Iberia takes good care of OneWorld Emeralds!

Thanks Iberia for the pre-boarding and priority seating (and the gracious, charming, and polite ogress agents at check-in)!

As a matter of fact, here’s a video of the one that checked us in:


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  1. Now you know what it was like as an Alaska elite on AA before their mutual elite recognition pact. šŸ˜‰

  2. I almost want to say it’s your fault for flying Iberia, but then again the punishment doesn’t justify the crime! šŸ˜‰ Seriously, though, Iberia is a pitiful airline that should be avoided at all costs.

  3. ROFL! Spain has been a photo bonanza for us readers so far: The Ben-getting-a-crummy-bus-seat face, the prawns, and now this! Truly awesome.

  4. seriously which seat was that 1K? & on what type of plane so folks can avoid it … I have an Iberia flight today from ORD to MAD on an A340 and you’re making me kinda nervous (!) šŸ™ ..

  5. I flew Iberia years ago. Their cancelled my flight out of MAD and rerouted me via GVA, telling me they’d pay the hotel costs.

    I filed the original BP’s like requested (I was a newbie back then), as I followed up some weeks later they told me that I never flew.

    So for me its easy. I will never fly Iberia again in my life.

  6. Probably he didn’t understand when they announced Emeralds could board first in Spanish (which is the first language in Florida, by the way). I flew Air Nostrum on business a few weeks ago and the gate agent called business, followed by priorities in Iberia program and one world emerald and sapphire. My business seats were great, as was the food, for such the short flight I took.

  7. I can’t speak to Iberia, but on LAN domestic in Argentina, they put a gigantic “Preferente” on your boarding pass, which matches up with the “Preferente” boarding gate. Hard to miss that in any language.

  8. well my flight on IB yesterday was great – ORD -> MAD .. great soft and hard product and they did pre-board Emeralds ..

  9. With Spanair out of the picture, flew Iberia twice this month. Had my knees on my chin both flights as there was no legroom. ALL refreshments cost. Iberia makes our carriers seem luxurious. Never again! Best advice within Spain, take the train (faster but more expensive) or buses (cheap and comfortable).

  10. that seat without the windows resembles the seats on the rendition flights hheheh (why I am laffing?? thats horrible!)

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