I don’t know how I’ll ever go back to just one first class suite…

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Man, this past month has been full of serious travel “highs.” Last month I showered on a plane for the first time, on Emirates between London and Dubai.

And just now I slept in a double suite on a plane for 10 hours for the first time.

I presently just have a quick transit stop, but will have more details this evening when I get to Singapore. All I can say is WOW, and that I really need a new drug, because I think I’ve hit my absolute high.

Anyway, the service was amazing, food horrible, and now I get to fly with my favorite flight attendant to Singapore, so stay tuned! I’ll have lots more details this evening…

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  1. I recently did SQ2 in a double bed solo. I don’t think I can go back to anything else. The food was great though ex-hkg and ex-sin!

  2. Nice!! One question – since there are 2 beds, I assume there is a gap where they meet up. Was that uncomfortable at all or not at all noticeable?

  3. I just flew that route and totally agree. Suites and service amazing. Food definitely needs improving. Instant ramen and no dessert?! Thank goodness I booked the cook and got the Lobster Thermidor and Japanese Meal for breakfast. Both good…especially Japanese breakfast. And Dom. šŸ™‚

  4. @Ari & @Lucky

    You could always join the Charles Lindbergh division of the mile high club, aka the solo aviators…

    Sorry, just reacting to Lucky’s commment

  5. We’re flying SQ2 in a few days in the double suite. Can’t wait to try that.

    The Lobster Thermidor from the Book the Cook menu was excellent

  6. We will be flying SQ1 next month and I’m ready to rolling around on the double bed…it’s all thanks to you Lucky (last July UA glitch)! I do want to know more about the “horrible food” and it can still top your list of “absolute high”.

  7. I ONLY have a 7 hour flight in the suites in March (first world problems). I want to enjoy the bed, but I don’t want to miss too much of the experience in the suites.

  8. @Benny – I hear you. I’m flying JFK-FRA in the suites in September and I’m worried I won’t have enough time to fully enjoy the bed as well as the service. Though I guess there are worse problems to have.

  9. Is there any way you can do an “aircraft type” blog entry one of these days?

    And possibly a ranking of some of the best aircraft types to redeem miles on when in biz/first (which ones to select it there is availability)? I imagine certain plane types have better biz seats than others.

    I know all about the miles game and award chart sweet spots, and how to take advantage of routing rules/tricks…but i know nothing about which aircraft type to select amongst my many choices when redeeming my miles. Further, i don’t think i have seen a good article on boarding area that has ever explained such.

  10. By aircraft type i mean the type of plane (like the Dreamliner), not the different brands like CX vs SQ

  11. @ PL — You definitely notice where one bed ends and the other starts, but it’s not terrible, especially with enough blankets.

  12. @ EthanSF — ROFL!

    @ Frank — Can definitely do that for a future post. I find it’s much more dependent on the airline/configuration than aircraft generally, though some aircraft type are more comfortable than others. For example I find the A380 to be the most comfortable passenger plane by far.

  13. Is the A380 on the route only during the winter? I believe my SFO-HKG flight in April is scheduled on a 777.

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