The Faroe Islands Is Getting A Hilton!

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I don’t think I’ve ever been particularly excited about a Hilton Garden Inn opening, but I’ll make an exception here…

Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands opening soon

The Hilton Garden Inn Faroe Islands will be opening on October 14, 2020.

This will be the first international-branded hotel in the Faroe Islands, so that’s an exciting development for those looking to earn or redeem points. The Faroe Islands is a destination you go to for the incredible nature, and not for the great hotels, so having a new option like this is great, especially given how limited the hotel market is otherwise.

The new hotel will feature 131 guest rooms, a restaurant, a shop, a fitness center, a spa, and meeting space. The hotel is located within walking distance of the harbor and the center of Torshavn. It’s also only a short drive from the Svartafoss Waterfall, Nordic House, and the National Museum of the Faroe Islands.

Interestingly this is being done as part of a franchise agreement with P/F Hotel Atlantic, which is a subsidiary of Atlantic Airways, the airline of the Faroe Islands.

Rates here seem to be quite decent as of now — looking at rates for next summer, you can book for as little as ~$150 per night, or 34,000 Honors points. Rates are even lower in other seasons.

It’s my understanding that currently the best hotel in the area is Hotel Føroyar. As of now the Hilton Garden Inn is significantly undercutting this property on price.

I’m hoping to visit the Faroe Islands soon(ish)

The Faroe Islands has been on my list for a long time — I first wrote about my desire to travel there a few years ago. For those of you not familiar with the Faroe Islands, it’s a set of 18 islands in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway (northwest of Scotland). The Faroe Islands is a self-governing territory of Denmark.

I loved my visit to Iceland, and am hoping to return, as well as go to Greenland and the Faroe Islands, in the next couple of years. Realistically this will have to wait for now due to travel restrictions. Furthermore, I’d definitely want to visit in summer, so I guess I’m looking at mid-2021 at the earliest…

Bottom line

The Faroe Islands has long fascinated me, and I’m hoping to finally visit in the next couple of years. Having a points hotel in the Faroe Islands sure is convenient, for the ability to earn and redeem points, and also for the potential elite perks you can get through Hilton Honors.

Anyone else hoping to eventually visit the Faroe Islands and stay at the Hilton Garden Inn?

  1. The Garden Inn is definitely not in downtown Tórshavn. OK, it’s not a big city, you can walk everywhere in about 25 minutes. There are several mid-range hotels that are really near the harbour. It’s nevertheless very likely that the Garden Inn will be the best hotel of the Faroe Islands.

  2. I will be travelling to the islands in the coming days, just a couple of weeks too early before the HGI opens, but anyway it is just a HGI, it will be very close to a cookie template hotel, so I don’t feel I am missing anything.


  3. Why is this a Hilton Garden Inn? I don’t understand why brands like Marriott and Hilton allow for so much variation internationally among their limited-service brands. This strikes me as closer to a full-service hotel. I don’t know why they wouldn’t brand it under Curio Collection. Hilton is also an odd choice because it doesn’t have a large footprint in the Nordic countries. I would have thought Radisson is a better fit given Radisson’s large presence in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

  4. The Faroe Islands was one of my best vacations hands down. I loved it so much there. We rented an airbnb in Undir Rygga (Old Torshavn) that was the perfect space with Faroese charm. You will not regret going it is amazing. Make sure to explore the smaller villages! I heard it gets busy in summer. We went in April and while there was a little snow here and there the weather was nice for daytime hikes and there was absolutely no crowds anywhere.

  5. The funny thing is that I visited Faroe islands last year inspired by your musings about the destination. It’s not often that I get to execute on your plans before you do 🙂 It goes without saying that you and Ford will love the island. A couple of things not to miss:
    MYKINES: Need to get there via ferry. During the summer months the puffins are amazing.
    KALSOY is also great to see the lighthouse.

  6. Went last year.

    Saw this monstrosity bring built on the edge of town.
    First thought was… how sad.

    But I guess Americans gotta have a chain hotel to stay at!

  7. A sad day for people who love the Faroes. When I was there last year, every local I spoke with had mixed feelings (at best) about the coming of this hotel. Most were dreading it, and the inevitable influx of tourists it would bring. The Faroes have experienced an explosion of tourism over the past years that is impossible to ignore and has not been kind to the place (eg “hiking fees” from US$45 to US$90, crowds of idiots at “instagram sites”, cruise ships and more). I’m glad I went before this hotel opens.

    And indeed, this hotel is hardly in “downtown Tórshavn”. It’s on the outskirts of town, I’d estimate it a 20 minute walk from the hotel to town services, and a hike back up of twice that (it’s on a steep hillside and plenty of people will find they’ll need a car to get to anything in the town). Yeah, Tórshavn itself is certainly small and walkable, but this hotel’s location is far from the parts of town that any tourist would be interested in (unless you are shopping for things like basic building materials, farm or fishing gear from the local equivalents of things like Ace Hardware and Home Depot).

  8. Cue the annoying posters who say “ugh but you have to stay at this tiny amazing property when you go and not a foul Hilton. This is EvEryThiNg WrOnG with SoCieTy!!” Stuff it, people, I like my Hiltons

  9. We drove past this property when we were there last summer and I agree that it’s definitely not in the center of town. However, there wasn’t much to do in town anyway (except for going to dinners maybe) so you’re not losing out on much. Definitely go to Koks (and make reservations way in advance) – very unique culinary experience.

  10. A nice alternative to Iceland or the Faroe Islands is in Scotland. Actually, two alternatives. The Orkney and Shetland islands. Orkney is nicer from a tourist standpoint. Both are generally speaking off-the-map for tourists and have a lot of history, including pre-historic ruins on par with Stonehenge.

  11. Yep, I’ve been going to the Faroes every year for the last 4 years, and I’ve been dreading this since I saw it as it was being built a couple years ago. It’s been easily one of my favorite destinations in the world. But 131 rooms is HUGE for a place as small as the Faroes. The Faroes were already starting to get way over-touristed, and this is not going to help things. It was sad to go to Mykines last year and see hundreds of tourists tramping all over puffin nests to try to get their instagram photos. I’ll likely go once more and spend time mostly on outlying islands, and then move on to different destinations.

  12. agree with others that big hotel chains will make this island another sad tourist destination. part of the charm in going to these out of whack places is NOT staying in some hilton etc and will just commercialize the island and ruin its natural beauty…

  13. I was in the faroes last June and while its good that there’s some more hotel options for Torshavn and the surrounding areas as tourism really booms, it’s not going to be good for the local hotel chains there. The faroes isn’t really a place where you want to see these kinds of chain hotels dominate because they’ll undercut the local spots out of business. Also with covid who knows when they’ll get tourism back up and running properly

  14. I’ve been to the Faroes in July a couple of years ago…absolutely gorgeous. Does it need a chain hotel like this? No. And, dress warmly! I was hiking on a very rainy day in July and managed to get hypothermia!
    @FNT Delta Diamond…I love thevShetland and Orkney, but a lot more tourists have discovered them. I’d choose them over the Faroes if I had to, though. Yes, spectacular Stone Age monuments!

  15. I’m considering a trip there in October, with my motorcycle and go camping. I plan to take the ferry from Norway to Denmark, and then from Denmark to the Faroe Islands. Fares are quite cheap in low season (after Oct 1)

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