Hello from Hong Kong!

Just wanted to provide a really quick update without getting into too much detail (after all, need to keep some of the juicy stuff for the trip report). Basically went to bed at around 2:30AM last night after strolling the streets of Hong Kong between 11:30PM and 1AM and then watching a funny movie in the hotel (after all, we have to fully take advantage of RA benefits). I woke up this morning at 6:30AM, not surprisingly. We saw a lot of the sights this morning, and spent a good five hours walking around. In a bit we’re leaving for Macau for a day, after which we’ll be back to Hong Kong.

About the InterContinental Grand Stanford– This place generally gets awful reviews from RA’s for their upgrade policy. Let me just say that we were VERY pleased when we checked in last night, but today are furious. Let’s just say this involves club access (and the expectations they set for us), and I’m certainly no over entitled RA that has ridiculous demands. Hopefully they don’t ask how our stay was at check-out, as I’ll provide them all of the honest feedback they want.

Stay tuned for details on the problems (which I’ll post as soon as I upload the pics of the hotel so that I can do the whole hotel review at once.

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  1. I’m eager to read your report on the hotel. I’m going to be in HK later in Oct/Nov and am toying with the two properties. I may just go back to the Ritz because it’s in Central and I’d rather be there than Kowloon.

  2. C’mon get posting. I’m off to Hong Kong in May with my girlfriend — secured Business Class ff tickets on LH (trans-Atlantic), NH (trans-Continent, trans-Pacific), and UA (LAX-ORD). My hotel choices, unfortunately, will fall well below those on which you’ll report. Reardless I look forward to reading the reports. Keep an eye out for excellent Dim Sum. I wonder if there is bad Dim Sum in Hong Kong?

  3. Ace, the other IC hotel is one of the nicest in the world, but also one of the most expensive. The rate there was about three times as much as the Grand Stanford, and we were basically just there for a quick overnight.

    Promise the report is coming soon!:)

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