Review: Hyatt Regency Kiev

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I had never been to Kiev before, and unfortunately due to the last minute change to my trip, I’d only have one night in the city (originally I had two nights there, and was looking forward to doing some exploring).

For my quick stay in Kiev I decided to stay at the Hyatt Regency, which I had heard good things about. The hotel is shockingly expensive given how cheap most other things in Kiev are, and given how weak the currency is. The paid rate would have been about 400EUR for my one night stay.

This is a Category 5 World of Hyatt property, meaning a free night redemption would have cost 20,000 points or 10,000 points plus $125. I decided to book Points + Cash, since that was the better value.

Earn Hyatt points

I decided to take a taxi from the airport to the Hyatt Regency, which took about 40 minutes, and cost 600UAH (~22USD). Based on the drive I felt like the Hyatt Regency was right in the heart of the city. The hotel’s exterior wasn’t terribly charming, especially when you take into account Kiev’s beautiful architecture. Furthermore, it looked more like an office building than a hotel.

Hyatt Regency Kiev exterior

Upon pulling up I was greeted by a friendly bellmen, who offered to assist me with my bags, and escorted me to check-in, which was located straight ahead.

Hyatt Regency Kiev lobby

Hyatt Regency Kiev lobby

Hyatt Regency Kiev lobby

The hotel had an atrium spanning all the floors.

Hyatt Regency Kiev elevators

Service at the Hyatt Regency was phenomenal. Generally I don’t exactly think of Hyatt Regency as being a luxury brand, though based on the pricing at this hotel (and also Hyatt’s generally confusing branding), I got the sense that this was maybe Kiev’s version of a Four Seasons.

The associate checking me in was extremely friendly, and when she saw I was a Globalist member she called over the guest relations manager, who greeted me. I was informed that I had been upgraded to a suite, and that I’d have access to the Regency Club, as well as free breakfast in the restaurant.

I was also given two welcome letters, which read as follows:

With my key in hand I headed up to the second floor, where my room was located. Room 213 was just down the hall on the right.

Hyatt Regency Kiev hallway

Hyatt Regency Kiev floorplan

I was assigned a standard suite, which was lovely. It featured a large living room. That included a living area with a couch and two chairs, along with a wall mounted TV.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite living room

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite living room

On the living room table was a fruit plate as a welcome amenity.

Hyatt Regency Kiev welcome fruit plate

Then further into the suite was an office area as well as a dining table.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite office

I’m not sure if you can see it based on the below picture, but this had to be the most poorly designed desk I’ve ever seen. Usually there would be an empty space under the desk so you can sit comfortably and pull up your chair, but instead here there was some sort of “X” shaped beams that made it impossible to sit at the desk. Seriously?

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite office

In the far corner of the living room were the minibar and Nespresso machine.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite minibar

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite minibar

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite Nespresso machine

There was a sliding door separating the living room from the bedroom. The bedroom had a king size bed, as well as a TV by the window.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite bedroom

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite bedroom

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite bedroom

Then at the far end of the bedroom was the bathroom, which had a sink, toilet and bidet, bathtub, and walk-in shower.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite bathroom

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite toilet

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite bathtub

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite shower

Toiletries were from L’Occitane.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite L’Occitane toiletries

The one thing the room didn’t really have was views. It just faced some other buildings on a back-alley, though on the plus side that meant it was nice and quiet.

Hyatt Regency Kiev suite view

Overall I thought the room was great, and I appreciated the suite upgrade. Wifi in the room was fast and free.

As a Globalist member I had access to the hotel’s Regency Club, located on the ninth floor. The Regency Club only serves food in the evenings, and then club guests can have breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant. The Regency Club was on the small side, though when I used it there was only one other guest, so I suspect it doesn’t really fill up.

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge

As you can see below, the Regency Club looks out over the hotel’s eighth floor bar, called “Bar On 8.”

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge

The evening reception in the Regency Club was from 5:30PM until 7:30PM, and was pretty good. This wasn’t really a dinner substitute in the sense that there were no hot options, but the selection made for excellent appetizers.

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge evening snacks

There was a selection of bread, veggies, cheese, cold cuts, salmon, dessert, and more.

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge evening snacks

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge evening snacks

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge evening snacks

To drink there was a selection of self serve wine, soft drinks, water, juice, and a coffee machine. There was also an attendant if you wanted to order any drinks with liquor.

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge evening drinks

Hyatt Regency Kiev club lounge coffee machine

Speaking of the bar immediately below the club lounge, while I didn’t have any drinks there, I did check it out. In addition to indoor seating, it had some great outdoor seating, with beautiful views looking out over the city.

Hyatt Regency Kiev bar

So pretty!

Hyatt Regency Kiev bar view

Hyatt Regency Kiev bar view

In the morning I had breakfast at Grill Asia Restaurant, which serves breakfast from 6AM until 10:30AM. The restaurant was one level up from the lobby.

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast restaurant

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast restaurant

There was an extensive breakfast buffet, and on top of the buffet you could order eggs to your liking.

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

I’ll let the pictures of the food speak for themselves.

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast buffet

I ordered a well done veggie omelet, which was good.

Hyatt Regency Kiev breakfast omelet

While I didn’t have a chance to use it, the hotel has “Club Olympus,” located on level minus one. It’s open daily from 6:30AM until 11PM, and it seemed like most of the people using it were locals (since you can buy a membership, and hotel guests get free access). While the equipment itself was good, for a membership gym it sure looked to me like it was on the small side.

Hyatt Regency Kiev gym

Next to the gym was a very nice indoor pool.

Hyatt Regency Kiev pool

Hyatt Regency Kiev pool

In the morning I spent a few hours walking around Kiev, and I was so impressed. This put Kiev right near the top of the list of places I’d like to return to.

Walking around Kiev

Walking around Kiev

My flight to London was at 2:25PM, so I headed back to the airport shortly after noon.

Hyatt Regency Kiev bottom line

While this hotel is expensive (outrageously so, by local standards), it’s a great place to stay in Kiev. The hotel is beautiful, has an excellent location, and both the club lounge and breakfast buffet were good. On top of that, I can’t emphasize enough how good the service was. Every employee I interacted with was over-the-top friendly, and clearly was proud to work at the hotel.

I can’t wait to return to Kiev, hopefully soon.

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  1. L’occitane is definitely a step up for a Regency, albeit one that costs 400 Euros. Although the tv looks like it’s 27″.

  2. Generally, we call a “desk” with no room for your legs a “table”.


  3. Thanks! Headed there soon and thinking about the Intercontinental. Did you happen to see it? If so, any thoughts on the location for tourists?

  4. Kiev is an horrible market for chain hotel guest : overpriced and they all agree on prices (Hilton, Hyatt, intercontinental, fairmont). Way too overpriced for service, confort and amenities.
    There is a new Aloft (opened with 3 years delay) and they go crazy for the prices : 150+ minimum…
    Kiev is one of the only capital where I prefer local hotels. I don’t talk about the fact that upgrade is not part of the Ukrainian culture, “you get what you pay for”.

  5. Hotels need to get with the times are start offering speculoos cookie butter spread (or any other brand) in their brekkie buffets. IMO, cookie butter (any brand) > nutella every damn day! I still woulnd’t say no to Nutella though 🙂 #oinkoink

  6. 400 Euros!!!! You guys probably like to waste money or have your rooms paid by a company your work for. I own a successful business, yet I would never stay in hotels that are 10 times more expensive than a 50 square meters apartment in a good location. There are plenty of them in Kiev

  7. I loved Kiev so much last year I stayed for two months! But agreed with the above—Kiev is probably the world’s worst value for points hotels… they get the business travelers who are coming in no matter what, and the rates are gouged accordingly. The Hilton is consistently $300 haha… but you can easily find a *real nice* local hotel for a third of that… and if you’re more of the “basic” type, I’ve stayed in a few solid, midrange places for $35 a night.

    Seriously, Kiev and Ukraine are some of the most beautiful, undiscovered destinations of our time, and it’s incredibly affordable!

  8. If you’re thinking of returning to Kiev soon, personally I’ve heard great things about 11 Mirrors, which is a SPG Design Hotels property.

  9. The InterContinental is 5 minutes away from the Hyatt and it’s beautiful – check my blog for a review. Both hotels are in the historic city centre – you can walk basically everywhere but Pecherska Lavra – which is probably the highlight of any visit to Kyiv. I highly suggest you are a guide not to miss the history behind many of the sights in town. Do enjoy also the great vodka and the fantastic, filling local food (Salo is a must!).

  10. Hotel prices are really insane in Kiev compared to the local cost of living. Made a good deal at the mercure for 50 euros a night and even got a suite upgrade on the first night (as a mere silver). Definitely a decent option.
    Hope you tried some Georgian food there, it is unfortunately so hard to get in Vienna and elsewhere in Europe

  11. Go to Krakow, Poland. Best city east of Berlin, other than maybe Moscow or St. Petersburg. And that is a huge maybe.

  12. Hi from Kiev! I really don’t get this market. International hotels are all $300+. Meanwhile here on the Seat 31B trail, I’m staying in a lovely one bedroom apartment. The building is an older Soviet-era one built in the 1980s, but the apartment is completely new throughout. It’s just a 15 minute walk from Ocean Plaza, and costs slightly less than $20 per night.

  13. Just out of curiosity, 600 UAH ($22) taxi ride from Borispol airport to downtown Kiev .. was it on “official” taxis or something else ?
    The reason I ask is because uber/local phone operated taxi companies typically charge about 300 UAH ($11), but I understand that is very hard to hire one if you don’t have local phone number and if you don’t speak Ukrainian/Russian.
    Just trying to understand current state of affairs in Borispol.

  14. I have a feeling why it was so expensive was that the champion’s league final was in Kiev just before your trip so that could have overinflated the price.

  15. Your right about the 11 Mirrors! I was there for 5 nights earlier this month and loved it. Found a good deal booking with Amex. We were even upgraded at check in! Service was excellent. They are currently building a second elevator and a roof top restaurant and terrace. I sure will stay there again when I go back to Kyiv! 🙂

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