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I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes question my points & status obsession. When you’re staying at a cookie cutter, past-its-prime Hyatt Regency or Sheraton in a city with lots of great independent hotels, I do sometimes find myself scratching my head and wondering what I’m doing.

But then there are stays where I can’t stop saying “ah, it’s all worth it.”

I’m at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong at the moment, which is one of my favorite Hyatt “city” properties in the world.


The paid rate at the moment is 5000HKD per night (~$645).


I booked using Points + Cash (now bookable online — yay!), which cost 12,500 points plus 1163HKD (~$150) per night.


I was then able to use a Diamond Suite Upgrade to confirm an upgrade to a Grand Suite, which would retail for 9,000HKD (~$1,160) per night.


Of course I don’t actually value the stay at the retail value, but that won’t stop me from being thrilled with what a fantastic use of points this is.

The renovated Grand Suites are gorgeous, with a separate living room and bedroom




While there’s a lot of construction going on in Hong Kong, the view from the room is fantastic.


The hotel recently renovated their Grand Club, which they did a fantastic job with. The lounge has gorgeous views, is physically a stunning space, and has probably the best food spread of any Grand Club I’ve been to. I’d say this is probably my favorite Hyatt club lounge in the world.



They even have Ruinart champagne on offer.


As I previously wrote about, I love the smartphones they give you for the duration of your stay, which you can use as a Wi-Fi hotspot, or even to make free calls, whether they’re local or to the US.

So I guess to sum it up, there’s nothing about this hotel I don’t love…

Bottom line

I do love these types of stays which remind me how awesome this hobby is, and how awesome of a value it’s possible to get.

What I’ve come to realize is that making a Hyatt Points + Cash reservation at a Category 6 property and using a Diamond Suite Upgrade is probably my “happy place.” I’m paying a reasonable amount out of pocket, and usually getting a gorgeous suite. And best of all I can guarantee the suite at the time of booking, which is a perk I love about Hyatt Diamond status. It’s nice to lock in a suite for the stays which matter most.

I had the same feeling at the Park Hyatt Vienna, which is also a Category 6 I booked with Points + Cash and redeemed a Diamond Suite Upgrade at.

What’s the last hotel stay you made where you couldn’t help but be reminded how much you love points?

  1. Don’t get me wrong, but I have seen (by myself) nicer views out of HK hotel rooms than this one. The rest seems to be pretty nice, though 😉

  2. As I have mentioned your views and experiences have turned my family’s live upside down. For the better. We went from one flight a year to see the grandparents to leaving on a weekly basis. My family is now Ex. Plat. so that gives us 24 SWU for 2016. We will be in Hong Kong Nov. 15 for 4 days and wanted to stay at the Hyatt with our 2 certificates but realized they are only for the weekend so we will be staying at the Ritz and Hong Kong Disney. Thanks again

  3. @Jan I *think* that’s just the bedroom view? My GH HKG suite gave me a fairly panoramic view over Victoria Harbor and I imagine Ben has that too.

  4. I’m on it right now…Marriott Ko Olina Resort on Oahu. 240k for 8 days/7 nights. Plus I used 120k back in January to make it a Air & Hotel package and applied those to SWA so I have Companion Pass for all of this year and next, plus used the SWA points and pass to book a family vacation in March of ’16.

    This trip is just me and the Mrs..

  5. Hey lucky! Huge fan of your blog. I noticed how you just took a recent trip to Oman and Dubai where you stayed at the gorgeous Al Maha resort. Yet you have moved onto a different trip report. Will we be expecting a trip report soon (I was really looking forward to one) or is there no planned one? Again I would like to just send my gratitude to you for what you do. No other blog on the internet (believe me I have searched to and fro) has the type of trip reports you have as well as the writing skills you have which keep me entranced. Whether you funny German accents or your detailed reports of service your reports are extraordinary. Although I’m still a little young (15) to appreciate your tips on credit cards, mileage, and so on I’m sure I will appreciate it in the future. These trip reports truly are the highlight of my day when I go on to boardingarea.com and see a post from OMAAT. Please keep up your awesome work.

    A teenager addicted to your blog

  6. I wish I’d been as thrilled with my stay at the Grand Hyatt HK. For the price (I used miles and points as well, though no upgrade was available) I was a bit underwhelmed, though I don’t really get the comments about lack of a view.

    The club was usually quite crowded, and at one point it was noted that I might choose to sit downstairs (there’s like one coffee table off to the side) because all of the seats were taken.The pool was similarly crowded, and there wasn’t staff to direct you to the changing rooms, or clear beach towels off of unused lounge chairs. Furthermore my welcome amenity never came, despite following up with the club desk.

    Given the price and my experience, I’d much rather stay at the W, Ritz or try out the Regency across the harbor.

  7. That would be the Grand Hyatt Erawan in Bangkok. Used Diamond Suite upgrade but they further upgraded us to the largest and most magnificent suite I have ever seen. You know something special is inside when you see double doors to your room! As we unpacked, there was a slight drip from the airconditioner. Mentioned it to the front desk to have them look at is as we left for the rest of the day.

    When we got back ,there was an enormous food basket and flowers along with champagne plus a letter from the manager apologizing and begging that we not let it ruin our stay! OMG!

  8. Great timing–I am doing exactly the same thing in December. I got the points and cash + suite upgrade. I am so excited about staying at the Grand Hyatt. Plus the whole trip was based on an amazing fare I saw on @theflightdeal $440 roundtrip from Phoenix to Hong Kong on Delta. This is going to be an amazing trip for my son and I that I never could have done without following your blog. Thanks:)

  9. While I like this Hyatt, it’s not my first choice—the InterContinental HK on Kowloon offers better views and a better club as I like ordering what I want for breakfast. Of course, the Peninsula remains the standard. Yes, points and status matter and so do individual tastes.

  10. I like the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong as well. The rates have sure gone sky high though. I remember when I used to typically see the hotel for about $175-$200 per night. $600 now ouch!!

    Also I think you were lucky to be able to use cash and points. I find that anytime rates are high, or the better quality Hyatt hotels, that cash and points simply is not an option.

    Enjoy HK

  11. Conrad Macao. Hilton Category 5 (since it was low season, 12k HHonors + $50 a night), upgraded to a suite as a HHonors Gold, breakfast buffet in Grand Orbit comped.

    Not as uuuuuuuuber as Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, but I’ll take it. Plus it’s a lot easier to generate HHonors on my travel patterns than it is Hyatt.

    The next go-round may well be Conrad Bangkok.

  12. Does the Grand Hyatt give out cell phones now too? They didn’t when I was there last year, it was just the Hyatt Regency you mention in your other article.

  13. I love your enthusiasm. Despite getting upgrades all the time at some very nice hotels across the world, I appreciate that you still get so excited about things like this. Love your blog!

  14. Nice report Ben but I agree with @Greg it’s not worth the hard dollars. The only hotel I would spend that kind of money is the Ritz in Paris now closed thru the end of the year but if you haven’t been I suggest going when they reopen. It is an amazing experience.

  15. And then after that it will be the Reichshof in Hamburg (which is an interesting looking Curio property). 12,000 HHonors points a night + $50.

    Hard to beat 4-5 star properties for $50-70 a night. Probably won’t get suite upgrades, but unlike you, Lucky, I’m going to be traveling solo, I’d be swimming in a suite. Anything where I’m getting 0.7-1 US cents per point on a Hilton redemption and it’s a nice hotel… that’s just fine in my book.

  16. Whats with this recent change of attitude Lucky, a certain new “blogger” has showed up and you need to tone down the douchiness?

  17. Recently stayed there too. Really great suite! But the club was not awesome and as long as the pool is its falling apart.
    I know they are doing a big rehab. We got a new suite. A lot of work going on in the area too.
    The Italina manager in the Italian restaurant made the place! He was great! Good times!

  18. We’re staying there in Dec. What’s the difference between the new Grand Suite and old Grand Suite? I’m only a Hyatt Platinum, so I’m curious as to which I will get.

  19. I will take the JW Marriott HKG any day over the Grand Hyatt. The Grand Hyatt is next to the convention center, and the Airport Express bus stops there, not at the Grand Hyatt next door (you need to walk a ways). Also a long walk to the MTR.

    The JW Marriott lounge food is far superior, and if you have status you get a harbor view.

  20. Sorry, but the room interiors don’t look like anything you wouldn’t find at any other decent Hong Kong 4- to 5-star hotel.

  21. I have to submit W Hong Kong for ‘the list’ as it’s one of my most favorite metropolitan W’s in the world!

  22. I’ve stayed in this exact suite type before (on a paid rate) and I wasn’t at all happy with the view and the noise from the construction below. I also had a terrible experience with customer service and although I realize that it was probably a one-off occurrence, it keeps me from wanting to come back. I actually prefer the Renaissance, which is practically glued to the Grand Hyatt. 1) I’m almost always there for the Exhibition Center, so both of these hotels are connected to it, 2) the buildings are identical, so the Renaissance suites have the same layout and a nicer view (the other side and more “frontal”), 3) the GH is obviously a nicer property physically, but it’s also more than double the price usually, 4) service at the Renaissance is at least as good as at the GH for everyone and especially for me as a repeat guest.

  23. If you have Diamond status there are a lot of wonderful Hyatt properties. Otherwise I don’t think it’s worth points or cash rates for many Hyatts.

  24. Thanks for this post! We are staying here in March on C&P as well as a diamond suite upgrade. Then it’s on to Beijing at the Park Hyatt also using a dsu. Looking forward to it all as we have never been to Asia before.

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