Hmmm, maybe I won’t be switching to American….

A full trip report of my Asia trip is on the way, but I figured I’d just make a quick post about my experience on American. Of my six flights:

  • One was canceled due to crew
  • Two had mechanical delays of over 30 minutes
  • The entertainment system was broken on one
  • All the reading lights were on for one flight (could only turn all lights in cabin on or all lights in cabin off)
  • Downgraded on one flight

So all around not a fantastic experience. šŸ˜‰

All that being said, the crews were all very friendly. And my hot nuts were topped off on more than one occasion.

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  1. Are there really organizational issues with American compared to United that were responsible for these problems, or did you just get unlucky with these flights?

  2. @Gene, I’m fairly sure American is not chunking out the cert$ as liberally as United is. I’ve rarely seen a situation where American is requesting volunteers for bumping & doling out comp$$. Nor have I ever received poor exPlt customer service from AA that resulted in compensation (as I have numerous times as 1K on UA).

    @Benjamin, you do owe us the comparison of transcon service. Include the nut detail and seat type/config of the equipment, please.


  3. @ flyingfish — I’ll give the full details in the trip report, which will be coming shortly. FWIW I flew TPA-MIA-JFK-SFO and back on AA, so it was all mainline.

    @ Sean — I’m almost certain I just got unlucky.

    @ quasiconvexity — The trip report is on the way, I promise!

    @ Kate — I promise it’s coming, including full nut details. — Love, Ben

  4. I’d be interested in hearing in UA, CO, and DL all had a greater incidence of problems this week.

    The weekend cancellations due to the east coast storm had to affect all the carriers. Equipment was not where it was needed; I bet some optional maintenance got postponed to get things moving; and crews would have hit limits pretty regularly as they had ATC and other delays.

    So, let’s hear how things went on the other legacies.

    E.g., I had a MR scheduled: SBA-LAX-JFK-LAX-SBA. When I got to LAX there was an SMS from the EXP desk telling me they’d cxl’d the LAX-JFK-LAX legs and autobooked my return to SBA.

    Lucky Ben — get thee to EXP!!!

  5. You can’t fly BA to Europe from North America (or redeem BA either) LOL . That’s like saying you can’t fly LX or LH ro Switzerland / Germany.
    Stars have no such rule.

    Pick what works for you.

    And since you love F, you’ll be happy to hear that QF has removed most of their F seats, on most routes.

  6. Coins,

    Ok. So you had problems with AA. Even the rookie readers of this blog (if there are any) know that problems happen with all carriers. I’ll go out on a limb here and say you do too!

    As a UA flyer myself, I do take some pleasure in AA’s screw-ups. Cough.

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