How Many American Concierge Key Members Are There? We May Have Just Found Out…

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Loyalty programs are typically tight-lipped about statistics involving their membership base. Sure, they like to promote things like how many members they have altogether, and how many new members they have (assuming the numbers are impressive), but you’ll almost never see them share details of their membership base with status.

I imagine they don’t share these things for competitive reasons, since they don’t want other programs being able to track the competition too closely.

I’m sure we’d all be fascinated to know the number of elite members major programs have, and in particular how that’s broken down between tiers.

But aside from a few leaks over the years, I’ve never really seen an airline share these things.

In the American AAdvantage program, Concierge Key is the top tier, invitation only status. The qualification criteria aren’t published, but as a general rule of thumb:

  • Don’t expect to be invited based on your travels if you don’t spend at least $50,000 per year on the airline (and even then it’s not a sure thing)
  • Concierge Key is also often given out as part of corporate contracts, to celebrities, etc.

So while American has never officially revealed how many Concierge Key members there are, we may have just found out unofficially.

As noted by the always observant JonNYC, a chocolatier posted on Instagram about a big project he just finished up. This includes a picture of boxes of chocolates that are allegedly going out to Concierge Key members.

The caption talks about how they’ve prepared 11,300 boxes, and says “a big thank you to American Concierge Key for trusting us.”

Well that sure is interesting. Based on this I think it’s safe to assume that there are at least 11,300 Concierge Key members.

What we don’t know is if all Concierge Key members are getting these boxes of chocolates, or if they’re only going out to some members. It could be that there are actually significantly more members than that.

Before this whole thing came up, I would have guessed that there were 10,000-15,000 Concierge Key members, so I wouldn’t by surprised if this is in fact the entire membership, as it’s within the range of what I was expecting.

We should be able to determine pretty conclusively if this is in fact the entire Concierge Key membership base. I imagine these are just being sent out now, so if you’re a Concierge Key member, please report back on whether or not you receive a box of chocolates.

If everyone does, we have our answer. If there are several data points of people not getting them, then it’s safe to assume there are more than 11,300 members.

Do you think there are 11,300 Concierge Key members, or more, or…?

  1. This image has now since been removed from his IG feed…but if you look in the tagged images section, the same image appears from a would be Concierge Key Member.

  2. “a big thank you to American Concierge Key for trusting us… to spill the beans.” Or maybe that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    Interesting find.

  3. I’m not a ConciergeKey member but if I were, the last thing on my mind as a benefit of being a member is receiving bon-bons.
    To answer your question though, I think 10k-15k makes sense.

  4. How many of these are truly earned , and how many are given out as corporate incentives is a better question.

    United gives out hundreds of GS memberships to corporate bigwigs as conract incentives.

  5. Lucky —

    I am a first-time CK for 2019. Early last week, I received a metal luggage tag made out of a piece of a retired MD-80. I have not yet received these chocolates (or the offer to choose a framed Gray Malin print, which I’ve also seen online).

    My theory is that the chocolates/prints may be going only to CK *renewals* — in the year-end summary I received from AA with all the fun details about how far I traveled, it noted that CK members collectively flew “to the sun” 16 times. The sun is around 93 million miles from Earth; multiply by 16 and you get around 1.488 billion miles. If you divide only by 11,300, you get around 133,000 BIS miles per CK member. I actually think that’s a tad high as an average. If you divide by 15,000, you get around 99,200 BIS miles per CK member, which is maybe more reasonable (keep in mind the operating assumption that CK is based on profitability, not spend).

  6. What a fascinating world we live in when a chocolatier potentially gives away closely-held proprietary information by bragging on Instagram

  7. I would guess slightly fewer than that as they might keep some for the company or to account for loss or breakage

  8. On a related note…I too have found it nearly impossible to use some AA ExecPlatinum VIP upgrades they expire the end of this month, so I am offering them up to anyone who might need them. Do you or anyone else you know might be able to use them? Let me know! PS really enjoy reading your posts!

  9. Hi MikeF

    I’m taking a birthday trip tomorrow as a lowly Gold. Do you think the upgrades could be transfered? Feel free to email me at aw1361(AT) I can give those expiring upgrades a good home 🙂

  10. @mikeF I can use the upgrades that you want to donate. I’ve been an AA member since 2015. I fly pretty often (every week) but apparently not often enough to get any benefits or bonuses from AA, well except boarding in zone 5. I’d appreciate anything you’re willing to offer. Thank you!

  11. what an idiot, why is everyone’s first reaction to anything go post it to instagram/social media. Zero chance this guy gets any more business from AA or another big corporate client.

  12. @MikeF I’m flying domestic ord to las for my wife’s birthday in late Feb could use them if possible (I’m AA Gold). Please email me at [email protected] if possible. Thank you for the generosity!

  13. @MikeF I’m flying domestic ord to las for my wife’s birthday in late Feb could use them if possible (I’m AA Gold). Please email me at nick33889 at hotmail if possible. Thank you for the generosity!

  14. @MikeF

    I would LOVE to use those! I have a couple of connecting flights and a red-eye to Berlin for a conference for work in March and my University is too cheap to approved even PE, even though I asked repeatedly. If you’re feeling kind, you can mail me at vml205(AT)yahoo. Thank you!

  15. N MARANO…need your email to reply to you on AA upgrades. Also to others who replied, check your emails I sent.

  16. @MikeF oh man if you still have leftovers I’d love to upgrade one of my cross country flights coming up in a few months that would be awesome.

  17. Hey Mike. If you any upgrades left I’ll be happy to put one to use. Have a flight coming up next week. goal216207 at aol dot com

  18. @Flightwonk

    Why do you think 133k BIS miles is less reasonable than 99k BIS miles?

    Also BIS = Butt In Seat, yes?

  19. @Super – yes, BIS = butt in seat. Let me preface all this by saying I have zero certainty about what it takes to make CK, other than it is based on profitability — with obviously some connection to spend and distance, but spend and distance alone aren’t the focus.

    From the data points I’ve seen online, there are at least two things that help one achieve CK: (1) Average spend of around USD 1,000 per segment, and (2) spend per actual mile flown greater than USD 0.50.

    133k BIS miles is doable — but I think fewer/shorter trips that are more expensive are more profitable to AA. That’s why I think between 90k-100k as an average BIS number for CKs is more on the money. But I could be totally wrong.

  20. @MikeF sorry forgot to give my email if there is still available: flyingrohit (at) thanks again and hope I strike gold!

  21. @MikeF
    That is very kind of you! I’m taking my daughter on an international journey to cap off her gap year of volunteerism. As a first time Platinum with very few miles, upgrades are beyond my reach. If you have any left, we would put them to great use on a very special mother/daughter trip.
    Thanks! candiance[dot]bynum[at]gmail[dot]com

  22. I received the chocolate box last week along with a voucher for framed art work, I have a pic I can send you.

  23. @MikeF, I could use one of those for my upcoming trip to Japan. My company is too cheap to even pay for PE on a 14-hr flight 🙁
    Email is victor diaz AT gmail
    Thank you for your generosity!

  24. Many years ago when AA started their FF program, I flew all the time with AA. They were very secretive about who could become a “gold” member. After a long time and still no gold status, I phoned AA. A very nice telephone agent told me that gold status was based on zip codes and since I live in Manhattan, there were probably zillions of other AA flyers who flew more than me. I changed my address with AAVantage to my upstate NY house and within weeks was made a gold member.

    I have always found that interesting as well as infuriating.

  25. I flew about 215,000 miles in 2018 but did not spend $50,000
    I received a notice from American congratulating me announcing that my activity (miles & $) put me in the top 1% of Executive Platinums. I am more than sure that I out performed many CK’s. But, no offer to be a CK 🙂

  26. So I found that all Deloitte partners are CK and they have options to add assistants also. I would say Deloitte has 80% of the concierge key status. They give them out as rewards for goals reached also.

  27. @Brian — if you flew 215,000 miles and spent under $50k, you’re not terribly profitable for AA. CK is based on profitability.

  28. Third year being CK. Second year for the box of chocolates. Strange they didn’t mix it up as the offering was the same. Although this year there was also a gift for a signed/framed travel photograph that could be selected from a website. I liked the chocolates better.

  29. “….Life is like a box of chocolates..” – sometimes your plane takes off on time, sometimes its delayed due to maintenance, sometime its the crew…sometimes you get the upgrade, sometimes the food is hot….

  30. So last year I flew more miles than I ever had in 20 years as a member, more than 250k. Got an email in December telling me I was in the top 1% of Ck members in travel miles. I did spend less this year as I took less international business to control budgets. Thank you from AA. Sorry CK not being renewed

  31. @Sam S.B.

    Those appear to be [somewhat educated] guesses from a self-promoting link. I wouldn’t put too much stock in them.

  32. Just a thought. Since American has about 6,700 flights per day. If every CK members made a round trip every week, and there are 11,300 CKs, you would expect to see 0.48 CKs per flight.

    Since, CKs probably fly more peak hours and weekdays (I do), the number might be closer to 1+ for every flight during busy times. Ao, that total number of CKs (11,300), sounds about right.

    BTW, I did not get the fancy chocolate, but the “regular “ chocolate this year instead..

  33. I am always envious when there is a Concierge Key member on my flight. I could never reach this status because I am not a business traveler nor do I spend anywhere near the amount needed per year. However, I am happy with my Platinum status because it definitely has afforded me more upgrades than when I was only at Gold status. My strategy is to buy first class tickets for longer domestic flights and coach for the shorter flights. I also try and fly one international trip each year in business class. However, AA has now made it so difficult to obtain lifetime status. I have been lifetime gold for years but with the changes it will take me about 20 years to achieve lifetime platinum.

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