World Of Hyatt Credit Card: Calendar Year Vs. Anniversary Year

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Yesterday I wrote a post about The World of Hyatt Credit Card, and in particular about some of the great perks you receive for having the card. In the comments section there were quite a few questions regarding which benefits are issued on a calendar year basis, and which benefits are issued on an anniversary year basis.

This can be pretty confusing, so I wanted to use this post to clarify that.

Calendar year vs. anniversary year

First let me make a general distinction between calendar years and anniversary years, as it pertains to credit cards.

Credit card issuers will offer some benefits every calendar year, while they’ll offer other benefits every anniversary year. If you were to open a credit card on October 1, 2018:

  • Benefits issued each calendar year would be awarded once between October 1 and December 31, 2018, and once again starting January 1, 2018, and so on
  • Benefits issued each anniversary year would be issued once between October 1, 2018, and October 1, 2019, and then again the subsequent year, and so on

But different card issuers even define calendar years differently. Some use a strict calendar year (January 1 through December 31), while others award benefits based on your statement closing date in December.

Understanding World of Hyatt Credit Card benefit “years”

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers the following benefits that are either tied to spend, or tied to the “year:”

  • Five elite qualifying nights annually
  • Two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent
  • A Category 1-4 free night certificate annually
  • An additional Category 1-4 free night certificate when you spend $15,000 annually

Five elite qualifying nights every calendar year

The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers five elite qualifying nights towards status every calendar year. That means if you got the card now you’d get those five elite nights for 2018, and then you’d get another five elite nights for 2019, and every subsequent year you have the card.

The terms state that these credits will post within eight weeks of opening the card, and then within eight weeks of January 1 in every subsequent year. However, reports suggest that these actually post much more quickly, often within days.

Two elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent

This is probably the one that’s most confusing to people. The World of Hyatt Credit Card offers two additional elite qualifying nights for every $5,000 spent on the card. This benefit isn’t in any way tied to the cardmember or calendar year.

That’s to say that your spend keeps rolling over towards that $5,000 requirement, regardless of your anniversary year or the calendar year.

In other words, if you were at $4,900 of spend in December 2018, and then spent $100 in January 2019, then you’d get those two elite nights in January, once your statement closes. It seems like these credits post within a few days of the statement closing date where you complete the spend, and then the elite nights are backdated to your statement closing date.

That suggests to me that if you complete $5,000 of spend on a statement that closes before December 31, 2018, then the elite nights would count towards 2018 status (which is determined based on a strict calendar year interpretation). Conversely, if most of your spend was in 2018 but the statement closes in 2019, then it should count towards your 2019 qualification year.

A Category 1-4 free night certificate every anniversary year

One of the benefits that makes The World of Hyatt Credit Card most worthwhile is that it offers a Category 1-4 free night certificate on your account anniversary every year.

The terms state that it can take up to 10 weeks after your account anniversary for the free night to post, though in my experience it posts only shortly after your anniversary statement closes. The certificate will be valid for a year from when it’s issued.

A second Category 1-4 free night certificate when you spend $15,000 in an anniversary year

One of the great incentives for spending money on The World of Hyatt Credit Card is that you get a second Category 1-4 free night certificate if you spend at least $15,000 on the card in an anniversary year.

So if you opened the card on October 1, 2018, this would be based on having spent $15,000 on the 12 billing statements between October 1, 2018, and October 1, 2019.

You don’t have to wait until your account anniversary to get this certificate, but rather it should post to your account within 2-3 weeks of the statement where you complete the spend closing. The certificate will then be valid for a year from when it’s issued.

Hopefully this answers any questions you guys may have when it comes to the anniversary year vs. calendar year on The World of Hyatt Credit Card. Though if I missed anything, please let me know!

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  1. Are the 1-4 certs that come with $15,000 spend also expire in 12 months?

    Do the brand explorer 1-4 certs also expire in 12 months or are those 180 days?

  2. @ Beachfan — That’s my understanding, and this is based largely precedent set with the Marriott Card, where it’s just based on your total spend over time.

  3. @ Points Pinnacle — Yes, both the $15,000 spend free night certificate and Brand Explorer certificate are valid for one year.

  4. Thanks lucky! I don’t need the nights this year but would live them next year. I can finish the last 1k of my 6k spend in late December, and then get the nights to post when the January bill closes

  5. How do you value the 15k points and the free Cat 1-4 night? Is it worth spending on this card vs Amex or Chase points which are worth more than Hyatt points?

  6. What if you spent $9900 in Dec 2018. And $100 in Jan 2019. Is it possible you’d get 4 elite nights credited in 2019, depending when your closing date is?

  7. Is there still an upgrade offer for this card? If so, is there a link, or do I secure message/call chase?

  8. Anyone else find they spent the $6k minimum and yet they didn’t get the 60k bonus following the close of their statement, just the normal points for the spend? Even though there’s no reason otherwise not to get the bonus?

  9. My anniversary date is soon on Hyatt card. If I upgrade card now to WOH card does my anniversary date stay the same? Should I wait to upgrade until after free night for this year has posted?

  10. Thanks for the clarification. My question is about status earned from spending. If I earn some nights from stays and spend the rest to be a Globalist, how long does it last considering credit card spend for status starts over on January 1st? Earning Globalist in October and having it end in 2 months doesn’t sound appealing.

  11. When upgrading from the old to the new Hyatt credit card, do you keep the old credit card anniversary year for the purposes of earning the annual category 1-4 certificate or is the clock reset to awarding the certificate after having the new card for 12 months?

  12. Does anyone know how quickly points and the 5 elite nights will post.

    I got the card 9 weeks ago and haven’t gone any points.

    None for monthly spend
    None for hitting $3,000/$6,000
    No elite qualifying nights

  13. @ Max B, in my experience, when you qualify for Globlist, Hyatt sends out an email a day or two after you hit the requisite number of nights (after they have all posted). The status is immediate and go through the entire next year. For me, as I just re-qualified as Globalist, the status go through end of February of 2020. So I have almost a year and a half of Globalist status to enjoy.

  14. @Steve — YES! This just happened to my husband. He met the $6K spend in the first month after opening the new World of Hyatt card and he only received 40K points, not the extra 20K bonus. Not sure what’s going on. He contacted Chase via secure mssg and the first agent just copied/pasted the terms of the offer. Duh. The second agent understood better, but simply said the 20K points would post after the next statement closes. I don’t understand why the 60K wouldn’t have posted all at once. We’ll see what happens. I’m certain we’ll have to chase the points down (pun intended). But it’s such a time suck…

  15. My date point on elite qualifying nights and free-nights

    My statement closes on Jan 12th and this is my first statement. Spent more than 80k in this cycle trying to reach globalist. asap . Unfortunately, all the elite qualifying nights earned through my spending posted in Dec 2018 are counted as nights in 2018 . 2019 nights are only earned through spending between Jan 1-12 .

    I also got only one free 1-4 cat nights on this statement. Even though I spent more than 15k in both Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.

  16. Hello all
    Does anyone have any recent experience with how long the annual free night certificate takes to post? I know it can be up to ten weeks. I upgraded my old Hyatt card late last year and my anniversary date is mid January and it still has not posted – eight weeks after the anniversary date. When I called to upgrade to the new card, I was reassured that the upgrade would not affect my anniversary date. Thanks

  17. The terms explicitly say that when the 5k in spend happens is where the night credits will post. So if you spend 5k in December and that statement closes in January you’ll still get the nights in December.

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