Someone Changed My Hotel Reservation (Without My Permission)

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Look, I get some people don’t like me, and that’s fine. I’m not sure I get why those people keep reading and commenting. If I don’t like something and find it to be a negative force in my life, I try not to give it the time of day. Life is too short for negative energy.

So while I don’t mind the trolling and comments from a very vocal minority, sometimes people like to take it a step further. I’m not sure I get that, since the people who vocally hate me are the same people who claim to “pity” my life. No matter how hard I try, I can’t follow that logic — if you pity someone, then why would you want to make their life even worse than you already perceive it to be?

Back in 2011 I posted about how I was booked to fly from Tampa to Paris, and when I went to check in online, I discovered that someone had changed my reservation to instead be from Raleigh to Los Angeles. The agent confirmed someone had called to change my reservation, and obviously it wasn’t me.

Well, it has just happened again, not surprisingly. On Saturday I posted about the pre-stay email I received from the Ritz-Carlton Almaty, including a screenshot. I accidentally forgot to cross out the confirmation number in the screenshot. I quickly fixed it. Oops — lesson learned, I’ll quadruple check the screenshots I post in the future.


Well, just an hour ago I received an updated email confirmation from the Ritz-Carlton for my stay. Someone rebooked me in the most expensive available room at the most expensive special rate (“romance package”).

Ritz-1 Ritz-2

Now that I look at it, it’s ridiculous how easy Ritz-Carlton makes it to change reservations. How is it possible that simply with a confirmation number someone was able to rebook me in a room that was significantly more expensive without even having to re-enter the credit card information? But that’s for another post…

To the reader who changed my reservation, all I can really say is that I feel bad for you. Rebooking myself took only a few minutes, and that’s not a big deal. If your day was made better by my day being made (slightly) worse, then it might be time to step back and take a big picture look at your life…

  1. Hi Ben,

    FYI I was the user to send you a message on twitter about the amount of info in that post – I promise I did not change your reservation!

    The only way on how to prevent this issue is a 2 step verification where they send you a mail/text before you can access your reservation if its not done from your account where you log in with a password. But then people complain its to cumbersome.

    It will never be perfect unfortunately!

  2. A romance package? What did she say?

    “I accidentally forgot to cross out the confirmation number in the screenshot”
    No really, Ben. When an a-hole does that, you shouldn’t even write an article; i.e., rant, after the fact. That could create wack-a-mole.

  3. To be honest, I wouldn’t have spoken back in a blog post like this. It’s likely going to cause a few to pick a bone and figure out ways to social engineer agents into doing other things (changing reservations, etc).

    Also, if your reservation confirmation number was exposed, ask an agent to regenerate a new number ASAP. It may be a slight hassle, but it’ll avoid a mess like this in the future. If it’s leaked online, better be sure to change it (same with credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc).

  4. That is terrible karma for that “person”

    At the end of the day there are a lot of jealous people out there who are spiteful, vindictive and wish to do others harm…instead of wishing others well, no matter how much they wish it was themselves in that position.


  5. Some people have nothing better to do with their time. Agree with the comment also about the 2 step process for verification. Too easy to change a reservation these days.

  6. Wow, some people really do need to find something better to do with their time. That is beyond pathetic, plus what are the odds that someone so evil would see and save the confirmation number so quickly? Is there something automated that captures the original post even if you make changes later? (My IT skills are right behind yours…)

  7. you should post about your travels only after all travel completed on the reservation – there is risk just from having your name (which is public information now) and the hotel name or flight plus a swag at the exact date.

  8. Ugh. Same stupid mentality as those who call SWAT / 911 on people. Less harmful, at least. Why are some people so terrible to others when acting anonymously?

  9. That act of impersonation is contemptible and illegal. Envy appears to be a powerful motivator.

    I have often wondered why you allow so many haters, racists and trolls comments on this blog – but then I realise that there is an element of self-regulation. Your readers have the wit and wisdom to respond (often amusingly) to the negative commentators.

    This act falls outside that category. The perpetrator may call it a ‘prank’ – I call it a crime. It puts them one step closer to the ‘big house’.

  10. Sometimes I don’t agree with you something you might write, but damn, people must learn to respect each other.

    Lucky, you are awesome at your job. Whenever we are awesome at something, hater will appear.

    Hope this things doesn’t happen again.

  11. Sorry to hear about this. Don’t think I would have posted about it — you know this jerk is getting some perverse pleasure out of reading this. why give the jerk the satisfaction?

  12. To the extent you are lumping all people who criticize your blog with the person who did this, cmon. This sucks and was a cruddy thing for someone to do. But don’t use this as an opportunity to suggest everyone who criticizes your blog is morally corrupt and or going out of their way to destroy you.

    Indeed, you have no evidence that the person who did this has ever posted a negative comment on your blog.

    To be clear, whoever did this was a jerk. But it has nothing to do with people who criticize your blog more generally.

  13. agreed not nice, but it might not be someone who criticize you. maybe it was someone who felt your stance on queue jumping was wrong.

  14. Some years ago I had precisely the same problem with a couple of academic “so-called” colleagues in my university who were jealous that I was frequently invited on overseas missions. On a number of occasions, my flights were maliciously canceled and on one occasion my attendance at an important conference. This was in the pre-internet era and they were confiscating or copying faxes coming in for me on the Faculty open-access fax machine.

    Fortunately, one of this nasty team slipped up and left an evidential paper trial. After a formal harassment investigation, I received substantial financial compensation as part of a deal in which they were disciplined but not sacked.

    I sympathize with your experience. Almost certainly it is a jealous colleague or more likely a couple of more working a rather pathetic team, motivated by blind jealousy or even seeking to undermine you because they see you as a threat to their promotion prospects.

  15. Not the same issue but related to how easy hotels make for people to have access to your information. Couple weeks ago I was booked on the Intercontinental Washington DC and for some reason I decided to check my IHG account. Well, surprisingly more than 200,000 IHG were gone. I called IHG immediately and told them I had not redeemed those points. Well, long story short it took couple days but I got my points back but the problem was that the IHG agent mentioned that my password was probably too weak. Excuse me!!!! IHG uses a stupid 4 number digit PIN code which with today’s technology a 5 year old can guess so how am I supposed to make a 4 number PIN code stronger? Also, I never got any email confirming “my redemption”. Thus, if I hadn’t checked my account I would never know my points were redeemed.

  16. To be honest, US$300 per night is a steal for an executive suite. From the pictures, it looks MASSIVE…

  17. So sorry to hear this. But can’t say I’m shocked. Obviously, a disgruntled, bitter reader thought it was somehow appropriate to do this…and we know there are several examples of those types who frequently comment here.

    The only solution is to be more vigilant in never revealing that sort of information on your blog, I’m afraid. There always will be vile morons out there, which is why we always must take care to secure our own privacy. Look at it this way: lesson learned without too much hassle, as it could’ve been much worse.

  18. @ Mser I hate Trump too but FFS can you just make a point without dragging politics into F’ing everything. This is how you end up with 2 horrible, divisive, egomaniac candidates who will literally say anything to the end of their own glorification — by dragging politics into everything and making life a team sport. You’re the asshole — you just don’t know it.

  19. We all now must deal with a new class of people: those who live their lives exclusively in cyberspace. Forget about them having any creative, individual thoughts of their own; they now can only regurgitate the ignorance they read on fringe blogs. They try to feel better about their own meaningless lives by anonymously attacking the beliefs, experiences, even appearances of those who are happy & successful. Their only feeling of accomplishment comes from vandalizing other people’s work.

    One only has to read the comments to OMAAT posts to know that this is true.

    I’m sure the person who changed Ben’s reservation is gleefully proud of himself. After all, this is probably his greatest achievement of the year! It’s the type of action–the only kind of action–that gives a purpose to his life.

  20. What a jerk. You obviously have a life envied by many and that will always bring the jealousy of some. Too bad some adults out there behave like children.

    On a side note, I’ve always found your “live” updates and sharing of info both before and during trips an interesting decision. It would seem you’ve reached a level of exposure where sharing that information opens you up to not only inconveniences such as this, but safety concerns. In fact, when you were live updating on China Southern (was that it?), I half assumed you had already taken the trip and were pretending the live updates. For what it’s worth, I’d be fine with that. I think others would as well.

    Also, I don’t know what the “right” answer is for hotels on change policies. Two step authentication sounds nice, but I don’t always have access to text messages while traveling internationally. It is probably reasonable for the hotel to assume that most guests aren’t posting their itineraries on the Internet for thousands of people to see…….if someone has access to the confirmation numbers of the average person, it would likely mean their email has been hacked……enabling the changing of most 2-step settings anyway. I’m not sure I place much blame with Ritz. It was a slip to post it for sure – and a major a-hole exploited it. Lesson learned there.

  21. Hi Ben. F the haters. Don’t let them bring you down. You are the man. People are just jealous of you and that’s why they do stuff like that. I love you blog posts and it has opened up a new chapter of my life. Hoping to join the mile high with my wife in either the Etihad apartments or Singapore suites that i would have never been able to book or afford it if I hadn’t read your posts. Thank you and keep blogging!!

  22. Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots and assholes in the world. Hope you were able to resolve the situation without much hassle. Keep up what you do, the vast majority of your readers like your blog!

  23. Francois’s comment made me laugh out loud!

    Some people need to learn how to filter and ignore what doesn’t matter in their life. I love Ben’s blog and have benefited greatly from his travel tips and credit card advice over the years. I can relate to many of his experiences and have so much to learn from him. I ignore posts not applicable to me (e.g., ads for Mideast airlines on which I will likely never travel).

    P.S. Ben, some of your subscribers have anger issues and should unsubscribe to OMAAT for their own sanity. I am totally envious of your great life style and wish you only the very best!!

  24. On the topic of security in accessing and changing reservations: You can change or cancel airline bookings as well if just you have the name and reservation number. It seems a bit insecure, but on the other hand it works well and reasonably convenient for 99.9% of the cases. Not sure it makes sense to make the system much more complicated for the average user just to prevent very very rare events of manipulation.

  25. I am glad you foiled the attempt. It’s understandable to want to call out the troll, I’m sure I’d have done the same, but man it would have been so sweet to stay silent and when you posted your experience really pile it on about how great your check in was and the room was exactly as it should be, etc. etc. etc. The troll would have spent all that time salivating, waiting for the post, and bam, nothing, no climax for him/her.

    Not nearly as awful my sibling somehow changed my reservation at a hotel. We were all gathering for a family thing and I had made my own reservations. She somehow knows better than anyone about everything and decided that her rate code was the best and, I still have no idea how she did this, changed my reservation on me. I didn’t know until I checked in. It screwed me up because of all the limitations on her code and frankly even if it WAS a better rate, stay out of my wallet. Geez, that felt good to vent.

    And yea, change the password/account number if you haven’t already.

  26. Sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad it worked out in the end. I never understood why people get pleasure out of trying to make other people miserable.

  27. I agree with some that I would have not posted. If somebody pulls something on you there’s nothing better than letting them just sit out there not knowing what happened,

  28. There are douche bags everywhere in life. You just stumbled onto the douchiest. Really, what this thing did was probably illegal. If you pressed it with the police they could probably trace it back to the thing that did it.

  29. Adam – Looks like someone’s about touchy… If the slightest hint of criticism (he didn’t even come close to saying everyone who makes negative comments are the same as them…) upsets you so much, why do you feel you can make them to others?

    For the record, I have occasional issues with the blog (I find most successful travel bloggers tend to become more elitist as they get more successful), so making criticisms is certainly valid (though the regular overt viciousness and homophobia (well, it is America…) takes it way too far). Making them when you can’t take them back however is just a sign of spite.

  30. It’s incredible that an individual has so much time in their life to orchestrate such an activity. Don’t understand why people cannot spend their energy on positive impacts instead.

  31. @Callum, I am a bit touchy.

    I once said I had “pity” for Ben in a specific context when I was accused of having “envy” when I had a specific disagreement about a specific post. Ben and i had a bit of a back and forth. I’m not aware of anyone else who has used that term, so I find it to be a bit of a personal attack in Ben’s post to suggest that the people who have “pity” for him are the same who do things like this. I have never attempted to alter anyone’s reservation or do any of the other mysterious things Ben is referring to.

    Equating all critics as trolls is not productive. Even saying people who criticize your blog “don’t like you” is silly; having never met Ben, I have no idea if I like him. As for his posts, I like some of them (usually factual ones), I find others miss the mark (where they express viewpoints I think are flawed). That doesn’t make me a troll, and that doesn’t mean I’d commit fraud and manipulate a loophole in an online reservation system. I take my integrity very seriously and don’t like the suggestion that because I’ve criticized blog posts I’m either “envious” or a fraudster.

  32. Yeah, it’s never your fault Lucky.

    You’re completely clueless as to to why people don’t like you even thought they write it out?

    Now some phantom changed your reservation?

    Here’s why people don’t like you: you claim the same people who pity you “hate” you.

    Well that’s a dishonest statement, you are just setting up straw men to make your little pity party point.

    I don’t like you and I don’t pity you.

    And to answer your question as to why I comment, it’s because you crossed the line with your social “justice” activism and say offensive things to the people that don’t agree with you.

    Your fellow writers like Tiffany Funk are hypocrites and flat out LIARS.

    You always talk about how the “average” person won’t understand this or that but you seem totally bewildered and unable to understand that people comment because they don’t agree with your nasty little agenda.

    You call them trolls, and some are, but many just challenge your world view and rather than accept that, you try to dismiss people with the typical leftist four horsemen (Islamaphobic, Homophobic, Racist, Xenophobic).

    You always label people that don’t agree with you as having some mental disorder to shut down any real discourse, and calling people trolls is the same thing.

  33. What a Scumbag!!! I wish the person who changed the reservation will be castrated because the person didn’t have a ball.

  34. Unfortunately this is too often the price people pay for being publicly gay (or honestly just publicly female) on the internet. Be careful and I’m glad everything is ok.

    Also @Adam, I think you are being overly sensitive here. When Ben is referring to trolls, he isn’t referring to ANYONE who criticizes him, but merely those people who don’t offer anything productive and are simply trying to harass him. Remember, Ben moderates his comments, and we still see some pretty nasty criticism/problematic comments, so I can only imagine what doesn’t make it through….

  35. I read your blogs, as I do many other travel blogs for my business needs. I am often critical, but certainly not interested in bringing harm to your well-being. So, in that respect, I have to exhibit my solidarity with Adam.

    Frankly, these are the dangers of having one’s life widely publicized in the social media. I am sorry this happened to you, but at least it will make you more cautious in the future.

  36. @Josh,

    It’s so funny how its always the people whining about social justice and political correctness are the ones that have the thinnest skins and are the most angry and “offended” about someone calling them names like “trolls.” If you are that sensitive, why don’t you retreat to a safe space like Breitbart where you don’t have to worry about people encouraging things like tolerance and diversity.

  37. I imagine this is similar to how United Airlines felt when you, Ben, used technology and the internet to put one over on them with reused e-vouchers.

  38. ALSO @Josh,

    How does Ben being openly gay and trying to promote an inclusive space on his website somehow make it HIS FAULT that his reservation got changed? That is not normal behavior nor something someone should expect for expressing their own opinions on their own website.

  39. Sheesh, Josh. All you have to do is stop reading his blog. Really. No biggie. I don’t like Gary Leff. I avoid reading his blog. Boom. Problem solved.

    But I’m not sure I quite get you. So you expect a gay guy to just accept it when someone goes on a homophobic rant and not even go so far as to call them a troll? Really? That’s what your saying? Because if so, that’s messed up.

    And Lucky at least only rarely censors his critics. He could easily delete those posts but almost always leaves them up.

    And it’s pathetic someone would mess with his reservation. That’s just stupid.

  40. @A Didn’t you know? Words like troll, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. are offensive to those who have problems with so-called “PC culture.”

    Also, sorry Ben, this is my last (mostly) off-topic post on this thread. I’m just sick of people railing against political correctness or “SJW’s” while simultaneously deciding that certain (accurate) words we use to describe them should be off-limits in public discourse because they are offensive and hurt their feelings. I don’t know how we got to a place where, for many people, the word “racist” is a more hurtful and ugly epithet than the N-word…

  41. You have made many a dream for me and my family come true. Thanks for that.

    I am truly baffled at the behavior of the guy who changed your reservation. As has been pointed out he could always stop reading the blog

    Thanks for all you do

  42. Ben has done great work, as in today’s hypocritical society that does not warrant anything. If a post is nothing but trolling & wasting everybody’s time I say get rid of it & block the ip. It;s a personal blog you have the freedom to do that? There are always kids who think they figured out everything after reading 20 articles & waiting to strike at first chance on your ‘clickbait’ posts. They are just useless and waste.

  43. It really sucks but I am sure that @Lucky will get over it, especially since no harm was done.

    The big lesson and concern here are that one has really got to be very careful about what one does with one’s confirmation numbers since it’s clear that they can quite easily be used to appropriate someone’s identity and muck up their travel plans or worse…

  44. Yeah someone is “out to get you”.

    It couldn’t just be YOUR screwup.

    It couldn’t be just a simple mistake by the hotel.

    Some disgruntled reader changed your reservation.

    Once again I’m floored at how gullible readers are to believe this crap.

  45. While not everyone has to agree with your surmising, or even like you…what you described takes it to whole other level. That is active harassment and an attempted fraud.

  46. Some miserable bitch is sipping their sweet troll juice and finding joy in your inconvenience. Much like cockroaches, they will vanish when their food source is gone. Don’t feed them.

  47. @chasgoose

    You like to drone on and on don’t you….why don’t you post about it a few more times and add verbiage like ‘deplorables’. Maybe some undecided will relent and submit your sense of morality and correctness aka “We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile”.

    Grow up…it’s not all about you sweetie.

  48. @Lucky I’ve always been annoyed by the trolls on the site, but it’s always struck me as fairly obvious that they’re jealous of the life you lead. This is further evidence …

  49. I confess I don’t read the articles, only the comments. So I don’t know what Almaty reservation you are talking about. Maybe someone wants to gift you a romance package because they love your blog.

    Maybe ford was going to surprise you.

    Be an optimist. I would have thought this would be par for the course for someone who livesI so much of his life so publicly.

  50. Writing about is it exactly what they want. Next time just quietly fix it, remind yourself be careful next time, and don’t say a word publicly and give them the satisfaction.

  51. Maybe you can use your Ritz Carlton Rewards Card club upgrade certificate here to get a club level suite out of it.

  52. Adam – In which case I suggest you wind your neck in and bugger off. You’re clearly too sensitive to be interacting with people online.

    Spending your time criticising people then throwing a hissy fit when you believe you get criticised seems like a rather pathetic way to live your life. You’re obviously not the only one who has used the word “pity” on this site (I’ve certainly used it many times, no doubt at least once aimed at something pretentious or elitist lucky has said) so you can take off your tin foil hat while you’re at it. You’re not as important as you seem to think you are and it’s amusing you think you have such a profound impact on luckys life!

  53. Hey, at least they didn’t outright cancel your reservation…

    “since the people who vocally hate me are the same people who claim to “pity” my life”

    That isn’t true. I’m sure they are people who hate you but don’t pity you, and vice versa. Also, I’m sure there are lots of people whose dislike of you has nothing to do with jealousy either. I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the “haters” fly in premium cabins as well…

    Still, best to double check what you post, so stuff like this doesn’t happen again.

  54. Hi Ben,

    I am a long time reader of onemileatattime. It’s something i start reading everytime i feel a little down because theres nothing to turn your day around more than than an A380 emirates pics or pics of the LAX lounges.However this is the first time i am commenting on a post.
    Firstly ,forget it ben. This is the internet ,it’s filled with jobless people.
    Secondly, i cant thank you enough for your trip diaries. I CAN CREDIT onemileatatime for making me an av geek. keep up the good work.
    P.S: can you also start writing on cards and deals coming outta India.I guess you have a strong following here and we don’t know much about travel points and loyalty memberships in our country.

    Thanks for inspiring a new generation of explorers.
    Yours sincerely

  55. @Josh Geeze, did Mommy forget to remind you to take your meds before posting? You need to get a better system in place to make sure you pop the pills & then turn on your PC

  56. Maybe they chose the romantic package because given your latest posts it sounds like you need to get laid? Or maybe you need to travel with Daniel, cut in line to the first flight you can get your hands on and… whatever.

  57. I read a post you wrote recently while you were still traveling and thought – someone’s going to sabotage him. I wouldn’t write about anything until after you’re back just to be safe.

  58. @Callum: thanks for showing me what a hissy fit looks like, and proving my point : labeling people pathetic, envious, etc., when they post pretty well-tempered, reasoned comments without name calling is more trolling than criticizing the content of a post is

  59. Maybe Mr.Click Bait changed the reservation himself, or the hotel made a mistake, and that’s a good excuse to come up with a post because he’s running thin on news.

  60. Ben,
    If you didn’t post where you’re staying, who you’re flying and the dates, this wouldn’t have happened. You should only post AFTER you’ve done it and not include dates.

  61. We are terribly sorry for your loss, sorry, upgrade. We can only imagine the difficult time you’re going through, even if it only took a couple minutes to fix it, it’s a lot to take in, take your time to grief. Our thoughts and prayers are with you in this testing period of our lives where people need to fake stories in order to get a few clicks on their blog.

  62. I just imagine this person, stuck in a crappy life, sitting behind a keyboard filled with jealousy and anger. Angry at a person they have never met (you), for having a fun and exciting life. Jealous that their life isn’t what they hoped or wanted it to be. Jealousy can be the only real motivator in this case.

    If they look inside the real reason they are angry is it point out how they have failed in their own life. To be motivated to try and mess up someones plans…..well I just cant fathom that. You have to be a very small person, with very little happening in your life, to even think about that.

  63. Repeat after me.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

    Don’t. Feed. The. Trolls.


    Not only will it make OMAAT a better destination, it robs them of their power as well. What you’ve done instead simply stirs them up. It’s not worth the traffic.

  64. I just don’t understand half these comments- James, BenGay, Thomas, Bill, Josh, list goes on and on

    Why read this blog if you don’t like it? There are thousands of blogs out there to chose from, just read one of those. Are you incapable of understanding there are people that read this blog and enjoy the information they get from it, or use it as a chance to read and escape work a few minutes a day. What is your ultimate goal, to make Ben stop writing? And in some way that would make you better off? I’m sure their are some blogs out there I wouldn’t like, I just don’t go read them and give them clicks. The one amusing thing about all of this is that when you come on his blog and comment you are directly leading to Ben making more money….so I guess jokes on you?

  65. Its interesting that people would

    #1 Be angry/frustrated enough with you to bother to change your reservation. A process that borders on criminal behavior, and certainly shows psychological issues, not to mention pure cowardice and impotence of the act.

    #2 That these people continue to read your blog. There are literally thousands of other blogs to read, surely they could find one that agrees with their sensibilities. The fact that they subject themselves to what is apparently angst and torture voluntarily is astounding. I am amazed that people, including a few above, seem actually angry over a blog, especially one devoted to travel experiences and reviews. How do these people deal with serious issues?

    #3 Not realizing that through their actions and traffic they actually give you more readership, clicks, and traffic than you would get without them. Thus actually supporting your blog and you endeavors.

    #4 Not realizing that their act was completely impotent. Not realizing that they look like fools by doing this and that 99.9% of people either think they are a joke or pity them. I cant imagine how unfullfilled their life must be.

    I am not a huge fan of the way you travel when in country. I prefer not to be isolated in a 5 star resort, but I find your airline info valuable and interesting. I also understand that goes with the first class travel and its a business decision as much as a travel style. I also understand I can skip the content I dont care for and that people have different styles of travel.To each his/her own.

  66. I love the ideas here I got enough points 4.. 2 around the world trips after my next THREE trips .People are LAZY they want free not to learn . Yes I erased my numbers too.


  67. @ MichaelScott
    @ Laughing at you
    Well said. Many people just look for the negative.

    To all the people searching for anything to criticize and posting unhelpful and uncivil remarks, remember Karma: The results of things that one has done, will someday have an effect on the person who started the events. A person’s actions, whether good or bad, will often have consequences for that person.
    What goes around, comes around.

  68. People are brave on the internet posting vile and hurtful things while sitting alone in their mom’s basement……

  69. I suggest you never post anything detail oriented about upcoming travel. I have commented before that experience is the hardest teacher. Hopefully this nasty person doesn’t bother you again. I am very protective about where and when I will be going away. Especially on Facebook, as the crooks in the world can see your posts and check-ins while you are away and rob your house. Same for Instagram. Most people don’t have the privacy settings set so only friends can see these things. I mean is there any harm not posting about a trip segment until after it is done? Conversely, you have experienced the potential disaster, these creeps can make of your trips.

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