I got fed on ex-Ted!

As I posted about a few days ago, I had my first mainline flight from Tampa to Washington Dulles this morning. I was worried by the fact that the flight was listed as having no meal service on united.com, but fortunately that wasn’t the case. While it was a “picnic box” meal, it was food, and food on an 810 mile flight is a good thing. So I guess I can expect meals from now on, which makes me even more excited about Ted going bye-bye.

It’s also interesting to note just how much United loves cheese. I had a cheese omelet and they also had cheese and crackers. C’mon United, this is a breakfast flight!

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  1. United might be figuring that an abundance of cheese will lead to an increasing waistline which, in turn, will increase the passenger’s propensity for needing F on future travels.

  2. At least you did not get the dreaded fruit and cheese plate: United’s favorite short haul flight snack that is disgusting.

  3. nothing wrong with cheese, lucky. better than a breakfast with danish, and sugary fruit yogurt! but this is coming from a dutch person….

  4. @ ua_to_ord — LMAO, you might be onto something there. šŸ˜€

    @ ual757 — Usually they don’t, but I think in this case they do because the food overnights in TPA, as it was flown in from the catering facility at a hub. As soon as all flights into TPA are mainline, I’m betting they’ll do meal catering here in TPA.

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