Booked: I’m Flying* Iberia From Malaga To Madrid 10 Times!

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Since the good fares are rapidly disappearing, I wanted to make one more quick post about this amazing Iberia offer for 9,000 bonus Avios per ticket.

I wrote about the deal before I took advantage of it myself (since I don’t know how much longer this promotion will be around), which is why I wanted to write this post for anyone who still wants to take advantage of this offer.

If you don’t yet have an Iberia Plus account, you’ll want to sign-up for one here.

Then you’ll just want to start booking one-way tickets as quickly as possible. Personally I booked 10 one-way tickets from Malaga to Madrid on Iberia’s website for travel next May and June, when there are $29 one-way fares available. Not only were the cheapest fares way in advance, but I’m also happier booking way in advance, ideally after the Avios are set to expire, just to be on the safe side.

Iberia sends out confirmation emails right away, so within about 20 minutes my email inbox looked like this:

The good news is that Iberia’s website makes it really easy to book multiple tickets. You can save your credit card information to your Iberia Plus profile during the booking process, and there are only a few steps, so really it’s a repetitive clicking exercise. The only downside was that the website was slow, which isn’t surprising, given the number of Very High Value Passengers booking tickets at the moment. 😉

The number of dates with these cheap $29 fares is quickly decreasing, so you’ll want to book as soon as possible if interested. There seem to still be a decent number of $34 fares between Madrid and Seville (SVQ) or Santander (SDR) available for next Spring.

What an offer… I still don’t know what they were thinking, though this actually seems to be legit — Iberia has confirmed one-way tickets qualify, they’ve confirmed you get the Avios even if you don’t fly, etc. Just remember that the Avios expire on December 1, so you need to redeem them by then, though you can travel on a subsequent rate. Furthermore, you can’t transfer these Avios to British Airways.

There are going to be some heavily booked but very empty domestic Iberia flights for travel next year.

Now I just have to wait for the 90,000 Avios to post…

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  1. You missed out the most important part of the terms and conditions in the post as I was ready to book this until I read this from Iberia on loyalty lobbys website “The promotion is available when the tickets are bought on in the following countries: Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and USA, regardless of the origin of the flight” Lucky you should really mention that as I live in Australia and was ready to book them.

  2. Something I forgot to do by saw mentioned on FT: going through Mr. Rebates gives you $3 back on each ticket.

  3. And this is nowhere to be read in the TCs.
    Lots of people already booked and Not everybody speculate.

  4. Good thing you don’t have* to fly; Malaga was the most awful city I’ve been to in all my years traveling so far

  5. Lol @Willem what’s so bad about Malaga? I’ve been multiple time in Malaga and its surroundings and have had always good experiences

  6. I decided to go another direction and actually book flight I might use, since between AA, Iberia, and Alaska (practically OW member) i have more miles than what to do with. Trips to Palma and Malaga from MAD for $150 and getting 36K Avios on top sounds pretty good.

  7. “What an offer… I still don’t know what they were thinking…”

    Perhaps they are doing a little “Manufactured Cash Infusion”. A good number of folks probably won’t even show up for their bargain flights.

  8. What worries me though is already I can’t seem to find any Cathay availabilty on their website.

  9. I loved visiting Nerja and Granada nearby, but Malaga itself was very crowded and dirty when I was there. Furthermore, I was there during Semana Santa, and it took me over an hour to get from the bus terminal to my hostel across the parade route. Then it lasted until 6 am… with trumpets blaring the whole time. Plus I got food poisoning… Maybe just a comedy of errors for me

  10. Must be mentioned: these bonus miles need to be used by Dec of this year – that’s a pretty big deal to many

  11. For those of us who got in on this deal last night, there were some sweet PMI-MAD flights for $18. Unfortunately those dried up fairly quickly.

  12. @Willem yeah certainly unlucky plus I can imagine how annoying it can get during semana santa with all the processions… nonetheless having visited it both on off and peak season, I think the former (late summer, late august/early September) can be a really good value, but truly is a shame. I’m half andalusian so thats why I was curious 🙂

  13. Since we’re already trying to maximize this promo… Does anyone know if one must actually fly on the flight (butt in seat) for getting BusinessExtra points?

  14. Thanks. Booked through their app as having trouble getting the website to work as traveling with my phone only. Hopefully the bonus will still post as realize after booking it said from the website. OVD to MAD had many 29 euro fares available next summer.

  15. Ok guys I’m just about to jump in. Can someone confirm. I can buy my tickets in uk. Get the Iberia points. Then I can use them in a Iberia partner airline. Eg. Qantas reward chart shows 90000 avios enough for a return economy flight from BNE to LAX ???? If this is right I’m in. If not, can you book hotels using these points ?

  16. And also I take it accounts can be opened for other family members so my family could also travel using the avios ( assuming reward availability)

  17. Just booked 10 tickets as well.
    So just you guys know, Santader (SDR) still have plenty of cheap flights.

  18. @Lucky
    I‘m interested: why do you keep saying that you can’t transfer the avios into BA Avios when Iberia specifically stated that it is possible according to the statement given to Loyalty Lobby? The only thing is that you’d have a negative balance in your IB account but I’m not sure that’s even an issue to be honest.
    Would you mind elaborating on this?

  19. Has anyone had the following issue when trying to buy tickets on for this purpose? I assume it has something to do with the fact that I just signed up for an Iberia PLUS number, so their system may not have fully “registered” it yet. The issue is a follows. I signed up as a new Iberia PLUS member earlier this afternoon and immediately purchased five one-way tickets on the Madrid-Seville route for $34 each. No problem; all bookings were confirmed and my new Iberia PLUS number was recorded in each of them. However, when I tried to purchase the sixth ticket, the system gave me the following message:

    “Please check your Iberia Plus number XXXXXXXX because it does not match the name and family name on the booking. If you are an On Business member, the name must the same as the one you have with Iberia Plus. Change it with On Business before booking your flight.”

    I am concerned about booking my remaining five tickets without putting my new Iberia PLUS number in because then those tickets wouldn’t qualify for the promotion since my number wouldn’t have been recorded or identified “during the purchase process”. At the same time, I cannot purchase any further tickets with my new number in the reservation because Iberia’s system goes haywire and thinks that I am not who I am.

    I guess I could always wait until tomorrow and see if the matter cures itself on their website. I do have until 6/24 to purchase the tickets.

    Has anyone had this happen and is there a workaround?

  20. and why oh why are they not just SELLING the avios directly for that price?
    They still get the cash and nobody flying….

  21. @lucky, probably a dumb question. I am trying to see American airlines domestic award availability from LAX to various domestic destinations. On Iberia website, if I select LAX as a starting destination, I cannot find any flights available to any domestic destination on any date. Am I doing something wrong?

  22. I booked this deal yesterday when I read about it. About 3 reservations I made while logged into my account by the Iberia number didn’t take initially to the reservation. Although I was logged and went through the link, do you think those will count?

  23. I bought 5 – will buy 5 more later. This seems way too good to be true. Knowing personally the folks that work at Avios in MAD, I am not sure what the heck it’s going on?!

  24. Iberia Plus won’t let me book after booking 6.

    Im getting the error saying that The Name in the Iberia Plus account isn’t same as the one on the ticket!

    Anyone face this issue?

  25. Just FYI – I noticed that the Iberia Plus number was not showing up on my ticketed bookings.
    Spoke with them and they noted that the number may not be active for 24-48 hours.
    The agent was aware of the issue – asked in particular if I was booking for the 9,000-mile bonus.
    He took down all of my booking references and sent them off to a department which handles the credit.
    Will be interesting to see if anything gets flagged.
    But clearly they are aware that many people are taking advantage of the promotion.

  26. This promo actually does make a lot of sense short term for the airline if you see it for what it probably is. It’s like a kickstarter for Iberia. They can walk into an investor meeting next month and talk about a nice bump in Q2 bookings and sharp uptick in Iberia Plus membership. All positive company indicators – until it’s time to pay the piper when the loaded cost of Avios for OneWorld business class bookings appear on the balance sheet. But that’s next year’s problem.

  27. @john I had the same issue. You can only book a roundtrip on American with Iberia Avios on and both days need have availability. Otherwise, the results show no availability, even if there is availability on the outbound or return. Not intuitive and quite annoying.

  28. Info for the people looking for Partner award flights (e.g. Cathay, Qantas, AA) and have trouble finding availability: first, it could be that Iberia website doesn’t show it because it sucks big time. Or, you were looking for one way flights. You are required to book round trip flights with Iberia Avios on partner awards otherwise their website isn’t even showing the theoretical availability.

  29. The Iberia number did not show in the reservation and I called and they were super glad to manually do this. Excellent agent who was aware of this promo and was glad that we were all aware of it. World Cup football and awesome wine references helped too! Good luck to all of us and again- thanks Ben.

  30. My number is not on my electronic ticket, and it’s not on the ‘manage booking’ section when I click passenger Information! which is weird because I logged in to purchase, and when I purchased it stated my frequent flier number. What can I do!

  31. To follow up, I click ‘ add my number’ then it says my name does not match my card number entered!

  32. Update: Just called, they can’t find my number in the system. They say wait 24 hours because my account may not be activated yet since I created it right before I made the reservations.

  33. Any reason this wouldn’t be safe for 2-player mode? Was planning to sign my wife up for Iberia Plus # also, and buy 10 tix in her name for an extra 90k Avios

  34. Here is what I think is going to happen: there won’t be any availability for the 90,000 avios to be used until December 1st (or very little). So folks will just have spent money on Avios that are worthless. Second, they can (and should) overbook flights based on patterns that indicate some reservations won’t be used. They would make a killing.

  35. Iberia would be better advised to do something to improve their lousy service and shambolic procedures rather than focus on sham promotions.

  36. Thanks. Now I’ll have to gamble on being overbooked when I fly to Santander on business (I work in fintech) or fly to Dublin and purchase a separate ticket on Ryanair to get there.

  37. @Chris 100% agree with you, but I hope you’re wrong about the first point because I bought five tix just in case.

  38. @Jan Read the fine print yourself before you purchase, instead of relying on a blog to do it for you. You’re responsible for your own actions.

  39. Hi all – Iberia’s site blocked me and is not accepting my passport number. I am not able to sign up for an account!

  40. I bought 10 tix from Santander to Madrid and my wife signed up and did the same. A little over 24 bucks per ticket, once you factor in the cashback from Mr. Rebates ($3 per Iberia ticket). If we each get 90k Avios, I am gonna be amazed. But i was willing to take this gamble

  41. Okay, we’re all in! Just finished booking for my wife and our kids, my parents, wife’s parents, and my brother’s and sister’s families (and sister-in-law’s parents and sisters’ families)! Thirty-six people in all, each booked on 10 flights from Santander to Madrid. Hope Iberia doesn’t mind empty planes! (And I sure hope this doesn’t fall through, or my family might disown me, seeing as how we’re over $10,000 into this deal. Go big or go home, I guess.)

  42. @Adam
    Partly true but in this case the original piece , “Promo of the year”, purports to publish the terms but leaves out the crucial part about the residency requirements. Nor does this second article correct the omission. It’s sloppy work and it’s not unreasonable that Jan fell for it.

  43. Okay, we’re all in! Just finished booking for my wife and our kids, my parents, wife’s parents, and my brother’s and sister’s families (and sister-in-law’s parents and sisters’ families)! Thirty-six people in all, each booked on 10 flights from Santander to Madrid. Hope Iberia doesn’t mind empty planes! (And I sure hope this doesn’t fall through, or my family might disown me, seeing as how we’re over $10,000 into this deal.)

  44. Where is there a recidency requirment? Just states tickets have to be bought from tjose countries websites

  45. Lucky…Are you sick?

    Not trying to be a hater here… it takes a lunatic. This is up there with kids eating Laundry detergent. not a good use of human life.

  46. Good luck for all of you who will try to redeem these avios on partner airlines. I’ve been IB Plus for 5 years, availability tends to be bad and avios asked are more than on BAEC (with few exceptions like LATAM’s MAD-FRA).

  47. @Adam Yeah, I am an idiot and should have done more research. On the other hand if Lucky wants to make #1 air travel blog out of OMAAT, then the quality of the information shoud be reliable. I am not speaking about the post where his own opinion plays the role (reviews etc.) where I take “like-read, dont like-dont read” approach. But in such recommendations like this it is strange to mention just half the condition just because he didnt do the research either.

  48. @Jan @Paolo are you serious? When you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars, you’d think you would do something as basic as check to make sure you’re eligible.

    This is a blog, not an official source and he’s not pushing anything in this post that will profit him. Keep blaming others, it’s a good look.

  49. I’m out of the country at the moment, (In Israel), and cannot seem to create an account. When registering my passport number is not accepted. It says to contact the airline, I call they say to send them an email with my information to create an account. After I send the email it says the subject line needs to be my account number so they can answer. Anyone else have this problem or know how to get around it?

  50. @Jan Call Iberia and get the tickets cancelled for a full refund if you’re still within 24 hours of making the booking.

  51. Thanks lucky for the tip – worth a crack at that price. I have registered for an IPlus account and booked 4 tickets with no problem. I did have difficulty doing them as multiple flights so did them laboriously one by one. The only question I have before booking any more, is that I can’t actually see where the Avios earn is. Any suggestions of where to look and it doesn’t show in the confirmation emails either so i just presume that’s what it is.

    Can the Avios just be transferred to another account or must they be used for specific partner flight bookings? Being in Australia, I’d be looking to use them for Qantas or Cathay I guess.


  52. This is pure speculation on my part, but I think that iberia is doing this to actually improve their revenue numbers on some of their domestic routes. I know that they have some “controversial” domestic routes where they barely manage to get passengers, yet keep on operating them due to subsidies. Probably selling a few MAD-OVD/SDR will make it seem on paper that they get some revenue on those flights?

  53. BTW, thanks to Dale Mitchell and Deepak for the tip on Santander prices – they were still avail and the cheapest so I appreciate the heads up, would never have looked at that sector.

  54. I hope eveysone flies overseas , spends days doing this and doesn’t even get the bonus miles. And if you do. How much life is worth wasting. Would you pay to fly round trip to Europe in cash or miles plus hotel just to spend most your time flying back and forth. How much is 90,000 avoid worth? Isn’t it $900. So you have to spend almost $900 plus all that time and effort. I am shocked anyone would do this. Not very smart. But enjoy !

    Also. You all know how many times this forum has led to a false promo or missed the fine print. So just plan on the possibility of doing all this for nothing and losing tons of money in the process.

  55. @Ryan, none of the people making these bookings are intending to actually do the flights. As stated, you get the points even you don’t take flight, hence the mention of fully booked empty planes. You should perhaps actually read the article before criticizing others for not being ‘smart’.

  56. @Ryan:
    Most people have no intention of flying the segments and are taking the risk that the avios will be credited for no shows. It may work out or may not. If I’m wrong I’ll be $277 out of pocket which is slightly annoying but far from the end of the world.

  57. After having some similar issues as others here owing to having a brand-new IB Plus number, I was finally able to book ten trips. I had to buy five trips yesterday and five trips today because I got the error message that other new members had been getting about my IB Plus number not matching my name even though I was logged in as myself. I booked seven flights from MAD to PMI at $33.52 and three flights from SDR to MAD at $27.72. Thanks to everyone for their tips.

    @Lucky–were you able to get any more intel regarding whether these 90K IB Plus Avios will indeed be transferable to the BA Executive Club and become BA Avios? I am aware of the “negative balance” reference in terms of my IB Plus Avios if I do so, but have you been able to find out if a transfer will be possible?

  58. I joined today and was able to make 2 bookings after getting welcome email and number. Then unable to do any more as I get the “name does not match” error message. Was logged in all that time. Tried logging out and back in, incognito mode, etc but same message.

  59. Hi guys,

    Question about résidence requirements:

    I live in belgium, which does not seem to be included in the promo.
    Anyone know if it would still work if i choose an website from a country which is included, like France or theUS? Could they tell that i am not in one of those countries even if i choose the american or french sites?

  60. Is this deal still valid? Because I just called Iberia call center and asked them if I can avail the promotion if I book now. They asked me what the local time was in the city I’m in and “guaranteed” that it will be honored until 24th June local time.

  61. Is anyone able to book now? The payment is not processing (I get the indefinite “Please Wait a Minute” screen).

  62. dont want to risk my life…… ticket with Iberia no. and one wihout because of the name match issue…… done with this ..!

  63. Well, I took a decidedly different (and vastly more time-intensive) tack than all y’all phantom fliers. By the time I was informed of this sale, all the sub-$30 fares had gone away (with the exception of Santander to Madrid), and I had to ponder what I was really going to pony up all the booking time for.

    So I did a deep dive on routings and connections and threw in a hefty dose of bucket-list-satisfaction, and I ended up with a two-month dream trip. I’ve put off visiting a friend in Florence for eight years, so to begin the festivities (after getting to Italy on a J award), I pulled the trigger on FLR-MAD (segment 1; $77) as my get-to-MAD “positioning” flight.

    From there, it’s three weeks of roadtripping through five or six wine regions (from Madrid east to Alicante then north to Catalunya, Aragon, Navarro, La Rioja, and Pais Vasco), then back to Madrid, where I’ll return the ($225) rental car and jet off for a week in Portugal’s Algarve (segments 2 and 3, $62 and $54). I’ll return for two days in Madrid (Sundays in the capital are magical: flamenco, flea markets, festive street scenes). Two days later, it’s up to NW Spain, with five days in Vigo (segments 4 and 5, $48 and $34), which reportedly rivals Tokyo for the world’s largest fish market.

    No time to rest: it’s off to Marakkesh for two weeks of Moroccan sand and surf (segments 6 and 7, $52 and $48). After the return to Madrid, it’s off the next day to Santander (segments 8 and 9, $42 and $28) for five days in late May on Spain’s northern coast. Day trip to Bilbao figures to be part of the plan. And finally, I tacked on a one-way to Mallorca (segment 10, $33).

    I may take it, I may not, but my integrity will be intact — I will have actually flown at least nine of the ten segments I booked. All in, that’s $478 for 90,000 Avios, plus 11,230 (OW Emerald) BISx2 RDM. and 58 days of Spain and Morocco. Goalasso!

  64. Does anyone know if we need to actually go to manage booking and add in the Iberia number? I just noticed that I got it on the email but when I did manage bookings it doesn’t show.

  65. @Jacob yes you can go to Manage Booking and manually add in the Iberia Plus number as well.

    After you do that just to be sure, call Iberia and ask them to check whether all your tickets are linked to the Account.

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