I spend the night at Dulles because my gate checked bag is a threat to national security

Anyone want to guess what happened? Too tired to post tonight, but expect the full story tomorrow. 🙂

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  1. I am transiting at IAD on Sunday morning. I hope it does not happen to me as I will also have gate-checked bag with me.

  2. Lucky ran out of UA certs, so he writes a note to the GA, first saying how much he hates and Glen, and how of a job the GA is doing, fellowing with instructions of how to declare the luggage as a security threat. Lucky is overnighted, and UA sends him $350 for the inconvenience, and the route he is re-booked on is oversold for next few days, he takes three consecutive bumps, netting him another $1800 so he could reach 500,000 eqms for 2010.

  3. I’m guessing the green tag fell off the bag so ground staff didn’t know it was gate checked and sent it to baggage claim.

  4. So Ben is a threat to national security…

    Ok. I’ll take a punt. Cheesecake? Or that WMD that is a bottle of water…?

  5. Well I was expecting to have an explanation posted by now. I’m beginning to wonder if this post was his one “phone call.”

  6. I’m with GBA – neon green gate check tag falls off, bag magically becomes dangerous, as the ironclad guarantee of safety, that green tag, is not present to vouch that the bag has been scanned.

    Happened to me at DEN once, and I too had to spend the night there instead of connecting on to LAX and then to ICN.

  7. Just wanted to mention that everything’s fine, there’s nothing to worry about, heh. Sorry about the delay on this post. Still waiting for the resolution to one part of this story before posting, which I was expecting today but hasn’t happened yet.

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