Insane Video: Car Drives Right Into Plane At Hong Kong Airport

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Some insane footage has emerged of a van driving straight into a Dragonair A330 at Hong Kong Airport. The plane was bound for Penang and taxiing to the runway when this happened. Heres’ the video:

Per the South China Morning Post:

A police spokesman said: “The driver who was trapped on board the light goods vehicle was rescued. He was injured in the head and shoulder and taken conscious to North Lantau Hospital for treatment.”

Dragonair sources said its crew were not thought to be at fault, according to an inquiry by the airline.

Airports have very simple right of way rules — you always give way to the aircraft. So clearly this wasn’t the pilot’s fault. As far as the driver goes, the way the accident happened sure is bizarre. I wonder if the driver was distracted, unconscious, or what. Hopefully the driver is okay. It sure looks insane based on the pictures taken from the plane:

Fortunately no one on the plane was hurt, though there’s obviously serious damage to the plane, so it will be out of service for a bit.

  1. Back long ago in the days when Lauda Airlines flew from Vienna to Sydney via Kuala Lumpur, a catering van backed into the engine of my 777 at Vienna airport. BEST . DELAY. EVER. Lauda knew how to look after their passengers.

  2. I hope the video title is a translation error. I most certainly did not see a “Plane crash[] into a van” in the video

  3. If the driver were brown or wore a turban, he probably would have been sent to jail for being a terrorist, even before they did the medical check up on him. Just saying

  4. The aircraft appeared to be already moving under its own power. Thank goodness the driver wasn’t sucked into the engine.

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