If you’re going to have an airport meltdown…

…this is definitely the way to do it. Too bad it’s not in English.

Since there are no subtitles, it might help to read the transcript by The Nanfang Insider first:

A woman at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, frustrated by a delay, indulged in the following rant (which starts at 00:15 in the video) to fellow passengers.

The rant translates as follows:

I’m from Shandong I tell you! From Shandong! You people are so disgusting! If you want to think I’m mentally ill then go ahead. My father’s name is (too muffled to hear). My mother’s name is Chen. My father is a national-level government official. He was a provincial-level cadre before. So if you people want to play I’ll play with you.

If anything happens to me, you Guangdong people will have to change your mayor (sic). We Shandong people have so many superstars among us. I’m a minor celebrity myself.

Then a man asked her whether she had a ticket to fly. She responded: “You’re local, so I won’t talk to you.”

You bastard! You local people are just trying to wind us Shandong people up. I am representing Shandong Province, and I am also representing some people in the Beijing government itself when I say: “You go as far as to say I have mental health problems? My mental health is fine.”

She then pulled out her air ticket as well as several other identifying documents.

I’ve never shown anybody these documents before. Please log into my website. My qq number is 22****967. If anybody tries to mess with me, I could have the entire internet shut down.

When passengers were permitted to board the plane, she stated: “I am an ambassador of justice.” After she stood on a rail and continued to rant, security personnel finally arrived. She got down on the floor and accused them of trying to hit her.

She was eventually subdued and dragged away kicking and screaming.

Having the entire internet shut down, that’s new to me. Will keep that in my back pocket the next time I have a flight delay…

(Tip of the hat to Jordan)

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  1. Well, based on reading your words, my preconceived notion of what “the woman” would look like was NOT borne out. I was expecting more of a senior citizen (missed the “stood on a rail” phrase during my first read).

    The shortness of the skirt was only exceeded by the plunge of the neckline.

    Yep, subtitles would have been appreciated.

  2. A bit of cultural context: Shandong is a province in the north and Guangdong is a province in the south. While it is not the same thing, for the Americans among us, there is a bit of the hoity-toity Yankees looking down at the backward Southerner thing going on here.

  3. This is ripe for a joke voice-over! I just hope it comes before the ‘net is shutdown. Wait for it…

  4. OMFG! Reminds me of the video of the woman who missed her flight at HKG and was freaking out. What a mess!

  5. Gawd… This clip makes me miss the middle aged lady who missed her Cathay Pacific flight at HKG few years ago.

  6. That was not a meltdown. That was schizophrenia. But good that she can entertain so many of you.

  7. Damn. And they didn’t even have the Tee Ess Eh Smurfs to protect them. I cannot imagine how scared they were.

  8. It sounds like she has mental health problems and I don’t think it’s particularly nice to be making fun of her.

  9. Well, in China, having the internet shut down probably isn’t all that involved, since they’ve already got it heavily filtered.

  10. Sounds like she does have mental health issues, which means this post is basically mocking a handicapped person for a very sad public breakdown. Obviously this wasn’t your intention Ben, but it’s the reality. I have friend who has expresses her severe mental health issues in public on occasion and while her antics might appear amusing I would be very sad and angry if I saw people laughing at her misfortune on the internet.

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