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Good morning, world!

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  1. Coins, I thought your favorite HK hotel was the InterCon? We stayed at the Sheraton with fantastic views of HK harbour.

  2. I was thinking Intercontinental, HK, I think you’re right, either Ritz or Harbourside Tower from the angle..

  3. Def the Ritz. It’s obviously HK – Kowloon side and no other place in HK has that view… been to Ozone enough times to know that! You were “Lucky” to get some good weather, lately its been too cloudy to see anything from up there!

  4. The HK Ritz is on my hotel bucket list because of the view. The hotel looks awesome, but seriously, that view is amazing.

  5. Ben, how much did you pay for a room at the Ritz HKG? When I was in HKG in Nov. the rate was over $500 a night. Also, their bar charges sky high prices for drinks. Try Tim Ho Wan for good inexpensive dim sum. They have two location in Kowloon.

  6. Have a drink at the rooftop bar, I think it was around $12-15/drink and no cover charge… way cheaper than 30 Rock Rainbow Room.



  7. Definitely the Ritz Hong Kong. Was there a week and a half ago with similar view. You’re having much better weather though!

    Do check out Ozone for a drink if you’re not staying there. Well worth the $8-15 drink price for the view. It opens at 4:00pm, so get there early for a window seat.

  8. I’ll echo what others said: great visibility from the Ritz Carlton on your stay. W HK is nearby, but this is a tad high, and the view is unobstructed.

    I was there for drinks a couple of months ago and you could barely see across to HK.

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