I love circular beds… said no one ever!

I’ve learned not to turn every stay at a hotel with style over substance into an episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I’ve gotten used to it, though it won’t stop me from sharing the occasionally entertaining anecdote.

I’m staying at Le Meridien Bangkok (for about 12 hours, and it’s a last minute change for reasons I’ll explain later). I booked a few hours before arrival so wasn’t expecting an upgrade, though I did get an upgrade to a circular room. Below are the descriptions of a base room and of a circular room.

Notice anything interesting? Yes, the rooms are identical… except one has a circular bed, and they charge a nearly 70% premium for the privilege.

This raises the question — and I’m fully willing to stand alone on this since I must be missing something — does anyone actually like circular beds? I mean, I’m not sure how cutting the edges off my bed is somehow supposed to contribute to a more comfortable night of sleep.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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  1. I like it only because its different and you don’t see it very often except in Honeymoon suites. Afraid I am showing my age as it is circa 60’s as Lola posted.

  2. Dude!

    It’s just another rite of passage:

    Mile high Club
    Circular Bed
    Hot Tub

    Well worth the 70% premium; where else are you going to find a circular bed?


  3. It’s just a novelty in a city that’s got widespread prostitution. Who wants to bang a $40 whore on a rectangle?

  4. Old Flyer said “I like it only because its different and you donโ€™t see it very often except in Honeymoon suites.”

    And that alone is worth 70% more to you?

    With customers like that maybe I’m in the wrong racket.

  5. My question is… Does it vibrate (magic fingers) or does it rotate? And…if it vibrates do you use quarters or local currency ?

  6. For a $100 premium? Skip the upgrade. Save the money. And you can afford your very own circular bed pretty soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. The 2 bedroom residence units at Conrad Koh Smaui also have the circle beds. I’ve had one at this LeM in BKK too, no harm no foul!

  8. You guys are obviously missing the major difference between the two rooms… This one has a “separate shower/bath”. The vista room surely has a communal bathroom, right?

  9. HA! I was in BKK last month and stayed at Le Meridien. I got an upgrade to that room with a circular bed. The bed was comfortable as long as I stayed in the middle, otherwise part of my feet were hanging off the side.

    I actually thought the bed made the room look dated almost tacky.

    The bathroom had a separate toilet and stand up shower with a one panel glass barn door. So if someone was in the shower you couldn’t slide the door over for privacy using the toilet.

  10. Hahaha! When I first read the title I thought it said circular beads…thought it was some kind of sex toy.

  11. Circular beds are for when you don’t want to play favorites. Only thing worse than one unhappy girlfriend is many unhappy girlfriends.

  12. Staying right now in the LM BKK and luckily in the regular suite. I totally agree on the stupidity of the circular beds. Had this more then ones and despite the round shape always managed to bump into it many times. The hotel otherwise is awesome.

  13. You hit the nail on the head! It’s a great hotel – I love it – but the circular bed makes no sense to me.

    The thing that irritates me is that it makes it so difficult to reach the lighting and blind controls or your water in the middle of the night.

  14. Convenience… Convenience… Convenience… 70% premium gives you easy access to get in/out to/from bed. That’s what smart pants call when they need luxury with convenience.

  15. I’be had my round bed for over 30 years, and I love it. I’be refreshed it through the years, but it’s so nice, roomy and comfortable.

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