With 94 entries, I’d expect that an individual’s overall results should be fairly close to the mean. I’ll try to share my overall results in a later post.

Bottom Line

I am convinced that IHG and Hello World are making a good faith effort to honor the terms of the promotion.

My limited sample set indicates that they are accepting entries that come in machine printed envelopes, so that is how I plan to submit the rest of my entries.

Are you participating in the IHG Priceless Surprises promotion? What have you won so far?


  1. I likewise sent some test entries before comitting to the full 94. Sent 5 in on 11/17, received my emails on 12/11 and earned an average of 1,100 points per entry. Points posted on 12/28. My other 89 are on their way.

  2. Sent in 12 entries, all hand written, around Dec 1. Still have not received a single email notification to play the game… 🙁

  3. @Travis
    On a separate subject, do your children have airline mile accounts or is there a way to credit their miles to the parents account when they fly? Thanks

  4. Yup.. it’s been over 5 weeks since I sent my first 10 entries… still waiting for the email. Sent in 84 entries so far.. nothing yet.

  5. Sent in 10 entries over a month ago. Received 3 emails for 500 points each. Not sure what happened to the other 7?

  6. Hi Travis,
    Apologies, unrelated to the Surprises promo, but thought I’d see if anyone else has this problem: my partner earned a free night with the recent ‘Accelerate’ promotion, and it was accessible to redeem in his IHG account from mid-November. Now logging into his IHG account over the last couple of days I realised the ‘Free Night Status’ link in the left-hand side menu has disappeared, and you can’t find any other way to redeem this free night. Does anyone else have this problem? I did email IHG Rewards but they haven’t responded yet. Thanks.

  7. Did you print directly on the envelope or on address labels? I don’t have the capability to print on the envelope but thought about using labels….

  8. Sebastian,

    Call them. Your nights are probably on your account but not showing to you. Call and ask the reps if they see them before you panic.

  9. Sent in 94 entries on 12/6. Still waiting for the emails. Hopefully they’ll come this week. From what I’ve heard/read, it seems like it’s taking 3-4 weeks form submission and emails are being sent on Friday’s.

  10. Sent my first set of around 20 just before thanksgiving and as of yet have not received any reply. So they were slightly off on that “will reply within 5 business days of receiving entry”. Very annoying. Located an address a couple of weeks ago…[email protected]…which I used to inquire as to if I should be expecting any reply at all to any of my entries, but have not received any reply to that either. At least they are consistent. Anyone have any other address one might use to see what’s going on with our entries?

  11. Kat —

    I printed directly on the envelopes. It was a bit of a pain to be honest. The paper tray could only hold about 20 envelopes at a time — any more than that and it would jam. So I basically had to sit there and keep reloading envelopes into it which took longer than I would have liked. Labels could be a good option.

  12. Demian —

    In general, my kids have their own accounts.

    I know of a few programs that allow household accounts though. BA is probably the most popular of the programs that does this. They will allow you to pool the miles of your family (at the same address). You all still have your own accounts, but the miles can be “shared” when it comes to booking awards. For example, if 4 people on your family go on a trip that earns 3,000 miles, you’ll all end up with 3,000 miles in your account. That’s not all that useful by itself normally. But as a household account, you can then book one award that costs 12,000 miles which is kind of cool.

    I think Turkish might have something like this too, but I’ve never investigated it much.

  13. Another data point, I sent 30 hand written entries and hand written envelopes on 11/15 and I haven’t received anything and it’s now January.

  14. Sent off my 94 in batches around Dec 4-8 and haven’t received a single email. Same with my girlfriend.

    What happens when it’s all said and done, it’s March or something, and you haven’t heard anything at all? Or if you sent 94 and you get, say, emails for just half your entries?

  15. i received the same elevator door frame with the word “continue ” shown on the door., it stops the entry in its tracks . It didn’t allow me to pick a floor so I received nothing for the opened email. No points and no other prizes. Si cd you are showing the same picture I received what did you do with that entry? Did you receive anything? Thanks for your anticipated response. I sent in all 94 totally hand written response over several days in Late November I have received back 23 emails. Five of them opened with that “continue” message where I received nothing. For the others, I received a 5000 point winner, two 1000 point winners and the rest were 500 points each. None have been posted to my IHG Spire account yet.

  16. I sent in 94. I got about 85-90 emails back. About 80 were 500 points, about 5 were 0 points (a loser), and 5 were for more than 500 points. Of those, 2 of them were for MUCH larger than 500 points. 😉

  17. Results have been mixed. From 188 entries we have received about half our emails receiving mostly 500 points, a few 1,000 or 2,000 points and a nice $50 gift card. On the other hand we have been looking to use points on an upcoming trip to Brazil and are finding IHG properties which show no days in the year when points can be used for a room (or free night certificates, either).

  18. You can only win 5 category B prizes, meaning only 5 of the 94 entries will be greater than 500 points.
    It is technically possible but statistically improbable to earn less than the 47000 points stated in the article. If you win 5 category B prizes of the $50 master card and the rest 500 points for your entries (just as a note it is possible to get a “dud” and no points on an entry also), then you end up with 44,500 points. This, of course, increases the overall value of the entries and does not diminish the overall message of the article.

  19. Just finished writing up my notecards. Sending in all 94 entries so we’ll see what happens.Hopefully this ~$55 gets me 2-3 free nights (lower end) during my vacation this June. This combined with the $50 off Airbnb via Amex and the Hyatt card I’m thinking of applying for that should net me about a week of pretty cheap overnights.

  20. KPS —

    So here’s what I know about the link in the email.

    1. I submitted two entries for myself, and got two notification emails. Both had exactly the same link in it. I was able to play the game twice.

    2. I submitted two entries for my wife. I only got one email. It was a different link than the one I had received for my account. I was able to play the game TWICE, despite only receiving one email.

    From this tiny sample size, I would conclude that a.) every IHG account gets a unique link to the Priceless Surprises game, b.) your game entries are actually tied to your account, so that .c) you don’t actually need to receive the email to play the game. In other words, my wife didn’t receive her second invite email (for whatever reason), but I was still able to play the game twice for her.

    Applying this to your situation, I guess it seems like your account wasn’t loaded with as many game chances as you think it was. Not sure why.

    Again, I have only 4 data points to go on right now. So that’s just my best guess as to how this works.

  21. Both my husband and I have had stays and still my husband has received no surprises and I got the first 2 out of about 5-6 stays. Contacted hello world and they said they would look into it, but its frustrating as a spire to not get these in the 5 days they originally said and then to see people mailing in cards getting them before people actually staying…….dont get me wrong I dont have a problem with the cards and now am doing the same…..now I just wont know what posts first the cards or the stays !!! But seeing our stays were end of nov -dec and nothing its just frustrating. IHG needs to stick to one promo at a time……because then and now they added accererlate and that all got screwed up too

  22. I submitted 10 on November 16th and got 10 entries split between the 1st and 2nd Friday of December. I submitted another 84 on Thanksgiving day and have yet to receive anymore emails. From the 10 entries, I got a total of 6k points.

  23. I sent 20+ hand-written entries on 3×5 cards, and have not received a single email. I submitted a missing points form just to get IHG’s attention. I had to do that with the Accelerate promotion anyway, or else they will not count one of the completed task.

  24. Hello World says they’re running about a month out due to receiving way more entries than expected. Ps to Travis. It’s an ice skate

  25. I am also waiting after sending 94 entries a month ago. I really hope they are still coming and it wasn’t all for nothing.

  26. I sent in 54 entries and received only 11 email replies. They earned 500 points each and have posted into my account. Still waiting for the others though!

  27. Just to give an update, I received 81 more emails this morning for a total of 91. I’m not sure if I’ll get the other 3 I sent in but I’m happy. So the tally for the 91 is: one 2k points, four 1k points, and the rest 500 points for grand total of 49,000 points. Not bad at all. Almost enough for a night in Bora Bora.

  28. I mailed “about” 40 entries on 11/27. Today I received just ONE email. I was, however, able to play the same link a total of 35 times. I got one 5000, three 2000s, and one 1,000, so I guess I already hit my limit in level B already. That totals 25,000 for the first 35. Assuming all the rest are 500 I will hit 57,500.

    I sent the next batch a couple of weeks ago. I guess I’ll see how short I am of 94 (for whatever reason) and send a last batch then. That is unless I actually stay an IHG night, which I may because they offered a 5,000 bonus for a January night. My accelerate was lousy.

    FYI. I left off the return address on the envelope (which the USPS does not require), although that did concern me for a while.

  29. I’m wondering if people should first sign up for the promotion on the IHG website before they can get credit for the postcards they mail in. Has anyone received credit for their postcards without having signed up first?

  30. You definitely need to sign up first. I didn’t realize I hadn’t until two weeks after I mailed 40 entries. Luckily they were so far behind it didn’t matter. I finally got emails for the contest a month after mailing all my entries.

  31. Is there a e-mail address for Hello World that we can send an email to to see if they have received our written entries?

  32. We too missed the “register first memo.” Two sets of 94 went out. My son’s were sent later with the registration and he got his prizes within days. I assumed the others were trashed, but last week we recieved ONE email prize win from the original unregistered cards. I’m wondering if there is hope for the other 187????
    I’ll wait another couple of weeks before going through the process a second time.

  33. BIG NEWS UPDATE (as far as I am concerned.) As I stated above – we registered AFTER THE FACT. I thought we were out of the running – then got one email on one account. What I just found out was that that one email allowed 33 plays – all but two for 500 pts. The last two plays were 1k and 2K. Now I’m hopeful that all of our entries will be processed in due time.

  34. I tried taking a scientific approach to this and have been a little confounded by HelloWorld’s lack of consistency in processing.

    I sent my entries in batches – following the advice of another blogger, I sent a test batch right at the start of the promotion before committing the whole 94 entries and finding out I did it “wrong”. I did log the number of entries, the postmark date and then the number of emails and the dates that I received them.

    Based on what I’ve seen so far:
    1) I can debunk the “emails go out on Friday” claim – I have emails from Nov 30th, Dec. 4th & 23, and Jan. 6 and 13.
    2) 100% of your entries will probably not make it or qualify. My initial batch showed me that only 80-85% resulted in an email (could be the mail, could be scrutiny when processing, could be emails lost into the ether…). So plan to enter a little more than 94 times, if you want to max out (just round up to an even hundred and call it a day!)
    3) They started out close to their projected timeframe, but have since become WAY behind (most likely due to holiday travel and promotion of the contest via blogs and word of mouth). According to the USPS, my zip to Kalamazoo is only 2-3 days via first class – I was getting emails 3-4 weeks after the entry postmark. When I filed a missing point form the reply said it could be an additional 3 weeks delay because of volume at the end of the year. Upon request, I was sent an email “ledger” of all the points I had won up until that point, regardless of whether they had been added to my IHG Rewards account yet or not (it would be nice if such a ledger were available by logging into the HelloWorld site or something, but maybe for next year’s promotion)
    4) Interestingly enough, my read of the rules of play seemed to indicate that the prizes are tied to specific random TIMES in the prize computer. A time is randomly selected, and the first play executed after that time wins a first tier prize, subsequent entries get the next tier and so on down until the default of 500 IHG Rewards points for any other plays, until the next magic winning time comes up when it starts all over again. This played out for me in hitting a couple bigger wins (a few 5k and a few 2k point awards) with the rest being 500pt wins as I spaced out my plays. (i.e. when I get a batch of 10 emails, instead of playing them all right away, I played a couple, then went back to my inbox an hour or two later to play some more and then again until all available plays were used).
    5) Plays are in fact tied to an email address. If you missed an email (gobbled up by the spam demons or whatever) the play is still available to you you can just re-click the link until all available plays are used up.
    6) I don’t know that the Elevator Floor Numbers make much of a difference, but different browsers may plaster a navigation bar across some of the available floors – if the Elevator Button graphic is partially obscured, try a different browser next time you play (chrome browser on my android device seemed to work the best for me)
    7) Plays from qualifying stays do definitely seem to hit the inbox much quicker than snail mail entries.

    All that said, I’m at like 32,000 IHG Points for 42 plays across slightly more than 100 entries (mail plus qualifying stays, so far) not counting regular earnings and Accelerate bonuses.

  35. I just got my first 10 emails today. All 10 did not win anything. It said maybe next time. Sorry for all those hoping every one is a winner. I know I am pretty disappointed.

  36. I sent a total of 85 in (all cards filled out by hand, all envelopes filled out by hand) over the course of 2 weeks starting Thanksgiving weekend. I sent in 85 as I anticipated some IHG stays during the promotional period and didn’t want to go over the number of allowable entries. I didn’t hear anything back until last night, when I received 12 emails (all sent at 7:01pm PT on a Monday). This morning I went through the process of playing 12 times and each one said sorry you did not win. I even cleared out cookies and tried a different browser for different plays just to see if that was the issue. Just a cautionary tale for those of you who have not yet sent in your entries. Might not be worth it. I also realize that my experience is not what others have experienced, which is why I wanted to share. Also, I had three IHG stays during the promotion period. For the first one, I received 1000 points. For the second and third stays, I received the email to play about a week after checkout. I won 500 points for each of those plays. We’ll see if I get any other emails for the remaining 73 entries.

  37. Here’s an update from my previous post. I actually got another email today that said…

    “Dear RYAN,

    Thank you for your participation in the IHG and Mastercard® Priceless Surprises® Promotion! It appears that you may have accidentally received a message that you did not win when you played the game today. Please be assured that you have won the following prize:

    500 IHG Rewards Club Points

    Our system indicates that you should have won this prize 10 times, for a total of 5,000 IHG Rewards Club points.

    We apologize for any miscommunication with the promotion and thank you for your continued support of the Priceless Surprises promotion.


    That is great news. I guess I do get my points after all. I also had my next batch of 10 emails today that each won 5,000 points. So instead of disappointment I actually have 10,000 points. I was very pleased to see that!

  38. Mailed 10 entries for me and 10 for my husband Dec 17th. Finally received 7 emails for each of our accounts Jan 19 at 7:30 pm. Mailed several more sets a week apart, hoping to see more emails. All were 500 pts except one for 1,000 pts.

  39. Received 8 more for husband and 15 more for me today. Most 500 points. One said no prize, but hoping to get the 500 pts. as others have had. Glad to finally get some of these! Thank you!

  40. Data point:

    Mailed in 94 entries between Dec 20-24, (hand written cards and envelopes), and have received 82 emails so far from priceless surprises between Jan 20-23. Each time I played I won at least 500 points, and 5 entries were above that (3×1000, 1×2000, 1×5000). Also some points have already posted to my IHG account. Nearly 50k points total so far. Thanks to 1 mile at a time for the heads up!

  41. So is there any hope if I mail entries now? It says they have to be mailed by Feb 15th, but I wonder if I will even get the emails back in time to play the game.

  42. I received 42 more emails that posted at 4am today! That’s 64 received out of 94 mailed so far. So glad that I started following one mile at a time! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!!

  43. i got one email for my husband and played 94 times exactly…. 3-1000 pts 2- 5000 pts and the rest 500 pts.

    mine have resulted so far in 21 entries, three 1,000 , one 2,000 and the rest 500 so far.

  44. oh, and i sent them all around christmas and had printed the envelopes with my printer but hand wrote the 3 x 5 lined cards

  45. I sent out around 70 envelopes (half for me and half for husband) during the 1st and 2nd weeks of January. Received emails approximately 3 weeks later — in huge batches. Won 5 x 1000, 2 x 2000, 1 x 5000 and all the others were 500. None have posted to our IHG accounts yet. (plays were within the last week). No complaints here! Better odds than slots, that’s for sure.

    Towards the end of clicking my groups of emails, I started getting duds consistently saying “We love your enthusiasm! However you do not have any instant win chances to use. Complete a qualified stay before February 15 to earn another chance to win.” Not sure what’s happening –but I’ll press on and submit the rest of our plays.

    I lost count of exactly how many envelopes I sent out for each account — (preoccupied) — so I hope I don’t exceed the 94 allowed if I accidentally go over the limit. Any idea what the consequences of my poor recordkeeping might be?

  46. Registered after the fact.

    Sent about 40 envelopes on Dec 23, the remaining envelopes the first week of Jan.

    Just registered today. Feel like a total idiot.

    We’ll see what happens. I am an idiot for not seeing that in the rules.

  47. Similar experience as some of you … sent 94 entries and today received 44 emails … opened first 22 to win 500 points for twenty, 1000 points for one, and 1000 points for one more. Then the additional 22 emails ZERO points … I thought the minimum per entry was 500 points. What is going on? Any advice?

  48. Sent 94 entries last week, and awoke this morning to 89 emails from IHG. Won 52,500 points, consisting of one 5k, one 2k, three 1k and the remainder 500. I was pretty amazed that they came all at once. So, for $47 of postage and some envelopes, it was a nice return.

    For those that are interested, I handwrote the entry details 3 times on 1 sheet of paper, and then copied that sheet onto inkjet printer fed 3×5 cards (3 to a sheet) which I already had (and have no idea why!). I printed sheets of address labels for the envelopes and did not put a return address on the envelope. The whole process was amazing fast.

  49. I am a little disappointed. I mailed 86 entries on 1/25. I received on email so far which is a quick response. However, I played and won nothing.

    I am hoping for the same follow-up email Ryan received with a correction.

  50. I sent 92 envelopes and got all of the emails last week.
    Played the game and I ended up with 54,500 points!!
    Pretty simple, took about 1.5 hours to complete everything.
    Now where to stay and use those points 🙂

  51. I received my first PricelessSurprise email on Wednesday after mailing in 94 entries about a week ago. That seems to be very fast from what I’ve heard others say. However, I only received one play, which makes me kind of nervous. Has anyone else had this problem?


  52. Howard – are you serious, you photocopied the remaining 90+ 3×5 index cards with your first original hand written card template? surprised that worked… was anyone else brave enough to try it out?

    Travis – for the sake of science, did you print a few index cards as well for the remaining entries for either your wife, your self, or your parents? would be great to know.

  53. I sent in 94 entries in four batches the first week of January. On 1/23/16 received 14 emails, 1/24 5 emails, 1/26 43 emails 5 of which were “we love your enthusiasm, sucker” then 3 more 1/26 all bad. the 1/29 2 emails all good. But this is a a total of 68 emails, so still missing 26. any idea on how to follow up with HelloWorld?

  54. I accumulated about 65,000 points. I am new to this so how do I redeem the rewards and what is 65,000 points worth?


  55. I hand printed all 3×5 cards as was stated in the terms of the contest. I did machine print the envelopes which also was acceptable according to terms.

    I mailed all 94 approximately Dec 28 or 29th ( a few days after Christmas is all I remember as I wrote them all up during my Christmas vacation down time ). I received an invite for 5 entries so far 2 on Jan 25 and 3 on Jan 28 and I have heard nothing else. I received the min. of 500 miles for each win so far.

  56. So im dumb and forgot to mail entries. Promotion ends feb 15 which is presidents day so cant postmark by then. Anyone tried sending via ups. Maybe put bunch of individual envelopes in a box?

  57. Yeah I forgot its presidents day on monday. Now I cant ship them. Apparently, UPS doesnt ship to PO boxes, they go through USPS for that

  58. HI all,

    I sent in 79 entries (miscounted)
    Sent in:
    Feb 2 – 20
    Feb 3 – 14
    Feb 4 – 15
    Feb 5 – 15
    Feb 9 – 15

    Received emails on:
    Feb 8 – 12 emails
    Feb 10 – 7 emails
    Feb 11 – 4 emails
    Feb 12 – 17 emails
    Feb 15 – 1 email
    Feb 16 – 7 emails

    Got 2000×3, 1000×2, and the rest 500. If all entries are counted for, should get around 42500 pts. Good luck to everyone.

  59. Sent in 50 envelopes in January and got 45 entries. Sent in another 49 envelopes a couple of weeks ago and got 2 entries just a couple days later and 5 more entries a few days after that and then nothing. Wondering if I’m going to get the rest or not.

  60. Did the email address have to be the one you registered with (your ihg login email) or can it be a different email? I used a different email address and now I am worried.

    Did anyone use a different email and still get points?

  61. I have received 77 of my 91 entries (I had a few stays in 2015 that I received entries for already). So far, 44k IHG points which I’m pretty happy with. Of course, I’d be happier if the other 14 entries come through but still worth the time, effort, and money expended.

  62. 94 wins for me totaling 63,500 points!
    94 wins for my wife totaling 57,500 points!

    All 121,000 points have now posted into our two IHG accounts. As an added bonus: I only sent in 91 entries for myself, but IHG must have assumed I sent in 94 entries because they let me play the elevator game 94 times!

    A great promo!

  63. Thank you again for sharing the great opportunity with your loyal followers! My Mom and I got all 94 emails and scored 50,000 points. My husband did not get credited for 15 of his emails, but he still won 50,000 so I really can”t complain. This is enough for 6 nights for us at a mid-level Holiday Inn Express!

  64. Thanks for all of the info. I sent in 94 each for my husband and myself. He received all of his, I received only 24. I have contacted HelloWorld, and they said they said “Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any additional entries to process for you.” I mailed them in within one week of each other, the end of January. I actually took a video of the last group of stamped envelopes before they were mailed, and just send that to HelloWorld.

    Any suggestions as to what I can do to try and get the remaining 70 entries?

  65. I reached out to them and ihg they told me to basically eat sand be happy with the 37k points and forget about the 38 entities I had with 0 points as well as the other 14 I never got to play. I’m done with ihg after this. Totally wrong way to handle it.

  66. I sent in over 35 entries on February 10 and I have not heard from them for all the entries. is there a chance I can get some points? Who can I contact?

  67. My wife and I both signed up (in December) for the Priceless Surprises Promotion. Then in early February, we each sent in (separately) 94 envelopes, with hand written note cards of all of the required information. I received emails for 92 of my 94 entries. My wife, surprisingly, hasn’t received even 1 email, even though back in December, she received an email acknowledging that she had registered. She emailed IHG Rewards Customer email, to follow-up, but nothing so far.

  68. I sent my 94 index cards in 3 separate batches (different dates). The last batch was mailed on Feb 11th. Plenty of time to be postmarked and received. I also made sure I wrote everything in bold, hand written letters. I double checked every instructions and mailing address. The only thing that I didn’t wrote was the field titles (i.e. Name, etc.) as it wasn’t necessary. So far, I have not received any emails 🙁

  69. Doctor of Credit site suggested emailing Hello World and gave this email address; “[email protected]”. I emailed and a few hours later received a reply that all 94 were processed. I politely replied back saying I was only able to play 79 times and I included a screen shot of my total entries plus a pdf copy of all my points from the IHG site. I received my missing 15 emails a little bit later! Yippee! I would highly suggest a polite email to them if you are missing points, and a polite reply with documentation if the first email gets no solution.

  70. I sent in 94 around end of January and yet to receive ANY THING. The wife sent in 94 a week after I did and within 1 1/2 weeks later she received 84 of hers. That has been it for both of us. NONE for me?
    Is there any options for checking into this?

  71. [email protected]” I think today was the last official day, but who knows, maybe they can extend it a few days I would email the ASAP! It costs nothing to politely ask. My first email received a canned response saying I got all 94. Here;s my 2nd reply: “Your company might show that they processed 94 plays, but I only have 79 plays shown on the website. When I tried using the email link to do more it said there are no more plays. I tried several times, several different days. I just tried again today, same message. When I view my account for the last 180 days it shows 80 entries and one entry is saying I enrolled so that equals 79 plays. I have a screen shot below showing total from IHG web site and I also exported the list and have that pdf attached. Maybe the missing 15 were credited to a different account by mistake? My account number is xxxxxxx. Thank you very much for your kind assistance.” signed, xxxxxxxx Someone else said the wrote to them that they could not imagine that the post office had lost that many emails, and that maybe they could send the missing ones as a professional courtesy. Be polite, include IHG #, and full name, and a copy of your last 180 days from the IHG site. And send it quickly! I hope you get success like l did. : )

  72. So, many weeks after this promo has ended I’m still having issues!
    I sent in all 94, received (finally, after a reminder email) all 94 entries back via email.
    I’m still missing 24,500 points from my account that I earned on 3/14 (all 500 point winners).
    Not knowing how long I’m supposed to wait for them to show up, but it sure seems like a long time now, I emailed IHG Rewards Club the other day.
    This is their latest response. A previous email from them said the adjustment period was until April 30th

    “In as much as we wanted to award the points to your account, we are unable to do so for the adjustment period for the missing bonus points for the Priceless Surprises had already passed. However, as a goodwill gesture, we offer 5,000 points to be deposited to your account. You may reply to this email should you agree with our offer.”

    I’ve told them this is unacceptable and their mistake, as well as asked for a superior’s name and direct phone number. We’ll see…

  73. I also received my last 15 missing emails the day before the contest ended. I was getting no results but then I sent IHG a screen shot of the 15 emails in my inbox showing the date, sent by, subject line, & sent to. Also a screen shot of points showing only 1 of 15 was credited. That seemed to work. But it was late April, probably before the 30th. I also said I would be happy to forward all 15 of the emails if that helped. Try that and see if it helps.

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