Hilarious airline parody!

The Flying Critic posted the following video which perfectly captures where the industry is headed (and arguably already is):

Love it!

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  1. Lucky, This is funny and sad in some ways. I actually can picture airlines selling ad space on the overhead bins. I have seen US sell ad space on the tray tables. Maybe the only reason they are keeping tray tables is to sell ad space as they dont serve their pax anything.

    But honestly–When will all of these charges stop?? Is the whole problem the cost of fuel? Well oil prices have dropped the past few weeks and when they get back to arund $60 a barrel are we still going to have to pay for things that should be free??

  2. If they sell ad space on the overhead bin doors and the tray tables, planes really WILL be akin to buses (pretty much every city bus i’ve ever been on is covered with ads, inside and out).

    Benny, i really think you’re being WAY overly optimistic about oil ever getting back to $60 a barrel.

  3. LOVED the video!!!

    I think Ryanair (if that “counts” as an airline….haven’t flown them yet…) do the “overhead bin adverts”.

    I doubt the “a la carte” style is going away anytime soon….

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