Hyatt now lets you store credit card information in your Gold Passport account!

I’ve always been a bit frustrated by how long the booking process takes on, as there’s no way to have the website store your credit card information. Well, it looks like Hyatt has listened, as credit card information can now be stored by logging into your Gold Passport account and updating your details.

While I realize some people don’t like to store their credit card information online, I think the tiny risk is well worth the time savings, given how great credit card companies are when it comes to fraud protection nowadays.

Well done, Hyatt!

(Tip of the hat to Mommy Points)

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  1. With all the problems the Hyatt website has had, including displaying wrong member info, I wouldn’t feel so safe about saving cc info unless it masks the digits with * characters.

  2. don’t quite get what the big fuss about this, why is everybody suddenly blogging about Hyatt letting you save CC in your account. Is Hyatt paying you guys to advertise this or there is really nothing else to blog about? LOL

  3. Sure, this is good news. But, every blogger has posted this information. Are you guys that starved for content?

  4. Maybe you should investigate programs such as lastpassword which stores addresses, cc info, etc and will fill in most info on apps for you.

    I would agree with Mark. Ths is not news and seems rather stupid to post. From mommypoints i would expect this but not on your blog. Just my 2cents.

  5. I’m happy about this and don’t understand all the negative comments. This is a great feature, I used it already!!

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