I spoke too early!

Minutes after putting up my last post I got a call saying that my JFK-IAD flight for Sunday morning was cancelled and I was rebooked on the same flight Monday. Add to that the fact that my ORD-SFO flight is selling seven first class seats (depiste a few seats being taken and the cabin only having six seats), and I have a feeling I might be flying the old configuration 767! #$&%!

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  1. Are you on UA907? You may still be in luck, as unitedcargo.com lists that equipment as the re-configured 767 (67I in united parlance). The old configuration lists as 767. Works with the 747, too.

  2. Lucky,

    In this case, would airlines be able to give some sort of compensation?
    I had this similar situation over Christmas but wasn’t sure if I’m entitle to it, arrived to LA seven hours later reroute to DEN instead.


  3. San Greg, yes, I’m on UA907. It now shows the old configuration on united.com. Boooooo!

    First, typically not, assuming it’s weather. Of course weather can mean anything from an actual weather problem to the airlines proactively cancelling flights to trim out operations. Often times you should get compensation but they’ll just give the “weather” excuse.

  4. Lucky,
    United’s cargo website tends to be a pretty good predictor of what equipment will be used:

    unitedcargo.com > Utilities > Flight schedule

    Highlight a date from the drop down menu, enter in your origin and destination cities and voila – exact equipment used. Good luck!

  5. Well, I ended up on the old configuration. What a crazy day of flying! I’ll have more about it in a bit.

    On the plus side, I have two more flights planned on the new configuration in a couple of weeks, so hopefully it works out then.

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