Hello from Toronto!

After an incredible day in Toronto (touring YYZ tower, Toronto Center, and downtown Toronto), we’re back at the airport and ready to go to Hong Kong. We have about an hour till departure, which seems like eons given that Cathay Pacific uses the KLM lounge in Toronto, which has incredibly slow internet and is decorated like a cafeteria. I’m sure the onboard experience will be a bit more pleasant. While I’m exhausted and ready to get a good night of sleep, I’ll be enjoying a nice dinner first. 🙂

More to come from the other end, and of course a full report can be expected soon as well.

Oh, and for those of you that enjoy FlightAware, yes, I’m on CX827.

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  1. how much better is F sleep compared to C sleep? Not sure it’s worth the difference in $$$ or miles, but I guess I’ll find out later in the year.

  2. I’m about to post an update, but Oliver it was TOTALLY TOTALLY TOTALLY worth the premium. Like TOTALLY. 😉

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