Bizarre Video: “How To Fly An Airplane Story”

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Andrew B passes along something that showed up on his Facebook timeline. He says “this might be the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen,” and I don’t think he’s too far off.

DEMIC is a Facebook page with nearly 14 million followers, with the following purpose:

“The goal is to create the most entertaining content for our Facebook community. Engaging stories and tips to improve your daily life at home.”

They recently uploaded a video that is supposed to teach the following lesson:

“Half education is more dangerous than no education.”

Here’s the three minute video, which I don’t want to ruin, so check it out first:

What the actual heck? Is this really the best way they could convey the message of “half education is more dangerous than no education?” That point had to be made by having an airplane cleaner hijack a plane and then crash it, suggesting that the way you fly a plane is by just pushing three buttons, and the plane does everything else?

The video has 19 million views, over 11K shares, and about 350 comments. Oddly I can’t find any comments questioning if the people who made this video are off their rocker? Instead people are cracking jokes about how he should just reverse order push all the buttons to land the plane.

I know I’ve been inside for weeks now and am probably starting to lose my sanity (even more now than before), but does anyone else find this video odd as could be? Does depicting an airplane cleaner hijacking and then crashing a plane fit the bill for creating “entertaining content,” including “engaging stories and tips to improve your daily life at home?”

  1. I’m not sure who the target audience is for this? If the audience was children, I’d rather not illustrate a teaching point to a child by showing a crashed, burning airliner. If for adults, it was not humorous but boring and sophomoric. Total fail!

  2. It strikes me as content from a content farm like 5 minute crafts, a well documented rip-off/fake video site. Probably is available in many languages given that it’s a text to speech bot and the written English isn’t in keeping with the rest of the design.
    Dark for sure and what a dumb message. It strikes me as an attempt at propaganda that doesn’t quite land.

  3. Two volumes, that’s all? And to think I wasted years learning to be a competent pilot in the military!

  4. I work with non-technical managers who make decisions without understanding half the facts most of the time. If an engineer tries to tell them they haven’t taken everything into account , they brush it off as unnecessary time-consuming detail and pessimism. Then, when the project fails they blame it on unpredictable events that they couldn’t possibly have seen. Forget the fact this is about flying a plane. It’s an important message and I think it’s a perfectly reasonable way to present it. People behave recklessly in business and sometimes they need bringing back down to earth. I thought this was great. Nothing bizarre about the message at all. Well done fit posting it.

  5. Why not promote YouTube pages of some of the smaller YouTube trip reporters or vloggers instead? Also do more happy hours.

  6. I’m with Travelin Willie. Facebook is evil and full of “half the information” posts.

  7. Damm

    Am I the only to think this is mocking Boeing and MCAS. It does look similar to a 737.

    Press 3 buttons and 737MAX flies with MCAS.
    To disable MCAS, please buy a new plane.

    Half education is more dangerous than no education. Says a person who thinks plane can fly with 3 buttons. The creator is part of the problem.

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