Have you had your fair share of Giggles lately?

I don’t know what it is, but I’ve had a bunch of boring crews lately on my domestic flights. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because you can provide good or bad service and still be “boring” in my book. There just haven’t been any entertaining crews that I’ve considered worth mentioning.

That streak changed yesterday on my American flight from New York to Seattle. The flight attendant at the door during boarding was laughing almost nonstop during the boarding process, and every second laugh came along with a loud snort. I love snorters!

Then as she served pre-departure beverages I noticed her nametag – Giggles. I figured my vision was failing me or that it was a joke, so I said “your name isn’t actually Giggles, is it?” “It sure is,” she said.

Later she came up to me and said “you’re not on the manifest, were you a last minute upgrade?” I told her I wasn’t and had been booked for a while, so she asked what to address me as. I said “Ben.” I guess she misunderstood me, as she said “Bentley?” I said “no, but I like that – let’s go with that.”

And for the rest of the flight Giggles and Bentley had a blast. I mentioned to her she seemed too friendly to be New York based, and she said “that’s why I fly out of Newark, ______________________.” I can’t in good conscience fill in the blank, because it was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard, yet others may feel differently. And that was the case with just about everything she said. I can’t share it in good conscience, but she was amazing.

So I’m curious, has anyone else flown with Giggles? She flies mostly out of Newark, and if you’ve flown with her you’d know. If anyone flies with her soon, tell her Bentley says hi!

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  1. PM me the blanks :D. I’ll have to keep an eye out for her, haha. I can kind of guess what went in after Newark though, ha!

  2. I’ve never met anybody named Giggles, sounds like in the same category as Bambi, Brandi, etc but cute and cleaner. Too late to route myself to SEA via EWR, but I’ll have to make it happen soon!

  3. Come on! Can’t fill in the blank. That’s like saying, “I’ve got this really awesome thing to tell you, but I’m not gonna tell you.”

  4. It can be only one thing:

    I mentioned to her she seemed too friendly to be New York based, and she said “that’s why I fly out of Newark, mother f*cker.”


  5. She’s amazing. I’ve flown with her several times on my regular route from MIA-EWR. Once I saw the name rage when I boarded I needed to make her my friend. Little would I realize she really does live up to the name. Ohhh how I miss my Giggles.

  6. I flew with “Giggles” for years. “You’re a hoot!”, as I fondly remember her saying. The only thing that ever seemed to bother her was “driving across the bridge.” I have a warm spot in my heart for her. I’m glad you liked her blue humor too.

  7. Bentley,I had lunch with her today and yes she is a hoot!
    I told her you said hello. She is one funny girl. I am glad you enjoyed her company.

    I am known affectionally as Miss Bossy Pants USA
    That name was given to me by Giggles.

  8. I’ve had Gigg’s number for years! She’s one of my co-workers… and when you fly with her, you cant avoid getting caught in her web! Whether 4am or 4pm, the giggling never ends!! GIGGLES!!

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