Hello from India!

Well, I safely made it to India and just wanted to share a few quick thoughts before heading to bed, as I’m beat.

First of all, while checking in at LAX this morning the agent at the ticket counter accidentally gave me two air marshals’ boarding passes, while she gave them my boarding passes, as we were checking in next to one another and our boarding passes printed at the same time. When she realized her mistake she said “you didn’t see that” and snatched the boarding passes out of my hand. Hah.

Second, when I checked in at the Admirals Club/Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles, the agent asked “mileage run?” before she could even look at my itinerary. When I asked “how did you know?” she responded with “it’s that time of year.”

On a related note, I think the American Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles is my favorite lounge of any US airline in the US.

The flight from Chicago to Delhi was 13hr54min in the air, though felt no longer than an east coast to Europe flight. The crew was spectacular, which made the flight all the more pleasant. I also saw Hangover 2 on the flight… twice. Yes, it was so good that I had to watch it again. I’m still laughing.

Next, what’s missing in this picture? Anyone?

Yes, you guessed it, my beloved hot nuts. As boarding finished up the lady seated behind me came up to our row and told us she was allergic to nuts and asked us not to eat them. I of course honored her request, though it’s tough to be without my beloved hot nuts for 15 hours, especially when I was looking forward to them for hours. Diet Coke with lime just isn’t the same without them.

As far as India goes, I was shocked by how simple the arrival experience was. I’ve heard hellish things about Delhi Airport, though the arrival experience was perfectly pleasant.

While we just got to Delhi, the drive from the airport to the hotel was fascinating — cows roaming the street, the driving style, and people running across busy highways as if nothing is going on. Gotta love it.

Lastly, it’s pretty damn cool to have a plunge pool in your hotel room at a city hotel!

More tomorrow… zzzz…

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  1. City hotel with a plunge pool in Delhi! I shudder to think how much that cost you. Mileage running in style!

  2. Darnit it you are taking the exact trip I wanted to take! 🙂 Good for you! Enjoy and do not skip any details!!!!

  3. Delhi airport is a nightmare. You got lucky (pun intended). It’s the only place that I’m almost always shaken down for bribes. A few years ago, I even spent an hour locked up and questioned by immigration there for no particular reason other than to see if I’d crack and pay them something. Given a choice of flying into Delhi or having my teeth pulled, I’d have to toss a coin.

  4. Delhi airport got a huge overhaul recently. I recall I flew into the “old” terminal 3 years ago, and it was a nightmare. Compared to the “new” terminal I flew into 3 months ago, which in turn was an absolute pleasure to pass through.

  5. Ben, let us know how tolerable the daytime highs are. I think it is 95 tomorrow in New Delhi. As I mentioned before Nov. and Dec. are generally the best months to go.

    Are you getting your food compd by these hotels also?

    On a more serious note, I hope you had your Hepatitus A, Polio, Typhoid, Tetanus, & Pneumonia vacines. I am going to India next month and just got those shots yesterday.

  6. I want a plunge pool in my hotel room! Sadly, you don’t seem to be the wild partier, so the photos will probably be of an empty plunge pool. You should work on that.

  7. What hotel is this? I wanna know! lol
    Plus, I agree that the LAX Flagship Lounge is awesome, at least for a North American lounge! 🙂

  8. If she’s allergic to nuts, why doesn’t she just avoid eating them? That’s overboard to ask someone else to not eat them.

    The only scientific study I’ve found was from 1996 which talked about bags of nuts being simultaneously opened and creating enough nut dust (heh heh) to cause enough proteins in the air to cause reactions. The typical tray-heated nuts would not cause that unless you’re using a mortal and pestle to eat them.

  9. How did you know it was an Air Marshals boarding pass, does it actually say “Air Marshal” on it?

  10. Really hangover II twice, you really must have been bored. That was one f the worst movies of the year. Anyhoo with the room you have you can have your own hangover I experience :).

    As someone else said, we want to see pics of the pool and room being used, or as I would say in party style.

  11. “the American Flagship Lounge in Los Angeles is my favorite lounge of any US airline in the US.”


  12. I never ask other people to refrain from eating nuts. Me being allergic. That said, I appreciate your refrain. They are uncomfortable to be around. And if you have a false attack even, the plane could potentially be diverted. No one wins. It had nothing to do with an airborne reaction, which is extremely rare, if even possible.

  13. You should have reminded her that they don’t serve nuts in coach and that she might feel more comfortable there! 🙂

  14. @ BrewerSEA — In this case nothing, fortunately!

    @ John — As far as food goes, it depends on the hotel. We’re paying for most of our stays, though I’ll be sure to break it down in the trip report.

    @ Carberrie — That would be the Aman Delhi.

    @ bmvaughn — She claimed that even the smell of nuts could make her have a reaction.

    @ Jason — Nope, they had handed the agent their badges as ID, which clearly stated it.

  15. Well then she shouldn’t fly if the smell of nuts could make her have a reaction. She should probably just stay home.

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