Hello From London!

Good afternoon from the Revivals Lounge at London Heathrow, fresh off my Virgin Atlantic Upper Class flight from San Francisco. I feel refreshed after a shower and 15 minute (complimentary) head massage. In a word, Virgin Atlantic Upper Class was grawful (yes, a combination of great and awful). What do I mean? There were very few parts of the service that were mediocre. In most areas they were excellent, and then there are a couple of aspects of their product/service that leave me scratching my head. Overall they exceeded my expectations, though. Now, Virgin Atlantic would be truly top notch if we could play passenger “Survivor” and kick off a few passengers along the way (yes, I’m talking about the four people that sat at the bar for seven hours, blocking the way for everyone else)…

A full trip report is coming soon, though in the meantime, here are just a few teaser pictures:

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  1. LOL on the bar blockers though sorry to hear that. Maybe you mean awful in the true sense as in inspiring you full of awe 🙂

  2. interesting I’ve taken the SFO-LHR flight several times and not come across bar blockers before. Hopefully you were seated in a different cabin so you could at least sleep … I’d like to know what you thought was awful – were they making noise? did you want to get to the bar ?

    If they were making noise and you were trying to sleep I would have told them to tone it down …

    anyway – look forward to the report. Love VA myself – great airline in Premium Economy or Upper.

  3. Re: Last pix.

    Lucky, didn’t your mother ever teach you to make your bed every morning!!! 🙂

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