Hotel Caesar Sao Paulo Airport As Accor Platinum

During our long layover in Sao Paulo yesterday, my friend and I decided to get a day room. We landed before 10AM and left shortly after 10PM, so we figured some real rest would go a long way (since Sao Paulo Airport leaves a lot to be desired). Stupidly we didn’t think of booking a day room till a day before our layover, so we called the Marriott Sao Paulo Airport to try and make a reservation.

The agent didn’t speak English, so couldn’t make a reservation but said “we have room, you just come.” So we took the shuttle there yesterday morning, only to be told on arrival that they were totally sold out. Well, crap.

The other major airport hotel seems to Caesar Place, an Accor property managed by Pullman. Fortunately, I think everyone and their mother (and their dog, and their toaster) is an Accor Platinum member.

Caesar Place lobby

Up until recently Accor Platinum got you nothing, really. At Sofitel it got you an upgrade upon request at the hotel’s discretion, though at other brands it literally got you nothing. For example, I recently stayed at the Novotel Bangkok Airport and had a pretty lousy stay with zero Platinum recognition.

Accor did recently spruce up their benefits across chains, including adding lounge access for Platinum members, though I still wasn’t expecting all that much.

Anyway, we checked in and while my friend’s Accor Platinum number was on the reservation, we were assigned a standard room, as I was expecting.

Caesar Place Classic Room

We went to the room, I got in bed and opened up my laptop while quickly dozing off into la la land, while my friend decided to “walk around.” He came back and said “don’t hate me, but I got us a different room.” Apparently he asked if they had any upgraded Platinum rooms, and not only did they, but they apologized profusely for not proactively assigning one as they didn’t see his Platinum status on the reservation.

This room was actually in a hallway that requires a completely different set of elevators, and I was kind of shocked it was even in the same hotel. Take a look at the difference:

Caesar Place Luxury Room

It reminded me a bit of the Westin Nagoya Castle, which had the biggest contrast I’ve ever experienced between a standard room and a suite.

Not only that, but the (free) Wi-Fi was faster in the new room than the old one.

Beyond that, we got access to their executive lounge, which we were able to hang out in well beyond our eight hour room reservation.

Caesar Place Executive Lounge

They also brought up a welcome amenity, and while we didn’t consume any of it, it was a nice gesture.

Caesar Place Fruit Plate

Anyway, this was the first time Accor Platinum was worth, well, anything to me. And I have to say it was about as valuable as any other top tier hotel status in this case.

Kudos, Accor and Caesar Place Hotel!

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  1. The reason your Wifi was faster in the upgraded room may have been because Accor now has 2 levels of Wifi at some properties. They advertise free Wifi with their rates, but when you check-in, they tell you the free Wifi is limited bandwidth which won’t support, for example, Skype. Then they offer the true hi speed Internet for-pick a price-10-15€ a night. They do this not only at budget Ibis hotels but also at upper scale hotles in their line.

    The good news is that I have not read any reports of Accor imposing upscale charges to go from warm to hot water in the bathrooms, nor for brighter lightbulbs in the rooms.

  2. Same thing happened at the Westin Resort FLL. Regular Wifi was $9.99, and high test was $16.00 (for videos etc).

  3. Was there some reason that Marriott central reservations in the US couldn’t make a reservation for you?

    On the Marriott website for the property:

    Reservations by Phone

    To make reservations by phone, call 1-800-228-9290 in the USA and Canada (or any of our worldwide reservation telephone numbers).

  4. @ Robert Hanson — Central reservations said they can’t make reservations for day rooms and that the hotel had to be contacted directly.

  5. “Central reservations said they can’t make reservations for day rooms”

    Hopefully they were at least able to sign you up for Obamacare. 😉

    A reservations center that can’t make a reservation, directing you to personally call an airport hotel in a major metropolis where the reservations agent doesn’t speak English. Sheesh…..

  6. Lucky, do they ask how you got your platinum status? My worry is that they’ll check the account activity and they might get suspicious if they find none.
    I’m staying at a Novotel tomorrow and this’ll be my first stay after acquiring Platinum, so I don’t have the card yet. I’m relying on showing the Le Accor club email to them.

  7. @ Deo — Nope, I’ve never heard of them asking how you got Platinum status. Platinum status is Platinum status as far as they’re concerned.

  8. @Lucky – Thanks a lot !
    Safely ensconced in an upgraded room at a Novotel. The check-in girl asked how long did it take for me to achieve platinum though.
    Oh, just an year miss ! 😉

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