How To Stay In Norway This Summer for $80 Per Night

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Norway is a beautiful country. It’s also ridiculously expensive. Lodging, dining, car rental, groceries, you name it, the place is expensive. But did I mention that it’s gorgeous?


That’s why I was rather intrigued by the Scandic hotels promotion that Magic of Miles posted recently. You can get 13 nights at hotels across Norway this summer for a total cost of about $1,030 (7980 NOK). That’s about $80 per night.

From the Scandic website:

Take a walk on the beach in Grimstad one day and climb to the top of Svolværgeita in Lofoten the next day! Visit the fish market in Bergen and take a walk in Stavangers charming old town.

With our offer you can stay 13 nights at a fixed price during the period 18 June – 27 August 2015.Choose among more than 70 Scandic Hotels in Norway. From EUR 466 (NOK 3 990) per person in a shared double room, you get 13 nights in standard room during a two week period. Children under 13 years always stays for free in the company of adults.

The Fine Print

Their rules actually don’t seem too bad.

  1. The nights must be consecutive and occur between June 18 and August 27.
  2. There is no discount or refund if you stay less than 13 nights.
  3. There may be limited availability.

If there is a gotcha in this deal, it seems to be in the booking process.

The way it works is that you book the first night (using promo code NOR — how unique!) for the full amount. Then you call the reservation center to book the remaining 12 nights. Oh, and the first night is non-refundable and non-changeable.

scandic explore norway pricing

So you’re basically buying one night at $1,030 and then getting 12 nights free.

While you can’t change or cancel the first night, it appears that you can make changes or booking of the other nights right up until arrival. (At least that’s how I interpret it.) 

Oh, and never mind that they advertise the deal as $515 per person — it requires double occupancy, so better to think of it as $1,030.

Good Deal?

$80 per night to stay in Norway seems great to me. We spent a long weekend at the Clarion Havnekontoret in Bergen and it was just silly expensive (we used points). I’ve never stayed at a Scandic, however, so can’t say how they compare.

Doing a quick glance around a few cities seemed to indicate that a typical night would be in the $150-$200 range, so $80 seems like a steal. 


What’s Included?

Scandic advertises that all their rates include breakfast which is pretty common in Norway. For a budget traveler, that means you should wear your sweat pants and try to eat enough to last you all day.

They also allow kids under 13 to stay free with the adults in the same room. Again, no experience with that myself, but would love to hear if it’s as simple as that, of you have to book a bigger room to begin with.


Bottom Line

If I had a trip to Norway coming up this summer, I’d definitely be thinking long and hard about this deal. My biggest concern is the lack of information out there in terms of how it works — there just isn’t a lot of intel for promotions from some of these smaller chains, so it sort of feels like buying a pig in a poke.

But if you take the leap, combining this deal with some cheap Norwegian Air Shuttle airfare could make for a reasonably priced trip to Norway this summer. 

And those are words you don’t hear every day.

What do you think? Is it a valid deal? Does Scandic run promotions like this frequently? Would love to hear your thoughts.

  1. Did a European trip last summer and spent a day and night in Tromsø. My girlfriend and I realized pretty quickly we wouldn’t be getting much of a buzz in Norway consider the $12 pints at local bars. Totally worth it though. Amazingly beautiful and wonderful people.

  2. I’ve had very good experiences at Scandics in major cities. Excellent breakfasts. Don’t know how my experiences would translate to smaller properties in smaller towns.

  3. Perfect to combine with EXPERIENCE NORWAY IN ONE TICKET – unlimited flights with Widerøe for 2 weeks!
    The Explore Norway Ticket is valid for unlimited travel in Norway for 2 weeks. We have divided the country into 3 zones, and you can choose between traveling in one zone, two zones or the whole of Norway.

    Travel period: 18. June – 27. August 2015.

    Read more on “Bonus fever” webpage:

    God tur!

  4. I visited Norway every summer between the 1998 and 2010. I don’t visit as much now due to the inflated krone. Norwegians are awesome and very willing to use English. It is worth the high price. I spent less money due to the fact I lived with people that I knew and i borrowed their cars

    @Jeff R been to smaller cities like Drammen (Norway) and have had similar Nordic experience

  5. I really like the Scandic chain, and this is a screaming good deal. I hope they offer it again next summer, and ideally announce it earlier in the year so I can plan accordingly.

  6. Jo — Yep. Big commitment for sure. I thought about mentioning that it might be good to call the reservation center before booking the first night and kind of walk through a proposed itinerary.

  7. Robert D — I agree. I would love to go back to Norway, and this feels like an awesome deal. Hope it comes around again.

  8. Great deal for sure, and for those of you who are members of the Scandic Friends program, all the nights count as qualifying nights toward elite status, as well as you earn points for each night you stay.

    I would also recommend Widerøe’s “Explore Norway” ticket, which let you fly as much as you want for 2 weeks, at 3990 NOK (aprox 520 USD) per person. This could actually give you Star Alliance Gold status, if you credit the flights to the SAS EuroBonus program. 45 segments (and eligible Widerøe flights count!) is what it takes to reach SAS EuroBonus Gold.

    The travel period is identical to the Scandic promotion (June 18 to August 27)

  9. Norway is a “bargain” these days if you make your money in USD, EUR. The krone (NOK) is down 30% vs USD since last summer making your vacation in Norway 30% cheaper.

    BTW Scandic are ok hotels in most places and breakfast is included.

    Enjoy Norway !


  10. What Cecilie mentions regarding Widerøes “Explore Norway” ticket is worth to take note of, as the hotel campaign mentioned here is made to correspond with Widerøes campaign.

    Some of you might remember Widerøe as being the airline with the ridiculous cheap US-Europe tickets in november 2013 due to an amadeus fare miscalculation. It also is the “regional airline” of Norway serving the smaller airports and routes with their dashes, and they have a very good route network allowing a holiday where you get to see a lot of our country.

  11. I’m currently in Norway! I often come here to work but this year I hd to come here last minute .. during “Summer” .. let’s just say that for USD 2,500 (USD 250 a night) you get a standard room at a three star Hotel. it is just too much to take in at first but afterwards ou enjoy the city and forget about it .. so thanks for the tip Ben ..

  12. Going to Norway this summer and just burned all my Club Carlson points. For the non-points stays at Club Carlson just used their “carlsonf” promo code and got the nights at $80.

  13. Don’t forget (if arriving in OSL) to use the arrival duty free. It’s huge, not just a wee hole in the wall, and will save you a fortune on booze costs while away.

  14. I’m going to Norway for 11 nights in July so this offer looks tailor made for me. The flights are already booked. Unfortunately a quick look shows zero availability for any of the nights that we will be in the Lofoten Islands. No good after all. You’d probably need to build an itinerary from scratch to take advantage of this rather than fit it into an existing itinerary.

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