Hello from Las Vegas Airport

Hello from the USAirways Club in Las Vegas. On the plus side the agent at the US club was friendly and let me in without problems (via BMI Gold), but unfortunately this has to be one of the worst clubs *ever*. It has no sunlight, is tiny, and has low ceilings.

As if that’s not bad enough the TV has been blasting whatever award show was just on, followed by a Barbara Walters interview with the Jonas Brothers. What a fantastic choice in programming.

The US lounge in LAS

The quality programming

One other thing that cracked me up was UA check-in machine, which had the following on the first screen:

As someone that knows quite a bit United, I had no clue which one to choose! Ted is technically dead and chances are my plane will be painted in United colors, but the interior is still Ted. Hmmm….

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  1. I haven’t had the opportunity to visit that lounge since I got my BMI gold card, but given the distance from the UA gates (it’s outside security, right?), I don’t think it’s all that useful. Now… if CO were to open their lounge to us BMIers… 😉

  2. Very true, Oliver. It’s convenient that the US lounge is right by UA check-in, which I needed to go to for my boarding passes.

    I have a feeling we’ll be able to use the Presidents Club somewhere around October 25 (for those of us that aren’t RCC members, since they can use it already). 😀

  3. Bah, that JB grunge polluted my TV this evening as well, as I foolishly left it on the Oscar channel while doing other things. Quite the shock to look up and see that bilge. 🙂

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